International 7 DotA 2: Team Liquid vs. Virtus.Pro Betting Preview, Analysis, Odds, Predictions

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Tournament briefing: The International 7 (DotA 2, Valve)

The International 7 is..? Oh, come on, you know what TI is!

The best teams around the world fight for the one and only title that truly matters in DotA 2. Hosted by Valve, The International is every DotA 2 fan’s annual tournament of memes and comebacks, moments of excellence and soul-crushing defeats; and, every year we will be rooting for the underdogs, alongside our favourite teams. Or, on the side of bettors, or a gambling fallacy to send money flushing down the toilet drain. Many bets will make people rise from rags to riches—or the more unfortunate of outcomes.

As with any TI, will be your main go to for live coverage and match-by-match weather-meta-Purge pointing at things report.

For those that have recently joined the MOBA craze, a newbie-friendly stream will also be available, where colourful panellist and hosts will present the matches in a simpler and more detailed manner.


The International 7 Format (Main Event/Playoff)

The Group Stage has concluded! Now, we are only hours away from the Main Event debut!
The final push has begun, and the remaining 16 teams will be fighting tooth and nail for their survival and the TI Champion title!

The Main Event will follow the following format/rules below:

  • Sixteen teams in a double-elimination bracket.
  • Top four teams in each group of Group Stage start in the Upper Bracket.
    • The 1st place in each group of Group Stage picks their opponent from either the 3rd or 4th place finish in the opposite group.
    • The 2nd place in each group plays the team that was not picked by the 1st place.
    • All matches are played in a best-of-three.
  • 5th-8th placed teams in each group of Group Stage start in the Lower Bracket.
    • The 5th place in each group of Group Stage picks their opponent from either the 7th or 8th place finish in the opposite group.
    • The 6th place in each group plays the team that was not picked by the 5th place.
    • First round is played in a best-of-one
    • Proceeding rounds in the lower bracket are played in a best-of-three.
  • Grand Finals is played in a best-of-five with no game advantage.

In the mean time, the prize pool continues to break last year’s $20 million dollar record. The jackpot stands, at the moment, at an ever-growing $23,027,586 and surprising mainstream naysayers and people all around the world.

Team Liquid Betting Preview and Analysis

Liquid’s win versus Team Empire was to be expected. Team play wise, they out-skilled Empire. In reality, their play style of a fast paced tempo completely countered Empire’s farming and slow paced apporach to the bo3. Thus, this minimized the effect Resolut1on and fn- would have on team fights, giving Team Liquid the victory.


Check out our Liquid assessment before their match versus Team Empire:

Liquid’s only option to win the map was to set Miracle- on farming and prioritize bulking his hero up as a tanking initiator was the bane of Team Secret–well, this wasn’t entirely the reason. Cocky plays from MidOne and multiple times where Team Secret players got caught out–mainly Puppey in the latter stages of map 3–allowed Liquid to force their way back into the last 2 maps that seemed like lost causes for the TI favorites. That doesn’t say Liquid didn’t fight their way back into this game on an easy road. Some of the errors on Team Secret were unforced errors, but the majority of errors can be traced to the composure of Liquid and the positioning they put Secret in to isolate and kill Secret’s heroes.

The surprising factors in Liquid’s wins were how fast they turned the games around (aside from map 1). Both map 2 and 3 ended in less or around the 35 minute time mark, which shows how resilient and quick the Liquid team are in their upbeat style of play. By running a quick tempo, it forces their opponents to make quick decisions that can cause mistakes and turmoil in the enemy structure, and Liquid wouldn’t miss a chance to pounce on said opportunity.

You have two contrasting play-styles, with Liquid’s upbeat tempo and Team Empire’s slow and farm-to-win game. In addition, you have two weaknesses: Liquid’s early game (if you get aggressive on team fights) and Empire’s huge reliance on Resolut1on and fn.

I think that Empire’s draft pool will be a more stagnating and fluctuating problem to fix than Liquid’s early game problem, which can be mended by Liquid’s flexibility, adaptability, and clam approach to the game. Let’s not forget that Team Empire’s “new” roster has only played at this tournament, with Resolut1on being the latest and only addition for this tournament. But, for little preparation, Team Empire are looking slick.

Although, experience and pressure come into play. Team Liquid as a whole garner more experience in recent times in playing at high tier tournaments/majors in comparison to Team Empire, and even if they have been looking weak in the past few days, there’s no denying that Liquid would have to be countered HARD to lose this game. I can see Empire taking a map off them, but I don’t see them advancing.

Check out our Liquid play style/composition analysis on our previous betting prediction:

One wouldn’t deny that Liquid would be one of the favorites to win the event, much like past iterations of the International. Ever since the addition of Maroun “GH” Merhej and Amer “Miracle-“ Al-Barkawi, Liquid continue to remain as one of the strongest teams in the DotA 2 scene to date. Backed by the core of Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen, and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Borislavov, Liquid also continue to maintain one of the longest standing cores in the current pool of DotA 2 teams.

Even then, there is nothing to worry for Team Liquid. One strength Liquid has going for them is their ability to adapt and change at any time during the game. You have Miracle- and MATUMBAMAN who dominate the mid and late game with their hero picks and IQ styled play with their respective lanes and heroes. KuroKy’s leadership allows for MinD_ContRoL to focus on playing a more fight style oriented play based on his hero pick, and GH continues to be a spectacular support under the leader of KuroKy–being able to make realtime decisions on supporting his respective teammates at the right time. Thus, their team play and individual play combine to create one of the scariest combos in DotA 2 history.

After all, Liquid are the favorites of TI. Considering how quick they are able to adapt to their newest members and the experience and leadership they possess from KuroKy, there’s a reason why Liquid have consistently made deep runs in Valve majors.

Virtus.Pro Betting Preview and Analysis

Virtus.Pro’s win versus LGD Gaming can be attributed to ArtStyle, the Chinese slayer. But, I think he took the game plan up a bit too much during their match against LGD.FY.

First off, the mistake they made was trying too hard to shut LGD out of the game. The draft was stellar, and their play style was suited for them to win. But, both in game 1 and 2, they kept pushing the advantage too far, which gave LGD.FY a way to exploit the overaggression from Virtus.Pro. In addition, lacking time to farm forced them to make quick decisions and render the effectiveness of RAMZES666 a bit useless.

This isn’t to take away from their group stage and LGD Gaming. They looked stellar, with the only losses they’ve had in this entire tournament being at the hands of LGD.FY, whose play style follows an infrastructure that looks to balance a mix of team play towards the team fights and farming lanes. Compare that to Virtus.Pro, who take the initiative in hopes of gaining an early advantage.

An aggressive play style is playing a double edged sword. You can do it sometimes and be successful. But, since it’s a high risk and high reward, it can all go awry when it doesn’t work in your favor. Virtus.Pro heavily abuse this play style though to the point where it can be heavily predictable. Even then, they somehow make it work, because enemy’s are forced to think quickly. But, after they’re done thinking, Virtus.Pro are all armed and all of the heroes are encroaching on their opponents. This is why Virtus.Pro is one of the most demoralizing CIS teams to play against. You know and expect it, yet you can never out think them in light speed’s time to defeat them.

Betting Odds Preview Sponsored by ArcaneBet

Courtesy of ArcaneBet, here are the odds to help you place your bet for Team Liquid vs. Virtus.Pro at DotA 2’s The International 7 (AKA The International 2017). Deposit, bet your hard earned money, and hope you win! May the betting odds ever be in your favor! The odds heavily favor Liquid to win this match.

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