Galaxy Battles – Qualifiers: Team Empire vs. Mousesports odds&predictions

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Tournament briefing

In a galaxy not so far away… the National Electronic Sports Open and NEOTV have joined forces to host a new tournament. Galaxy Battles is an 8-team tournament set take place at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre Stadium, Shenzhen, China between 16th and 18th of June 2017.


Four invited teams and four qualifiers will battle for $150,000 USD. The round robin group stage matches will be held on 14th and 15th of June 2017 and double-elimination playoffs will be held between the 16th and 18th of June 2017.

  • Group stage
    • Two groups of four
    • Round robin
    • Match format is best-of-two
    • Group stage determines the seedinf for playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Double-elimination
    • All matches besides grand final are best-of-three
    • Grand final is best-of-five

Today’s match predictions – EU Qualifiers: Team Empire vs. Mousesports


The European Qualifiers will debut with today’s match-up as Team Empire and Mousesports return to the battlefield after only four days since their last confrontation. In that regard, Mousesports has a score to settle after a painful defeat. But will they succed? Let’s find out below!

Team Empire

May has been a bountiful month for Team Empire, as the team participated in almost 30 matches, winning 15, tieing 6 and losing only 7.
Team Empire has been rising the ranks of the CIS scene at a pace that has us thinking about the golden and memeless days of this team.
Aggressive and vicious in their execution, Team Empire opts for tried and tested formulas that leave the enemies scared and paranoid as CIS team ranks up kills on the battlefield, by the minute.
Be it a Naix bomb or a devastating teamfight combo, Team Empire rely on pure shock and awe to steamroll their opposition, their towers and their dreams.. all with great success!
Yet, if their opponents manage to keep them at bay long enough, Team Empire will end up overcommitting and, ultimately, failing to hold their ground in the late game – as we’ve seen in their lost match-ups.


The Greek squad didn’t manage to bring much of their former performance under this new banner, as Mousesports or Ad Finem has been struggling to break even this month.  Taking a look at their stats, each victory seems to show up as a second wind for a rather descending curve of missed opportunities.
Once beloved Major finalist and OD.Pixel-breakers, the Greek squad is struggling to find their place within the EU scene.
At the root of their problems there seems to be a series of stubborn and odd, out-of-meta picks as well as sloppy executions.
While surprising at best, Mouse’s drafting and execution leave much to be desired as games seem to elude their grasp at a rapid pace, each match.

This match-up highly favours Team Empire solely due to their playstyle, Aggressive styles thrive on sloppy responses, slow responses and weaker, more vulnerable drafts by the enemy team, something Mousesports is guilty off on all accounts.
Due to the Best-of-One match-up, Team Empire won’t hold back on their „shock and awe” tactics. Heroes will die, towers will fall and at the end, we see Team Empire being the last team standing.

Team Empire vs Mousesports 1-0.

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