Cloud9 (C9) vs. Team Liquid (TL) CS:GO Esports Betting Analysis @ cs_summit 2

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Beyond the Summit returns with its second event of CS:GO’s “cs_summit” tournament. Featuring a relaxing environment and top level competition, the 2nd cs_summit succeeds the major, which saw cs_summit participants Cloud9 win the grand finals after beating the top 4 teams of CS:GO on their way through.

Located in Los Angeles with a $150,000 USD prize pool, the event features an interesting mix of rosters in the foray. While featuring returning teams Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9, and SK Gaming, and Team Liquid, some of these teams make their first appearance as a team or with a new roster.

Liquid themselves have since bolstered with the additions of steel and returning member NAF. Vega Squadron come to the cs_summit as a team that made many eyes turn at the first and second stages of the major, defeating many teams. North completely shuffled their roster, losing the majority of the core lineup and retooling with Kjaerbye from Astralis and mertz from the Academy squad. On the minor side of things, Ninjas in Pyjamas replaced THREAT with pita as the coach. One of the oddities of the event is Torqued, who replace OpTic. Featuring ex-iBP players and Pollo and koosta, they are surely a surprise team to look out for.

With new lineups on display, a relaxing environment to chill to, cs_summit looks to bring back to the nostalgic LAN environment of many gamers watching from home!


credit to Liquipedia

  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Playoffs only, bo3 matches only
  • Grand Finals will be played with bo5, where upper bracket finalist has 1 map advantage




  • Stewie2k
  • autimatic
  • tarik
  • RUSH
  • Skadoodle
  • valens (coach)

Ah, Cloud9, the ELEAGUE Major Champions and the first North American team in CS:GO History to win a Valve-sponsored Major event. They truly cement themselves as one of the best teams in CS:GO and in North America as a whole. Their play at the major was truly superb, as tarik’s IGLing powered them through the grand finals. Actually, all in all, it was Skadoodle, Stewie2k, and tarik who went big in the finals, as Stewie’s holds on B during de_inferno and Skadoodle’s clutch ability throughout the series was extremely vital; tarik’s ability to open up space was just as crucial too.

Each member of Cloud9 played a huge role in their championship run (ELEAGUE)

The important part to note from this major was the resurgence of all Cloud9 members, as they all posted 1.05+ ratings throughout their ELEAGUE run. It’s undeniable that their CT strongholds were impeccable, and were akin to their T sides throughout the major. While this major may have been a historical moment for North American, there is the possibility that Cloud9 may falter in the aftermath. This is primarily due to the fact that teams will be prone to analyzing them.

Still, C9’s dangerous arsenal involves the relentless aggression of tarik, the anchor of RUSH, and the double AWP setup of Stewie2k and Skadoodle. Add to that Skadoodle and Stewie2k’s clutch ability in the late game, and C9 are a pretty unstoppable squad.

Team Liquid

  • NAF
  • nitr0
  • Twistzz
  • steel
  • EliGE
  • zews (coach)

Liquid relinquished the struggling AWPer of his duties (jdm), and brought in a player known for his performance on Renegades: NAF.

Liquid welcomed back NAF just a few days ago, and boy are they grateful (Twitter)

NAF is no stranger to Liquid, having played with nitr0 before back in 2015 under the Liquid banner. After his removal, he trekked across North America, before settling in at Renegades. Becoming notable for his resurgence, NAF was pivotal in Renegades’ rise in performance, even netting them a championship at StarLadder. Now, he joins Liquid and relieves them with much needed firepower.

Due to this change, nitr0 has assumed the AWP role. steel, while not the IGL yet, has assumed a concrete support role once held by nitr0. EliGE and Twistzz together play the entry duo (with Twistzz lurking at times), and their CT sides feature a similar set of roles. The only change is that NAF/Twistzz will occasionally switch between secondary AWP roles. But, generally, NAF and Twistzz play anchor roles whereas steel plays “uncomfortable” spots and EliGE plays flex rotate.

While this new roster had yet to play an official together, Liquid showed a strong debut by defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas in a 2-1 thriller. Winning the last map on a comeback to end 16-14, it is safe to say that Liquid are adjusting to their roles very easily. But, with this new roster change, it may be a honeymoon period for this squad. Roles are not fully set in stone, and the chemistry and synergy is still building for this squad. But, their future at this event is not bleak at all after defeating the Swedes.


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