Dreamhack Winter CS:GO: mousesports (mouz) vs. Gambit Betting Analysis, Odds, and Predictions

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Dreamhack Winter 2017 is surprisingly one of the smaller events of the year, considering its tenured history in CS:GO. But, unlike most smaller “premier” tournaments, Dreamhack Winter hosts a very interesting mix of teams. Some of who are formerly tier 1, and some who are younger and growing teams that have proved their worth by battling their way through the qualifier. Regardless, each team here align with the stars for each of their goals at this event.

Half of the teams at this event will be looking to suffice for their lost glory by possibly taking the championship at this event, while for the other half, it’s a great learning experience to rematch against formerly faced opposition and grasp the meaning (again) of what it is to play top tier CS:GO. Or, in some cases, a way to get out of their lack of appearances/inactivity within the past few months.


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  • Group stage
    • Two groups with four teams in each
    • Double elimination group format (GSL) Bo1 and Bo3
    • Top two from each group move on to the playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Single-Elimination Bracket
    • Bo3 matches



  • oskar, suNny, ropz, chrisJ, STYKO

mousesports have seen very little LAN activity since their win at ESG Tour Mykonos, only appearing at 3 LAN events since then (ROG EMEA Qualifier, ELEAGUE, and Dreamhack Denver). That should not determine the form they will appear at during this LAN, considering how explosive mousesports have been since the roster change that saw the entrance of STYKO and suNny.

Featuring the monstrous oskar at the AWP and the talented rookie of ropz, mousesports recently rose among many international European lineups to the tier 1 scene in CS:GO. The originators of the mixed-European nationality lineup, mousesports’ latest lineup has greatly increased in firepower.

With STYKO and chrisJ sharing the IGL and calling roles, it has freed up the stars of mousesports to frag heavily. Relying on the opening picks of oskar, ropz, and suNny, mousesports combine that with their ability to read opponents and entry bombsites with great timing to defeat their opponents. In addition, mousesports’ deagles and ecos are one to be feared, in addition to their ability to change their tempo and become a slow or fast paced team.

For Dreamhack, this will be their event to win alongside Gambit’s. Anything but a grand final appearance is a failure for mousesports.



  • AdreN, mou, Dosia, fitch, HObbit

Gambit come off the back of a quarterfinals finish at IEM Oakland. While not the result they expected, it is the best they could have gotten after starting out their appearance with 3 straight losses. Their 2 wins came in the form of FaZe and Renegades, both of whom were top notch at that respective event.

Gambit’s play-style can work against certain teams, but easily be countered by other teams when other team has a set strategy that Gambit cannot outcall with sheer firepower and brute executes. The main driving force that makes this team an incredible one is their loose style, much like that of C9’s and FaZe’s. They hold so much firepower in mou–whose AWP has been deadly consistent this tournament–, HObbit, and AdreN alone. With Dosia and mou at the back supporting the trio, Gambit has been defined as the Kryptonite of FaZe. Of all the teams, Gambit is the only one who has consistently beaten FaZe in every bo1/bo3 matchup they’ve had against the All Star lineup.

Regardless, considering the competition at this event and the form Gambit has been, you could consider them the running candidates (alongside mousesports) to take this event’s trophy. No less than a grand final appearance can be considered a disappointing run at this event for Gambit.


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