Natus Vincere (NaVi) vs. Space Soldiers CSGO Esports Betting Analysis @ ESL Pro League 7 Relegation LAN

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The ESL Pro League Relegation will be in junction with ESEA MDL S26’s Global Challenge LAN Finals. Teams participating will be the second to last and third to last teams of the 6th ESL Pro League Season and the silver and bronze finishers of the EU and NA MDL S26 Premier seasons.

Careers will be made. Careers will be over (or temporarily postponed). Whoever qualifies are guaranteed a new breath of life and temporary prosperity, while the ones who fail have their careers on the line. Only two of the four can make it, and the competition is very fierce.

On the European side, the CIS giants of Natus Vincere and the Swedish hopefuls of GODSENT have been pitted against the up and coming Turkish squad of Space Soldiers and the frozen-featured and Czech-Slovak squadron Alza eXtatus.

For the North American side, the stand-in affected Ghost Gaming and mutually alike Rogue Gaming face off in grudge matches against the North American hope Rise Nation and the ex-iBP bolstered GX.

With many fan favorites on both the European and North American side, who will come out on top? Stay tuned!


  • North American and European Relegation
  • Double Elimination Bracket (Best of 3 Format)
  • Top 2 advance to ESL Pro League Season 7 NA/EU
    • Bottom 2 are relegated to ESEA MDL S27 NA/EU



Natus Vincere

  • s1mple, electronic, Zeus, flamie, Edward

You may be surprised to see Natus Vincere having been forced into a relegation situation, but roster troubles with seized and requiring a temporary stand-in through the last season were main contributors to this situation. Now, having retooled the lineup with electronic, Natus Vincere are stronger than ever, having won their first LAN event with this lineup (Dreamhack Winter Open 2017).

The main stars of this team are obviously s1mple and electronic, with flamie occasionally chiming in and Edward playing the support anchor role in many situations. Zeus’ return as an IGL has had varying amounts of success compared to before, but Na`Vi’s tempo has changed to include fast executes.

The only problem that they’ll have coming into this match is the jet lag, and the fact that Space Soldiers will have warmed up beforehand with the grand finals match against AGO Gaming. That doesn’t excuse the fact that Natus Vincere are another beast on LAN, though. They are naturally known as a LAN team, and are still a team to be feared in that environment regardless of their current condition. Having boot-camped too, everyone will be eager to see what this new lineup has in preparation fro the major.

Space Soldiers

  • Calyx, paz, XANTARES, MAJ3R, ngiN

Many will be quick to count out Space Soldiers for this match, but let’s not forget that they have been in the LAN setting for the past 2 days. Right before this matchup, they will have played the grand final of the ESEA MDL S26, and warm up against a fierce opponent in AGO Gaming. They’ve been practicing their trade at this LAN, and are sure to come fired up in the EPL Season 7 Relegation stage.

They’ve been the main talk of the esports community as an up and coming team. If there is a duo that one could alike to s1mple and electronic, it is XANTARES and Calyx. While they may not play top level competition like the former, they have proven to be the hardest carry duo in the Turkish scene for a long time. When you include paz, who can go lights out when necessary, this Space Soldiers lineup just gets even more dangerous.

Space Soldiers share a similar depth pool versus Natus Vincere, and one should benchmark their performance against AGO Gaming to determine whether they’ll have a similar performance against Natus Vincere. As both NaVi and AGO Gaming are aim-heavy style teams, Space Soldiers share striking similarities in their own style too, making this bo3 a battle of the aimers.


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