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League Of Legends Betting - Complete Guide

League of Legends actually shares its roots with Dota, coming shortly after a popular mod came out for the latter. Released in 2009, it’s only grown in popularity and it still seems to be gaining more and more as time goes on. It’s also a very big competitor in the world of eSports, being one of the biggest tournaments and features in nearly all events.

League of Legends (LoL) is an online multiplayer battle arena game where people to against other players in order to be the one left standing. The overall aim is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus – the Nexus is the player object that controls the enemy waves and allows Summoners (this is you) to maintain control over their champions. Once this has been destroyed, the team that still has theirs standing is classed as the winner.

The game is free to play and available for both PC and Mac. While it is multiplayer, it’s possible to have games with Bots, which gives new players the chance to practice and get used to the game before they go out and try and go against other, experienced players. Even while in the practice matches, players can still earn points and experience to help them level up and the battles count the same as any other battle does. The game also offers a tutorial, ensuring that every player has the same chances to learn the game and become a champion at it.

The maximum level that you can be is 30 and as you level up, you earn Influence Points that allow you to customize your chosen champion a little more and make him more personal to you.

The Nexus

While the Nexus is the main aim of the game, it’s actually untargettable. The player has to go through other motions in order to ensure they’re able to destroy it. It also depends on the type of gameplay or the game mode that they’re in on how they can destroy it. As this is the way that you become the champion of a battle, it’s in no way easy to do as a complete beginner. Once you’re able to comfortably destroy the Nexus in the bot games, you should then move on to real player games. It will seem a little harder at first, but you’ll be ranked with people to a similar level to you as you go along and you’ll be able to improve your technique and learn.


There are over a hundred champions to choose from when you start the game and you’re able to change them as you play, meaning you’re not stuck with one character for the entire time that you play the game. Each champion works on a basis of having:

• 4 abilities
• A passive attack
• A basic attack

The abilities that the champion has are unique to that particular champion, meaning that each one has a slightly different action – finding the one that you like the best is a good way to ensure that you’re enjoying the time that you spend in game.

The abilities have ranks, meaning that at certain levels, you’re able to level them up too and let them do more damage. One of the four abilities is classed as a ‘ultimate’ ability and is the champion’s most powerful ability. You can rank this up three times.

Influence Points

Influence points are the in-game currency that you can use to buy items, runes and new champions. They are earned as you play. There is also another type of currency called ‘Riot Points’ which act similar to Influence Points except you buy them with real money. They are not needed for anything other than buying vanity items and won’t affect your game play if you don’t buy them.

The Roles

Each champion will fit into one of six roles, and depending on which role they are in will depend on what abilities they have and what their damage type is (physical, magic or true damage).

• Tank
As in most games, in League of Legends the tanks are designed to take a high amount of damage but do very little damage in return to the component. They tend to be physical, close range damage and tend to be the one that engages the enemy first and holds them.

• Mages

Mages are prone to taking damage, but have powerful attacks. They’re ranged, meaning that they can avoid most melee damage from enemies. They’re a DPS (damage per second) class in League of Legends

• Fighters

Fighters tend to be up close and personal with the enemies, classing as a melee role. They can be either physical or magic damage, depending on their champion and ability choice. They have a good damage defend and attack rate, meaning that they’re very capable in fights and can last.

• Marksmen

Marksmen tend to be ranged attackers with a high single-target attack. They don’t always have the best life and HP, however, so it’s important that they’re staying in range of the enemy but out of the way of attacks and risks to their life.

• Assassins

Assassins tend to be quick on their feet and can do a lot of damage in short bursts of times. They’re very capable of one-shotting normal DPS characters. However, even with their high damage, they can be very fragile and need to try and avoid being caught. If they are caught, they need to escape in time to avoid losing.

• Supports

Supports are such named because they’re a support class. Their main role is to support their allies and protect them. They’re able to act as either a mage support or a tank support and can sacrifice themselves in order to ensure that the others stay fighting and give them a good chance of winning.

Each of the champions will fall in to one of the above roles. Some of them will be able to pick between being physical or magic, depending on the champion that they’ve picked. Each champion will have abilities and skills that are relevant to their role. It’s important to make sure that you know how to use them and how to judge the timing just right.