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Global StarCraft II League Season 3 – Zest vs INoVation
The Global StarCraft II League is nearing its conclusion with this weekend’s games being played on Saturday at Midday (UK time); four players will be playing with only two spots in the semi-finals and a guaranteed top four finish on offer...
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Global StarCraft II League Season 3 – Maru vs Rogue
The Global StarCraft II League is nearing its conclusion with this weekend’s games being played on Saturday at Midday (UK time); four players will be playing with only two spots in the semi-finals and a guaranteed top four finish on offer...
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StarCraft 2 Pro League Round 4 Playoff Finals - KT Rolster v SK Telecom T1
The StarCraft 2 Pro League is a team based StarCraft 2 where a team of players compete in 1 vs 1 matches in a best of seven series. (Scroll down for score prediction) It is a similar format to the Ryder Cup in golf, where...
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Score Prediction for SK Telecom T1 Vs KT Rolster
Team based games are tough to call as they’ve got so much strategy and pressure on individuals but I predict that SK Telecom T1 will take the...
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Score Prediction for INnoVation Vs Flash
‘INnoVation’ is a strong player who has all the skills to be able to win this game and advance further in the competition to the bracket...
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Score Prediction forParting Vs GuMiho
The prediction for this game has to rest with ‘Parting’ he should be too much for his opponent and ‘GuMiho’ may have lost before he steps...
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Prediction for hero Vs Bisu
If history is to repeat itself “Bisu” beat “hero” 3 – 2 in the SSL9 final which was a thrilling game. A close game is predicted with...
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Starcraft Betting - Complete Guide

Starcraft II is a game that requires the user to dedicate their time to the game in order to use it, and it can be very taxing on the players. It’s a very common and well-known game within the eSports community, usually featured in the famous events that take place across the world. It has a large player base, and very positive reviews.

The game can be very difficult to get into initially and beginners should ensure that they’re ready for the mental effects the game can have, especially in the multiplayer setting. The game is designed to make the player work for their advances in the game, and definitely has a very good atmospheric sense of play, allowing the character to feel the right emotions as they move through the game. There is a feeling of fear as the player waits to be matched with another player, and then the tension as they fight it out to be named the winner.

The only way to get better at the game is to practice, so while finding a new match every time might seem fear inducing and make you go in to a full-blown panic about who you’ll be paired with, it’s important to make sure that you push on. The professional gamers didn’t wake up professional, they’ve worked for it, fighting people and learning from their mistakes over and over again.

The game itself offers two ranks within the game:

- Ranked
- Unranked

Unranked is the starting point for any new player where they can try out the mechanics without worrying about it marring their record once they have the hang of it. It allows players to go in to the game without fear of being pitched against players that are high ranking and know what they’re doing and allows confidence to build. It also provides a great learning platform to ensure that every player has the time to pick up the skills needed to take the game on professionally.

Ranked, however, is split up in to multiple sections:

- Grand Master
- Master
- Diamond
- Platinum
- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze

This ranking system allows players to find other players that are matched to a similar level to them, allowing them to have a fair fight with chances of winning equal on both sides from the start. The game will match you to the right section when you first start to fight other players and you’ll be able to build yourself up through the ranks to take on more prestige players.

Most players will find that they start off at a lower level – this is the most popular area of the ranking and it takes hard work to move up to make sure that you’re ready for the harder content.

You’re also able to have control over your teams, choosing how many people you go against, such as one v one, or two v two and so forth. While the other game modes are encouraged and definitely good fun to play, if you’re aiming to become a
professional StarCraft II player then it’s definitely advised that you get a lot of experience within one v one. This provides the most balanced game play possible, and has a lot more of a challenge associated with it than going in with friends does.


The gameplay can be influenced by what kind of character you play. There are three difference races for characters to choose from. The three different types have their own unique way of playing so players are able to find the type of race that they prefer and master. Some players might have a strong preference to one type of race and not be able to play another type at all – it’s very common within the game to have one area that you entirely excel in and others where your skill could be stronger.

The races:

- Zerg
- Terran
- Protoss


The Zerg is a race that requires patience and management – it’s very rarely one that you can jump into and get the hang of quickly. It takes a lot of practice. It’s a very strong race, being quick to build up and maximise, but it doesn’t have a whole range of defensive properties, it’s great for generally annoying your enemies and then outnumbering them to the point that it can overwhelm them easily enough. In order to get the most out of them, you have to constantly be in control of them and ensure that you, as the player, are using them to their full advantage.


Terran are probably the easiest race to get your head around, especially at the beginning. They’re a straight-forward, most transportable race that is available. They can go long distances on a map, and they’re able to survive for a long time in matches without relying too heavily on technology. They’re very much like the real life Marines, and most of their core army is actually consisting of in-game marines. Terran is a popular race with new players as it allows them to build up their skills at their own pace and doesn’t require any advanced play methods.


Unlike Zerg, this race tends to be slow and takes a long time to build them up, but they have unbelievable power behind them, allowing them to be a force to be reckoned with when in matches. They’re also a race that takes a little bit of time to master, and they’re the most expensive race that you can build up – if they were to fall, it would cost you a lot more to rebuild than any other of the races available.

Because of the cost that is involved and how long it takes, it’s advised that players only pick this race one they’ve had some exposure to the game and are confident that they can play it.
StarCraft II is very competitive, and sometimes that transfers into the community. It’s also a very rewarding game, however, when you finally build yourself up enough to confidently take out other players with more and more ease. It’s a big contester for eSports for a reason and continues to go on strong and features in many of the tournaments available.