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Dota 2 Betting - Complete Guide

Dota 2 is the sequel to the first game in the series from Valve (Defense of the Ancients). The game itself is designed for multiplayer only, meaning that you can’t solo the content and will always find yourself in a team of other players. In total, there are ten players with these players splitting up into two teams of five.

The objective of the game is to be the first team to take out your enemies base. Unlike other games that are available with the same aim, Dota 2 only features one map for players to use and makes use of different items, meaning that it’s not just pure luck behind your win. Players need to strategize in order to come up with winning methods and to ensure that the other team doesn’t get the upper-hand at any point.

While Dota 2 might sound very simple to play, with one map and items available to aid, it’s actually a very difficult game to master. New players are able to take advantage of a tutorial mode that is designed to help them get to grips with the basics of the game and so that they’re not being sent in blind. As well as this, players can also opt to play with bots until they’ve comfortable enough in their skills to go against other, real players.

The game itself can be long and drawn out, lasting around 50 minutes each, so it’s important that you’re prepared for this – they’re definitely not a quick match. Dota 2 is another game that is very popular within eSports because of how competitive it is, and how much effort and time is placed into it. It’s definitely a game for serious gamers to try out.

The teams are made up of five people, and there are two sets – initially, they will start on opposite sides of the map to one another and the aim is to make your way across to the other bases, destroying their buildings and possessions until you’ve destroyed everything else. The first team to do this is classed as the winner. Each player controls one of the heroes in the team, which are available from the start.

As well as the players, though, there are other threats too. Each team base has its own enemy spawner that will send monsters through to the other team’s base to try and destroy. Not only does a player have to look out for other players, but they also  need to make sure they’re checking out the area for any monsters that might want to do damage. You can gain advantages here by making your way over to the enemy’s side of the map and destroying their spawners, making your own monsters and creeps get stronger until they can overpower the other team.

Gaining Experience

All players start at the same level – 1. You can gain experience many ways in the game:

- Being near creeps and monsters

- Being near a dying member of the opposite team

The opposite team will try and stop you from gaining experience, so beware of players hanging around the areas of the map that spawn the creeps and monsters, because it’s not uncommon for small groups to gather in order to bump  you off! This gives them more experience and lets them get gold too, giving them more of an advantage.

You’re also able to receive gold too throughout the game – you don’t even have to do anything to get it. Every second, a player is awarded with 5 gold. It’s possible to earn more, of course, by killing the other players and their monsters and creeps. Death causes you to lose gold however, so it’s important to be careful that you’re keeping a look out for other players who might have the same idea as you.

The player that deals the last blow to an enemy, resulting in its death, will claim the most gold from the kill. The gold is used to buy items that can help swing the game in your favour, so its important to collect as much as you can and try to avoid losing it. Items can control who wins the game and who loses, very easily.

Game Extras

The Dota map changes as time progresses with night and day cycles. These only last a short period of time, being four minutes for the night and eight minutes for the day in real time.
There are some disadvantages to the night cycle, being that it can be harder to see if your character doesn’t have anything to aid with night vision, or special abilities on your hero that means they can deal with the dark and still survive through it. The game features a dial so you can keep track of when the next cycle is going to strike and be prepared for it.

There are also places that effect your characters change of making a hit. If you’re on low ground and you’re trying to hit an enemy that is higher up, you need to make sure that you have an alley up there or one of your wards.

The player will also have a twenty-five percent change of missing their target if they’re shooting from lower down, giving the higher up player an advantage. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for players that are lurking above you as they’re able to aim downwards too.


Items, as already mentioned, play a very big part in the game and they can be used by the heroes to get special effects. These can buff the character, temporarily give them a bonus or allow them to perform a special move that will give you an advantage over the other player.

The items also aid in winning and to make sure that you’re not an easy conquest for the enemy. You want to make sure that you’re providing a challenge and that you have a decent chance of winning against the other team.

Saving and earning gold is the best way to get your hands on the items that you’ll need, and the game will give you many chances to make the gold, with more and more available depending on the hero’s actions as they play.