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Counter Strike Betting - Complete Guide

Counter Strike is the kind of game that is easy to play but incredibly difficult to become professional and a master of and it can take a lot of playtime in order to master each of the different maps and methods of play that are available. It’s a first person shooter (FPS) that can require teamwork in order to be successful. When you first start playing, you can either join a server that is already in progress or you can start your own game, giving you control of the options of the game and which map that you use. The game itself started off as mod for another popular game and has grown in popularity in its own right and has become a main competitor for lots of eSporting events and brings in a massive crowd of both players and spectators.

There are two teams in Counter Strike – Terrorists (T) or Counter-Terrorists (CT) and each game play and map has goals that are unique to each team. The goals are usually linked together so if one team achieves their goal, the other team cannot and are marked the losers. Each team has to be the first to reach their goals in order to win and prevent the other team from doing so.

As well as pick up weapons as you move around the map, you’re able to  buy weapons at the start of each map in the spawn area. These tend to allow you to pick better weapons than picking them up from the floor or armouries. You can also buy additional ammo to make sure that you have enough to see you through the entire match and make sure that you can face off against your enemies.

There’s a map on the screen that allows you to keep track of your team-mates so you know exactly where they are and can make sure that you’re not venturing away too far. If you do, you’re at much greater risk of being killed instantly than if you’re around your team where they can help you. There is also voice activated controls and mics are able to be used in game to make sure that teams can stay in contact and talk about strategies to make sure that they’re in with a good chance of winning.

This game is solely a multiplayer game with no campaign mode. Players are able to play against bots if they don’t want to play other people or they want to gain experience.

Game Modes

There are four different game types in Counter Strike 1.6 and you can see which type a map is by the initials that come before it. The four types are:


DE maps all revolve around bombs. The Terrorist team must plant a bomb in a pre-defined area. Once it is placed, the Terrorists must then try and prevent the Counter-Terrorists from getting to it to disarm it. The bomb has a large blast radius so it’s important to stay clear of it while preventing the other team from getting at it.

The terrorist with the bomb is identifiable by other players due to the backpack on his back. If the Counter Terrorists manage to kill the Terrorist before he plants the bomb, they win automatically.

In order to defuse a bomb, the Counter Terrorists must get close to it and hold the ‘use’ key. There are in-game items that can help, such as the Bomb Defusal Kit, which cuts the time that it takes in half and helps to ensure that they can do it in time.


CE maps are about hostages. The Terrorists have hostages that the Counter Terrorists need to try and lead away to safety in order to win. Each side can win by eliminating the other team entirely and the Counter Terrorists can win additionally if they manage to lure the hostages away to safety – they need to save at least half for it to count as a win.


The AS maps revolve around a VIP – a Counter Terrorist team member will automatically be picked as the VIP. It’s then the Counter Terrorists job to try and get that VIP player to the safe zone without the Terrorists being able to get to him. The Terrorists aim is to either eliminate the Counter Terrorists or eliminate the VIP.


This map style is an escape map style. The terrorists will start in a location that they have to escape from. The Counter Terrorists need to prevent this by taking them out before they manage it. The Terrorists only need to get half of their team out for it to class as a win. There’s the option for the Terrorists to break in to weapon storages in order to arm themselves.

There are many different kinds of maps that players can choose from and it’s also possible for custom maps to be created that can be shared. Although the game is a First Person Shooter, every player starts each map with a knife. The knife, unlike other weapons, cannot be lost or discarded and never needs an ammo-reload.<


Within the game, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- Head kills have a greater kill rate than any other bullet wound.

- Accurate shots work better than spraying bullets

Counter Strike is a game that is better played with complete concentration. The more focus and aware that you are, the better chance that you have. The game is highly competitive and the other players will definitely be taking it seriously.

If you’re an in-game sniper, you need to make sure that you’re not rushing into the front lines. Snipers need to stay out of sight to be able to accurately support their own team and keep the opposing team from winning.

The matches don’t last long and you’re able to pick what kind of map you want at the beginning of the game and be matched with other people playing those maps. There are some that are more popular than others, which mean that it might be difficult to find matches that you want to play easily. The more popular ones are a lot quicker to get into.