Overpower #2 – Team Empire vs. Gambit Esports odds&predictions

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Tournament briefing

The Dota 2 OverPower Cup is an all about battle between eight teams that have been directly invited from the European and CIS region.

Overpower #2 is the second event organised by ProDota, a UK based esports organisation that aims to take a leading position in the scene with their team, ProDota Gaming.

The tournament is streamed by MoonduckTV, as well as Dota2ruhub, on Twitch.tv.


The tournament features a single elimination bracket contest with best-of-three matches and a best-of-five Grand Final.
Eight directly invited teams will fight for a piece of the $3.000 prize pool, a prize slightly below last editions $5.000 one.


Team Empire

Team Empire had a fantastic run through this tournament, trampling over every opponent they faced reaching the Grand Finals with a superb winning streak of 6-0.
On top of this, Team Empire has recently emerged in the second place in The International 7 Regional Qualifiers breaking the points tie with another stampede in the Playoffs.
The CIS Squad is on top of their game this time around, scoring one flawless victory over another with only two small exceptions.
Their shock and awe tactics are paying off in this current meta, putting pressure where it counts and getting the kills and objectives that matter, with little resistance.
Right now, Team Empire are the true masters of the CIS aggressive playstyle, so opponents beware, as Team Empire will be fighting at full strength in this match up.

Gambit Esports


Gambit Esports recently stepped into the Dota 2 scene after, although their LoL and CS:GO squads make them no strangers to the esports scene.
Gambit Esports Dota 2 division consists the full roster of Thug Life, which was signed on the 27th of March, this year.
Since then, the team kept on climbing the tier two ranking at a rapid pace, defeating teams such as PENTA Esports, Team Singularity and even a more experienced teams such as Vega Squadron.
Being a CIS based team, their strats revolve around aggressive engagements and snowball heroes that can stomp their opposition, a tactic that they managed to pull off more often than not, making them powerful contenders within the regional scene.
Gambit Esports could very well be the next big team within the tier two squads, but there is still a long way towards that goal. For now, Gambit Esports will be deploying its full squad for the upcoming match.

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