AGO Gaming vs. BIG CS:GO Esports Betting Analysis WESG 2017

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Esports Betting players will have a field day at WESG’s 2017 Global LAN Finals. The World Electronic Sports Games 2017 is a continuation of last year’s finals, where organizers AliSports and ImbaTV hosted tournaments across multiple esports titles with spectacular prize pools. With patriotism and nationality pride on the line, many countries travel across to China in hopes of taking home a significant result to their country, as the whole purpose of WESG is to have “national team” competitions against one another.

Because of this, all the teams represent one single nationality. Last year, it was the French side of EnVyUs that won in the grand finals over Team Kinguin to take home the $800,000 grand prize. And, once again, that same prize will be part of the golden pot of $1,500,000 USD; teams placing as quarterfinalists or above will be taking home $10,000 at the minimum placing.

While last year’s national competition for Counter-Strike’s esports scene did not feature many top teams, there are a lot of top tier esports squads to bet on for this year. Reigning champions Team EnVyUs return with an altered lineup (kioshiMa standing in for ScreaM due to nationality rules), and recent and former champions fnatic, SK Gaming, and Cloud9 look to battle their way to take home the lion’s share.

Of course, they’ll be subject to fierce competition, as teams across South America, North America, Canada, Europe, CIS, Asia, Oceania, and more have come this far; these teams will be giving it their all to fight their way to the bitter end. Anything can happen, but there are sure to be sheer favorites and complete underdogs. But, at an intercontinental LAN like this with many group stages and matches to played, anyone can go home disappointed. Because of the plentiful amount of matches, esports bettors will surely be betting on a lot of the matches at WESG!

Broadcast Talent

English Broadcast
Chinese Broadcast


  • Group Stage 1:
    • Eight Round-Robin format groups (4 teams each)
    • Top two team in each group advance to Group Stage 2
    • Bottom two teams are eliminated
    • All the matches are Bo1
  • Group Stage 2:
    • Four Double Round-Robin format groups (4 teams each)
    • Top two team in each group advance to the Playoffs
    • Bottom two teams are eliminated
    • All the matches are Bo2
  • Playoffs:
    • Single-Elimination Bracket
    • All matches are Bo3
    • 3rd place decider for semi-finalists

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Poland AGO Gaming (powered by EsportsBet)

  • Poland Furlan
  • Poland snatchie
  • Poland TOAO
  • Poland phr
  • Poland GruBy
  • Poland miNIr0x (coach)

AGO Gaming are a team that are on the cusp of being able to compete with the best of Europe. It’s only evident with the firepower on this lineup, especially with players like Furlan, snatchie, and GruBy.

TOAO is the IGL of this lineup, with anyone being able to play entry. snatchie’s AWP prowess is undeniable, but mystical pieces like the support of phr, GruBy’s lurking and map control, and Furlan’s anchor and clutches are the key to this AGO lineup. AGO have also gained a reputation for their anti-ecos and their ability to come back from man-deficits, which can be pulled by the string of luck (and skill). While being able to function individually at a high level, they can also perform dangerously when they’re together as a unit, taking map control and bombsites aggressively.


Furlan’s project with AGO Gaming is bearing fruit (WESG)

Though, their firepower and brute force can be the end of them, as their tactical depth and individual play making can lead to lost causes without an ability to trade. Countless amount of times, AGO try to make it work with the deagles/pistols or a brute force rush, which doesn’t work against high tier teams (e.g. their match vs. GODSENT at WESG). More of, their main problem is being unable to make intelligent mid round calls or knowing how to read their enemies’ setups for CT/T. At times, they rely too heavily on individual prowess and playmaking, and it’s heavily reflected in their CT setups and T strategies.

Albeit, they’ve been on a tear, having played in the ECS qualifiers and also winning the Play2Live Crypto Masters against Space Soldiers, which is no small feat. This team is one for the future.

 Germany BIG (powered by EsportsBet)


  • Germany gob b
  • Germany tabseN
  • Germany nex
  • Germany tiziaN
  • Germany luckeRRR
  • Germany LEGIJA (coach)
  • Austria kakafu (analyst)

BIG had been on the brink of completely falling apart after miserable results loomed over BIG with uncertainty. In exchange for their weakest links in the team, LEGIJA and keev, they took in luckeRRR and tiziaN, both whom of which have practiced their trade within the local German scene. In addition to these changes, kakafu has switched from coach to analyst, which LEGIJA having turned into a coach for the Play2Live Crypto Masters and WESG finals.

BIG surprised at WESG, with tabseN leading the way (BIG)

In a miracle, BIG have seemed to turn for the better. Even though things were rocky at the start with their Play2Live Crypto Masters eliminations at the hands of AGO, their journey to the ESL Pro League in MDL have shown promising results (currently sitting at 8-3). Let’s not forget that at this tournament alone, they’ve beaten a stacked Team Russia lineup (who arguably has a lot of cohesiveness together) and the pitied SK Gaming lineup (two time major champions).

In an interview with gob b, it has been proven that while they are still finding a set structure to infuse the two new players in, making LEGIJA a coach for the squad has helped heaps towards their approach to the game.

The main thing that he brought is motivation. He knows that sometimes we are like falling in the hole, and he is good at getting us back from it, doing it better than kakafu. That’s why he is a better motivator. Also he knows a lot about our calls and he is never silent as a coach in the game, which is really important. That’s the main thing he brought to our game.

gob b about LEGIJA’s transition

While BIG do lack the firepower that most top teams have, gob b has recognized that problem; it seems that the additions of tiziaN and luckeRRR were to make up for this deficit (LEGIJA and keev being inconsistent players). While they do have the tactical depth, now they have a bit of added firepower to make up for this.

The only problem you can see with BIG is their approach to the esports meta of CS:GO as a whole. Throwing a bet on their available esports betting games may be risky, as their tactical approach leads to their downfall in handling puggy/aim heavy T sides for BIG’s CT sides. Apart from that, there may be a problem with BIG when their T side strategies don’t work. If they don’t work, then the T side is bound to fall apart.


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