Betting Analysis: Invictus Gaming vs. LGD Gaming DotA 2 International 7 Preview, Odds, Predictions

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Tournament briefing: The International 7 (DotA 2, Valve)

The International 7 is..? Oh, come on, you know what TI is!

The best teams around the world fight for the one and only title that truly matters in DotA 2. Hosted by Valve, The International is every DotA 2 fan’s annual tournament of memes and comebacks, moments of excellence and soul-crushing defeats; and, every year we will be rooting for the underdogs, alongside our favourite teams. Or, on the side of bettors, or a gambling fallacy to send money flushing down the toilet drain. Many bets will make people rise from rags to riches—or the more unfortunate of outcomes.

As with any TI, will be your main go to for live coverage and match-by-match weather-meta-Purge pointing at things report.

For those that have recently joined the MOBA craze, a newbie-friendly stream will also be available, where colourful panellist and hosts will present the matches in a simpler and more detailed manner.


The International 7 Format (Main Event/Playoff)

The Group Stage has concluded! Now, we are only hours away from the Main Event debut!
The final push has begun, and the remaining 16 teams will be fighting tooth and nail for their survival and the TI Champion title!

The Main Event will follow the following format/rules below:

  • Sixteen teams in a double-elimination bracket.
  • Top four teams in each group of Group Stage start in the Upper Bracket.
    • The 1st place in each group of Group Stage picks their opponent from either the 3rd or 4th place finish in the opposite group.
    • The 2nd place in each group plays the team that was not picked by the 1st place.
    • All matches are played in a best-of-three.
  • 5th-8th placed teams in each group of Group Stage start in the Lower Bracket.
    • The 5th place in each group of Group Stage picks their opponent from either the 7th or 8th place finish in the opposite group.
    • The 6th place in each group plays the team that was not picked by the 5th place.
    • First round is played in a best-of-one
    • Proceeding rounds in the lower bracket are played in a best-of-three.
  • Grand Finals is played in a best-of-five with no game advantage.

In the mean time, the prize pool continues to break last year’s $20 million dollar record. The jackpot stands, at the moment, at an ever-growing $23,027,586 and surprising mainstream naysayers and people all around the world.

Invictus Gaming Betting Preview and Analysis

Let’s face it: The score of Invictus Gaming vs. Newbee doesn’t tell how dominant Newbee were during that game. As much as one would guess that it was a very close affair, it wasn’t in its entirety.

The draft game from Invictus Gaming was poor, being unable to get their favorable heroes on Boboka and BurNing. This allowed Newbee to set the pace of the game and gain advantage on all time stages of the game. The only time this backfired on Newbee was during map 2, which Invictus Gaming won. By letting Bloodseeker and Earth Spirit through, which is two of Invictus’ signature heroes for the core composition, Invictus Gaming’s BurNIng and Boboka went on a complete fragging rampage. Because of this, Invictus got comfortable and were turning the tables on Newbee Gaming.

Apart from that map 2, I didn’t really see anything ideal from Invictus Gaming. And, also to mention, they seem to struggle heavily against Chinese teams. But, I wasn’t seeing that as the problem during the match. They were individually getting caught out in their lanes and their control of their lanes was poor. Nonetheless… they still put up a fight somehow. Even then, it was still a letdown to see the poor coordination from the Chinese side.

Key Takeaways from the game:

  • Poor draft on map 1 and 3 from Invictus
  • Newbee were more coordinated on the team fights and lane controls
  • In both map 1 and 3, BurNIng and Boboka were heavily shut down in the fragging department
  • Invictus Gaming lacked a bulky tank and the supports had a hard time supporting during team fights
  • Map 2 was the only time BurNIng and Boboka went on a rampage, and this was when they had control and were able to keep their team alive during team fights (and the good draft too)


Check out our betting assessment of Invictus Gaming before their match versus Newbee:

Many bettors and predictors were completely blown away by Invictus Gaming’s upset against Team Liquid. In a time where Liquid were looking strong enough to be considered one of the favorites (alongside OG) to take the championship, Invictus Gaming turned heads around with their dominant map wins.

Both maps saw dominant performances from Op and BurNing in their victories, and even Xxs had a great performance in the 3rd map. With dominating kill scorelines on both wins, it showed how important Invictus’ style to support their superstars in team fights secured them wins. This utterly destroyed the team cohesion from Liquid, whose clever approach to team fights and lane plays are fluid enough to weave and dodge teams.

In the sole map win Liquid took away from Invictus, Liquid invented a strategy to neutralize and/or minimize the effect of BurNing and Op in the early-mid game. Not allowing them to get comfortable during the pick and ban draft phase, Liquid stuck to an aggressive game that gave Invictus Gaming no breaks. But, the fights were close, and Liquid barely came out on top as their better economic management and constant movement broke Invictus Gaming into constant buy backs to push back the impeding stampede.

