ESL Pro League Finals 6 CS:GO: Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) vs. OpTic Betting Analysis, Odds, and Predictions

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Another tournament that is a part of the Intel Grand Slam, the ESL Pro League LAN Finals shows a drastic variety of teams. Some of which compete at the most top level of CS:GO, whereas some have proven themselves online to be up and coming competitors. Some old faces appear again, while new lineups and teams will be looking to make a splash at this LAN.

Coming right of Blast Pro Series are Ninjas in Pyjamas, North, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan and Astralis(?), who all played admirably in the past few months to either rise or maintain their spot as a tier 1 CS:GO team individually. New teams like HellRaisers, NRG Esports, OpTic, and Luminosity Gaming are eager and hungry with young/old talent alike to prove their weight in gold at this LAN event. On the other hand, a team like Liquid will have to face the music as they’ll be playing with coach zews instead of steel (due to roster restrictions).

The ESL Pro League Finals has always delivered a plentiful amount of close and competitive matches, and it comes back for a 6th time to reintroduce the reason as to why CS:GO is the most popular FPS esport in the world. A game and organizer combined with a storied history within esports, get ready again and prepare to be amazed by the level of competition at the ESL Pro League LAN Finals.


Credit to Liquipedia

  • Group Stage
    • Two round-robin format groups (6 teams each) [1]
      • Top team from each region becomes a group head. They then pick a team to go into the others’ group.
        The picked teams then pick a team to go into the other group, this repeats until all teams have been put into the two groups
    • All the matches are Bo1
    • In Regulation winners receive 3pts
    • In Overtime winners receive 2pts, losers receive 1pt
    • Top team in each group advances to the semifinals
    • Second and third teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals
  • Playoffs
    • Single elimination bracket
    • Quarterfinals and semifinals are Bo3
    • Grand final is Bo5


Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, draken, REZ

IEM Oakland saw a repeat of Ninjas in Pyjamas’ championship run of the past iteration in similar fashion, upsetting teams that the Ninjas wouldn’t beat normally. The highlights of their tournament was their bo3 win against SK Gaming and full-distance bo5 versus FaZe to claim the championship. This tournament saw the rise of REZ, the latest addition of NiP as his secondary AWP and pistol play had huge impact in the Ninjas’ tournament play.

The Ninjas of draken and REZ continue to have their highs and lows, whereas f0rest has made himself the clear cut star of the team alongside draken. GeT_RiGhT and Xizt put up admirable performances on occasion, but it’s now a matter of finding consistency and translating it into results. GeT_RiGhT has since transitioned into a support role alongside Xizt, relying on draken’s wild AWPing and REZ and f0rest’s ability to tag team entry multiple bombsites on various occasions.

Luckily, the Ninjas come into the tournament off the back of some considerable results. Albeit, finishing next-to-last place at the Blast Pro Odense Finals must have been offsetting considering their recent championship. Even then, It puts a huge break to the Ninjas, who have long sought a considerable result—considering the standards and expectations pressured towards the Swedes. But, considering their inconsistency and their ability to find a fluid strategy/aim based style, this may be a re-learning experience for the Ninjas.




  • friberg, HS, mixwell, allu, Magisk

OpTic are a huge enigma, considering that they have had wildly inconsistent results with this roster. Another attempt at a European lineup, this OpTic lineup has failed to qualify for the major, but have finished in the semifinals of the domestic iBUYPOWER Masters LAN Tournament and got knocked out of the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland to SK Gaming. There is no telling as to how far this roster can go, seeing as they have very limited LAN results to go from with this lineup.

With friberg as the IGL, OpTic have very questionable T sides, having been shown to struggle more significantly on the terrorist side in comparison to the CT side. Whether it is due to friberg being shifted into an IGL role (which he is not known for) or the inability for the team to cohere with each other as a unit, OpTic have been known to resort to brute force. Their CT side is one to note though, as allu/mixwell’s double AWP/single AWP setup can work wonders in opening picks and bombsite holds for the aim-heavy roster. The only questions of this lineup are Magisk and HS, both of whom have performed inconsistent and below expectations given to them.

More notably, after their exit at IEM Oakland, it was declared that allu would be main rifling and that mixwell would take the helm of the main AWP role again. Considering mixwell’s touted aggression and consistency with the AWP and allu’s past star rifling role in very old CS:GO rosters (e.g. mousesports), this may turn out to work beautifully for the international roster.


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