Cloud9 (C9) vs. SK Gaming (SK) CS:GO Esports Betting Analysis @ cs_summit 2

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Beyond the Summit returns with its second event of CS:GO’s “cs_summit” tournament. Featuring a relaxing environment and top level competition, the 2nd cs_summit succeeds the major, which saw cs_summit participants Cloud9 win the grand finals after beating the top 4 teams of CS:GO on their way through.

Located in Los Angeles with a $150,000 USD prize pool, the event features an interesting mix of rosters in the foray. While featuring returning teams Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9, and SK Gaming, and Team Liquid, some of these teams make their first appearance as a team or with a new roster.

Liquid themselves have since bolstered with the additions of steel and returning member NAF. Vega Squadron come to the cs_summit as a team that made many eyes turn at the first and second stages of the major, defeating many teams. North completely shuffled their roster, losing the majority of the core lineup and retooling with Kjaerbye from Astralis and mertz from the Academy squad. On the minor side of things, Ninjas in Pyjamas replaced THREAT with pita as the coach. One of the oddities of the event is Torqued, who replace OpTic. Featuring ex-iBP players and Pollo and koosta, they are surely a surprise team to look out for.

With new lineups on display, a relaxing environment to chill to, cs_summit looks to bring back to the nostalgic LAN environment of many gamers watching from home!


credit to Liquipedia

  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Playoffs only, bo3 matches only
  • Grand Finals will be played with bo5, where upper bracket finalist has 1 map advantage




  • Stewie2k
  • autimatic
  • tarik
  • RUSH
  • Skadoodle
  • valens (coach)

For a preview of Cloud9 before this event, you can read EsportsBet’s preview here.

Cloud9 at the cs_summit LAN have had two convincing best of 3s against Team Liquid and Heroic. While they are not necessarily at the caliber of Cloud9 yet, these wins solidify C9’s ranking at this event and from the previous major.

During the bo3s, Cloud9 played with no absolute care in the world. What’s more important is that even though Cloud9 lost most pistol rounds, they converted the majority of their force buys and clutch rounds, which is the reason they were able to defeat Heroic and Team Liquid so handily. Breaking the opponent’s economy and morale are very important psychological factors to winning, as this can demoralize an unprepared team very easily.

tarik and co. manhandled their opponents with relative ease at cs_summit (Beyond the Summit)

The question will be against SK Gaming, who they’ve had mixed results with when playing against SK at full strength. Generally, SK Gaming are the favorites here, but recent events may just turn the tide for Cloud9 against SK Gaming. Of course, most people still remember the shroud and n0thing C9 who defeated this SK Gaming lineup (w/o boltz) and the ESL Pro League Finals, but that is from a time that has long passed.


SK Gaming

  • FalleN
  • TACO
  • coldzera
  • fer
  • boltz
  • dead (coach)

SK Gaming were marred by the roster lock troubles at the major, but were able to secure a semifinalist finishing with the help of ex-member felps. Before, they were practicing with boltz, and ended up continuing their dynasty under a newly reformed roster.  Considering recent form with boltz and their win against FaZe in the latest ESL Pro League Finals, there’s no doubting that with this lineup, SK Gaming are the best in the world (currently). Cloud9 are on the rise, but an asterisk remains, for they have yet to face a strengthened SK Gaming.

The Librarian almost had his library disrupted by the roar of the North (Beyond the Summit)

SK’s cs_summit 2 run has very little to say apart from their bo3 against North. Against North, it was an uphill struggle, as a massive performance by valde kept both maps close. In the end, it was SK Gaming taking it 2-0 on de_inferno and de_cobblestone 22-20 and 16-13. Of course, this can be attributed to SK Gaming shaking off the rust and FalleN having the inability to read into this newly formed North lineup. Yet, they might want to stop having to rely on FalleN’s clutch entries and openings with the AWP if they want to beat Cloud9 handily.

SK, as usual, prefer to rely on fer’s relentless and hard-to-counter aggression, whereas TACO generally plays bait and opens up avenues for boltz/FalleN/coldzera to trade. In reality, apart from boltz’ lurking, each SK player “share” all other roles in retrospect, and this makes them a very dangerous team. Their chemistry and synergy together is on another level, and it’s what makes them one of the hardest teams to beat. A team can predict their plays, their strats, and each player’s tendencies, but their skill and teamwork together is unparalleled to many others. That is why SK Gaming is one of the best teams in the world.



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