ROG MASTERS 2017 Dota 2: WarriorsGaming.Unity vs. PENTA Sports – Analysis, Odds & Predictions

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ROG MASTERS is ROGs second grand tournaments specifically crafted for the Asia region, featuring eight teams from seven regions.


The event will feature eight teams, in total, out of which only two are directly invited. The remaining teams will be determined through one of the 6 qualifiers stage, one for each region (North America, South America, China, Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia).

  • Group Stage
    • Two groups of three teams
    • All matches are Bo2.
  • Playoffs
    • Top two teams from each group advance to semifinals.
    • Remaining teams from each group advance to quarterfinals.
    • All matches are Bo3, finals are Bo5.




WG.Unity has been fighting left, right and centre in the SEA Region. The Malaysian team had a bad run in the Galaxy Batlles: Emerging Worlds 8 ending up eliminated by FDG and it is now seeking to push forward in the Asian playoffs of the JoinDota League Season 11.

As far as overall performance goes, WarriorsGaming have had a decent November, scoring 8 wins and 6 losses with their most significant matches being: WG vs. TnC (2-0 loss), WG vs. HappyFeet (2-0 win) and the 2-0 loss vs. Signify.

WG is a great aggressor but only with specific line-ups and in a certain time-frame. Looking back at the WG vs. TnC, we can see that WG rolls over their competition in the early game (which is not a big surprise, consider the picks and the timing), but fails to translate that into early map control and farm denial. This ultimately led to the game 2 victory of TnC, who found themselves pressured in the early game, but not enough to be starved out.

Picks were and are an issue for WG. Give them their high sustainability/survivability, aggressive heroes like Doom, Razor or SK and they will walk all over you for 20 minutes. Don’t allow them to pick what they want and they will struggle to stay alive and maintain an upper hand in teamfights.

This aspect was clearly showcased in the same TnC match-up where WG was visibly unfamiliar with the teamfight line-up of Tiny, Prophet, Silencer, Puck and Earth Shaker. They got picked off endlessly, played reactionary and most teamfights would end in them firing their biggest guns (i.e. ultimates, strong spells like AoE SIlences and Avalanche) only to see the whole TnC crew come out of the smoke and send them back to the fountain.

WG is highly rigid in their playstyle and draft choice something that brings great execution at the cost of inflexibility in a game all about adapting on a game-to-game basis.

PENTA Sports

PENTA are shaping more and more to be one of the stronger teams in the international Dota 2 scene. Although their late game is still not on par, their core players are fierce and their overall execution is sound.

PENTA are, at the moment, sitting comfortably in the Finals of the joinDota League Season 11, waiting for their opponent, after coming up on top of the EU Group. Talking about Groups, PENTA also emerged victorious out of the Stage 1 Groups of Galaxy Battles II, but fell to Team Secret in Stage 2.

oliver or Skiter.Oyasumi, or however you would like to refer him by, is a strong, aggressive, downright bloodthirsty carry. He is the first to go in and the last to go out, bludgeoning, clawing and punching his targets into the ground. Nine compliments his colleague coming in a surgical manner, to deliver great damage to one target or to even finish off what oliver has started.

dnz and rMn- form a strong backline, aiding their cores and creating the environment in which Skiter can farm and secure those tasty, tasty kills. Last, but not least, Buugi ends up taking one for team, either throught his own positional mistakes or just due to the fact that his hero needs to be in front of the gunfire.

Draft-wise, PENTA has a good amount of choice goind on for them and their cores can wreck havoc with their heroes. The main issue with PENTA is punctuality and late game planning.
PENTA tends to mainting a good grip on the match, up until the late game, where they seem to be rushing and, eventualy, throwing bodies at T3 tower and ‘racks, „strategy” that ends up costing them more time or even the game. Should PENTA figure out a way to either end the game sooner or endure the late game fatigue, their chances of victory will increase dramaticaly. 


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