Before this event, Invictus Gaming came into this having a huge slump. Even though all of the players on these teams were evidently the best some China had to offer, the team cohesion of this squad was heavily lacking. Players were playing in their best positions, but their understanding of working together as a team and pulling together a perfect strategy to their play and draft phase made them vulnerable to losses against domestic competition. Even in international competition, they would struggle. Xu “BurNing” Zhilei was very underwhelming in his position as a farmer, Ou “Op” Peng would easily be countered in the draft phase with teams banning Tinker, Lin “Xxs” Jing’ assigned role did not match with his conventional and high IQ approach to playing lanes and mid game fights, and Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao could not find the groove playing off his teammates.

Thus, the adjustment was made under the reign of Fu “Q” Bin. The strategist and drafter had adjusted the way Invictus Gaming to accommodate for 2 things: 1) improving teamwork and consistency in fights and 2) incorporating individual performances in a way to bring more impact in game. Op would stop being a one trick pony at Tinker, BurNing would be adjusted to more fight-oriented role over a farm-oriented role, drafting good initiator heroes for mid game fights to Xxs and giving BoBoKa roamer heroes to give him more freedom in lanes. While it’s still being refined to come together and complete the puzzle, the best of the squad seems to have come while competing in probably the biggest tournament of the year. The adjustments and changes allowed them to barely stave off the last upper bracket spot in their respective group stage, and success had only been furthered after defeating Liquid.

LGD Gaming Betting Preview and Analysis


Oh my god, that LGD game versus OG was an incredible showcase of display on all parts of the game from LGD. The aggressive play from LGD Gaming defeated the OG lineup, who were at a loss to find answers to counter LGD’s play. While the first map was very close in terms of team fights, LGD Gaming somehow snuck around and found an advantage to defeat OG in each fight. Every fight that OG won, they’d be grasping for straws. That’s HOW CLOSE these team fights were on map 1.

Map 2 was an entirely different play. The MVP from game 1, Maybe, just went on an all out rampage. LGD Gaming didn’t switch out their gameplan, even when they lacked their signature Magnus on both maps. OG just seemed at a loss to counter LGD, as LGD keep striking them down and taking the lanes by force. Overall, it was a very refreshing game of DotA 2 to watch, and this series could be considered one of the best from this tournament.

Key Takeaways from the game:

  • Bulking Ame as a tank diverted most of the possible damage OG would have pinpointed towards other LGD Gaming members, freeing up space for other members to do damage and retreat easily
  • Maybe’s aggression and ability to find frags on straggling OG members and on team fights won LGD the game–hands down
  • A great draft phase gave LGD a comfortable start to the game
  • OG were at a loss to shutting down Victoria’s support play and eLeven’s off lane diversion, being surrounded by multiple external factors during team fights
  • LGD Gaming played a huge bait game, baiting OG into territory where they thought they had the advantage, then chasing OG when they fell back.

Check out our betting assessment of LGD Gaming before their match versus OG:

Coming into this tournament, LGD have fallen short in many online Chinese qualifiers for many big LAN tournaments, and didn’t make an impressive showing in their win at the Mars DotA 2 League LAN Finals and in their 3rd place finish at the Summit 7 LAN.

Most of these members consist of members from the main LGD lineup and LGD.Foreveryoung lineup. But, even when you mix the best Chinese players of each lineup, nothing is bound to work out immediately. This LGD iteration always seem to struggle against domestic competition, whereas against international competition, they seem to thrive.

This is noted in their group stage, where they handily took many bo2 wins in an easy group stage, whereas they traded maps with EG and Liquid–both of who are formidable opponents. On the flip-side, they lost to iG.Vitality, who are their domestic opponents from China.

In the playoffs, they lost to Virtus.Pro, but remember that Virtus.Pro are coached by Artstyle, a storied IGL who has always been the bane of LGD’s possible accomplishments in the past–and to many other Chinese teams. There was no way LGD’s playstyle could counter the aggressive draft and play of Virtus.Pro, sending them to the lower bracket. They would then defeat Digital Chaos, who were a sleeper pick that defeated their Chinese brothers in iG.Vitality. But, this win was very notable. While the kill game was very close, LGD’s teamwork was far more skilled than Digital Chaos’, whose lineup and core hadn’t stuck around as long as LGD’s. When you think about it, LGD is more reliant on their teamwork rather than their raw individual play. Their gold management played a huge role in their win vs. Digital Chaos, but you would’ve expected a longer game due to LGD’s slow placed tempo.

Betting Odds Preview Sponsored by ArcaneBet

Courtesy of ArcaneBet, here are the odds to help you place your bet for Invictus Gaming vs. LGD at DotA 2’s The International 7 (AKA The International 2017). Deposit, bet your hard earned money, and hope you win! May the betting odds ever be in your favor! The odds heavily favor Liquid to win this match.

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