FlipSid3 (F3) vs. Misfits CSGO Esports Betting Analysis @ ELEAGUE Boston Major

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ELEAGUE is back at it again to host another major! With top notch quality production backed by one of the leading television companies in the U.S.A., CS:GO will make its return to prime-time television in one of the most competitive months of this year.

The major event itself expands to 24 teams with the merging of the major qualifier. Originally with 16 teams, more competition and more map case drops will be up for grabs in this tight packed qualifier. With some top teams weak due to roster locks, this is a major where many will be questioning who the champions will be. The “strongest” team overall is FaZe Clan, one of the only top teams to be fielding their full roster for this event.

Some teams have fallen out of favor in the qualifiers for this event, such as the Ninjas in Pyjamas. But, the competition is still fierce, as home favorites SK Gaming and Astralis are in attendance. Many story-lines precede the upcoming major, and it will be up to the team and esports spectators to make sure that ELEAGUE Boston will live up to the hype as one of the Valve-sponsored majors in CS:GO.

The ELEAGUE Boston Major sports a prize pool of $1,000,000. With the top 8 teams (the playoff finalists) taking home a guaranteed spot in the next major, many of the teams are here for bragging rights. On the other hand, some are looking to rise up to the upper echelon of competitive CS:GO and make a name for themselves as a team to be feared.  It will all be up to what game they bring to biggest event to kick-start the new year: ELEAGUE Boston.


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  • The New Challengers Stage: January 12th – 15th, 2018 in Atlanta
    • Formerly the Major Offline Qualifier
    • 16 Team Swiss System Format
      • All matches are Bo1
      • Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Legends Stage
      • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • The New Legends Stage: January 19th – 22nd, 2018 in Atlanta
    • Formerly called the Group Stage
    • 16 Team Swiss System Format
      • All matches are Bo1
      • Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage
      • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • The New Champions Stage: January 26th – 28th, 2018 in Boston
    • Formerly called the Playoffs
    • Single-Elimination Bracket
    • All matches (including the finals) are a Bo3 series




  • markeloff, wayLander, B1ad3, WorldEdit, seized

To be honest, there isn’t much to say about FlipSid3. Their last played game was a few months ago during the ESEA MDL Regular Season. Since then, there has been zero activity from the CIS side.

There’s one thing to note though: FlipSid3 always make it out of the qualifier/initial stage of every major. They’ve made an appearance at every major since the CIS lineup was signed by FlipSid3, and have made the playoffs once in all their appearances. Even without a star player like electronic, they have been able to compete against teams who have been predicted to blow them out of the major with a 0-3/winless record.

B1ad3’s style is very structured and tactical based, playing the map slow and waiting for their enemies to make mistakes before following through with an execution. The primary stars will be WorldEdit, who can be a hit or miss, and seized. Seized himself is a huge question mark, having been on a downward spiral in performance ever since taking the IGL reign on Natus Vincere. Now will be his time to shine, as he will be thrust into electronic’s old position: the star player of FlipSid3.

Arguably, out of all the teams here, FlipSid3’s firepower is one of the weakest, but it’s made up by tactical structure and individual performances on certain rounds. That being said, when it’s the major, it’s like they’re on a whole new level. That is why FlipSid3 are always known as the dark horse of the CS:GO major.



  • AmaNek, devoduvek, ShahZaM, seangares (sg@res), SicK

Misfits surprised everyone at the ESL Pro League, defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas, North, and HellRaisers on their way to a semifinalist finishing. With the reign of seangares, Misfits have found the potential that was originally expected from them finally. Now, with the current shifting landscape of NA, they have cemented themselves as a top 3 North American squad in the region.

Misfits sport a very unique map pool, favoring de_cache and de_overpass as their best maps.  Before their loss on Liquid at the iBP Masters, Misfits had been on a long winning streak on de_cache itself. Seangares, like many tactical-heavy in-game leaders, runs a very structure and execute based team, relying on the power of AmaNek, SicK, and ShahZaM to open up bombsites in the confusion of smokes and flashbangs. On the other hand, devoduvek plays a lurk and support role on the offense and defense, usually pairing up with his fellow countryman (AmaNek) and working as a tag team duo.

Misfits’ firepower is finally showing, and finishes at the North American Minor and ESL Pro League LAN Finals show just that. The next obstacle will be this major, where seangares’ strats will be put the test against aim-heavy squadrons like FaZe, G2, Natus Vincere, and further. While seangares himself has found it easier to play better against the Europeans, those words may be bitten by their enigmatic opponent in FlipSid3.

Misfits are not to be overlooked, as they are a dangerous team who can show any team up on any day. Slip up on the map veto, and you’ll be playing against the dungeon master on their best map.


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