ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier: Astralis vs. Heroic Betting Analysis, Odds, & Predictions

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Welcome back to ELEAGUE! Back for its 3rd season, ELEAGUE features its top performers from ELEAGUE Season 2 to clash for $1,000,000 USD. Hosted in the Turner G-FUEL ELEAGUE Arena, teams will be battling it out in 4 separate group stages. The reward is 1 of the 8 spots in the playoffs. Some groups are stacked with top tier teams like SK Gaming, fnatic, FaZe, G2 Esports, and more top tier teams. Teams such as the Cloud9 were expected to disappoint, but these teams surprised and snuck their way to the playoffs. Now, we reach the concluding group stage with Heroic, Team Liquid, Astralis, and SK Gaming.

SK Gaming have been falling down from their title as the #1 team in the world. Even then, they still feature one of the strongest lineups of firepower in the game. SK Gaming look to dominate the group stage and prove they are still a contending force.

Team Liquid have been on the rise ever since the addition of Twistzz. Since their failure at the PGL Major Qualifier, they’ve been on a rise in international showings. Making playoffs consistently, their last two tournaments against european competition saw them make the finals twice. They have yet to claim a championship, but will ELEAGUE be their first?

Astralis have been in a similar case to SK Gaming. Both failed to reach a major championship at PGL Krakow, and they are slowly losing their touch of individual form. Even then, they boast the IGL leader gla1ve and a supporting cast of Kjaerbye, device, dupreeh, and Xyp9x. What change will they make to reach the stars? Can they grab another championship at yet another ELEAGUE event?

Heroic are the outlier of this group. Being the 3rd best team in Denmark, Heroic come into this event with much to be fulfilled. Beforehand, they grabbed es3tag and lost valde, one of the rising talents of Denmark. After an overhaul in the Heroic system, they have looked weaker since the shuffle. Historically, they have been regarded as another dark horse team, but can this new lineup carry on the legacy? How will they perform in their first ELEAGUE tournament?


Opening group stage matches & winner match: best of 1

Elimination match and group stage decider: best of 3

2 teams eliminated and 2 teams advance.


Astralis have been an oddball within the past months. For the first time in a long time, they were eliminated in the group stages of an international event. Losing to Liquid in a best of 3, this marked the first time since ESL New York 2016. In an interview with device, it is said that Astralis are still trying to find their groove. As the saying goes, you can’t win a game solely on brains; the current CS:GO meta is very heavy on skilled aimers.

Astralis’ last 3 events (including the PGL Krakow Major) have been deflating, but it does not refute the fact they’re a top 3 team. Having the best of Denmark, there is a guarantee that Astralis can bounce back from this. But, against their kryptonite (Liquid), no one knows how their first day at ELEAGUE will go.


Heroic are a huge underdog in this group. Ever since their addition of es3tag, results have been looking shaky before ELEAGUE. Of their last 4 tournaments, two were group stage eliminations (ESL Cologne 2017 & ESG Tour Mykonos 2017). The other two were a semifinalist and runner up finish, but both tournaments featured easier competition (Dreamhack Atlanta & Valencia).

The problem with es3tag lies on the role he has to fill. Losing valde is huge, as his roles were more of a backstabbing/sneaky type of lurking/defense. Consistently, valde was topping the leaderboard because he was the star player of Heroic. With es3tag, he can also lurk, but his gamesense and ability to frag is not up to par.

Snappi’s IGLing, niko’s explosive fragging, and JUGI’s flashy AWPing are the selling points of Heroic. But, when it comes to playing on LAN against top competition, Heroic always seem to fall apart. The x-factors of their lineup will be MODDII and es3tag, since they are prone to inconsistent performances. Both of them have high skill ceilings, but they have a problem performing at that consistent level.

Regardless, Heroic’s team play and individual level will be up to par against the opponents of their group. It’s still a learning progress for this team to fully develop into a top level team. ELEAGUE will be great experience for them, considering the level of the teams of their group. All 3 of the other teams in their ELEAGUE group have seen considerable success within the past 3 months. When they travel back to evaluate their performance, Heroic’s demos will have plentiful learning material.






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