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Overpower #2 - Team Empire vs. Gambit Esports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The Dota 2 OverPower Cup is an all about battle between eight teams that have been directly invited from the European and CIS region. Overpower #2 is the second event organised by ProDota, a UK based esports...
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SAE Dota League Germany Season 2 - Team Saphira.TV vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The SAE Dota League Germany is a local Dota 2 league, featuring a €10,000 prize pool each season, with three seasons taking place in 2017. Format The tournament features a double-elimination bracket...
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Wellplay Invitational #8 - Cyber Anji vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing WellPlay Invitational returns for its 8th season! As always, 7 invited teams and one qualified team will compete for the first place and $3.000 prize pool. Format The tournament features a double-elimination...
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Galaxy Battles - Qualifiers: Team Empire vs. Mousesports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing In a galaxy not so far away... the National Electronic Sports Open and NEOTV have joined forces to host a new tournament. Galaxy Battles is an 8-team tournament set take place at the Shenzhen...
Read more                                         28,May 2017
The Manila Masters 2017: OG vs. Team NP odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The Manila Masters is the first of a new series of premier tournaments hosted by ESL and the Mineski-Events Team. The Manila Masters features a $250,000 USD...
Read more                                         21,May 2017

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Betway is an online-only bookmakers service – you won’t find them in the streets, or on the high street at any point. It was founded in 2006, and has continued to grow since then, making a name for itself as time goes on. It’s licensed and they’ve proven before that they know what they’re doing.

eSports is a recent development for them, however, and was not initially one of the options when they opened in 2006. They’re actively trying to offer something for everyone and turn themselves into the number one spot for betting online. They’re doing a good job of it and they’re a well-known name, so it’s not unlikely to believe that they might eventually reach their aim.

What Games Does it Support?

Betway covers the popular games, as do most other eSports sites, to ensure that they’re keeping up with competition. This being said, some of the games that you can bet on are as follows:

• League of Legends

• Heartstone

• StarCraft 2

• DotA 2

• Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The games list isn’t definite and it can change; it might be that there are no tournaments on at the time and therefore no bets available or that there’s something bigger going on and they can only cater to that one due to traffic. The games are also not fixed, meaning that they can add to it as more and more games get popular and make sure that they’re always keeping up with the trends. The games that they currently have are very strong competitors, though, giving them a good enough start in the eSports world.

Bringing People Back

As well as offering eSports, Betway is well-known for offering real sports too, meaning they get a wide range of people coming to their website for different reasons. This lets them cater for a lot of people and means that they’re able to try and provide everything in one place.

As well as sports, they offer a casino, poker and bingo games too that people can play real money for, meaning that you can fix all your gambling needs in one place without having to jump around and have money floating between multiple websites.

There is also a bonus for new players. New players have the chance to receive a £30 free bet when they first sign up to the website. Once you’ve been granted this, it’s only available for a week so you have to use it quickly and make sure that you take advantage of it.

As well as the above, they also offer live betting matches – they’re relatively frequent compared to other bookmakers and give an exciting twist to a bet as you can see the game unfold in front of you and place your bet depending on what happens in the game.

Other Services

An important service of any bookmaker is the ability to give them, and in return get your money back off them. Betway offers a long list of ways that you can do this, meaning that it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be a way for you to move money around on the website and your online wallets.

At the moment the list of services that are provided are:

• Visa

• Credit Cards

• Maestro

• eWire

• Ukash

• Neteller

• Bank Transfer

You’re able to use any of the above options, but you need to remember that when it comes to withdrawing the money, they ask that you use the same method that you used when it came to depositing it.

If you used your credit card to deposit then you need the money to be put on your credit card again when you withdraw.

They also have 24 hour support, meaning that there will always be someone around who can answer your questions and help you if you run into any problems while you’re on the site. The support comes in the form of online, live chat where you can speak to a person in real time, a phone call or over emails. If you need help, and quickly, it’s definitely better for you to go through the live chat route.


Betway is well-known for a reason. It has a good reputation and is known for its betting services. This makes it a website that is fine to trust. They offer good support, a good list of games that you can bet on, and other things to keep your entertainment while you’re waiting. It has everything that you need in one place and means that you don’t need to go looking for it in other places.

The website is easy to navigate, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re into on online gambling, as it’s definitely a website to be keeping an eye on and one that you could find yourself being very satisfied with in the long run.