SAE Dota League Germany Season 2 – Team Saphira.TV vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions

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Tournament briefing

The SAE Dota League Germany is a local Dota 2 league, featuring a €10,000 prize pool each season, with three seasons taking place in 2017.


The tournament features a double-elimination bracket with Best-of-Two matches. Each match won will net the winning team €30, with an additional €6,040 split among the top three teams, totalling €10,000 EUR.

Today’s match predictions – Team Saphira.TV vs PENTA Sports

This match will start in 4 weeks due to the ongoing The International event. Even so, it’s nice to see new names climbing the European ladder and new tournaments taking the spotlight for a while.
Today we will be discussing the match-up between PENTA Sports, of whom we have discussed in the previous article and Team Saphira.TV whom we have seen in the TI Open Qualifiers a few days back.

Team Saphira.TV

Team Saphira is a German squad that emerged almost one month ago, playing in the 19th season of StarLadder Pro Series.
Since then, Saphira has competed in the ProDota tournament and, recently, in The International  7 Open Qualifiers.
Team Saphira’s run at TI was riddled with failures and shortcomings and after three consecutive attempts, Team Saphira’s dream of scoring a spot in the Regional  Qualifiers was over.
Although they would go on and win their very first match-ups in each Open Qualifier set, the next match would always in a defeat. They even had a run in with Alliance that ended in a crushing defeat for the German squad.
Team Saphira has much to learn, yet, as their play style is quite disorganised and chaotic.
Sudden engagements make the players scatter and fend for themselves, disregarding target priorities and even positioning, and, ultimately, leading to crushing defeats or uneven trades.  At times, we can see a method to their madness, but that is far from enough when talking about a serious esports team. We are certain of one thing, though: Team Saphira will be playing with a full roster in this match-up.

PENTA Sports

PENTA Sports continues to climb the ranks, although at a much slower pace than last time.  Recently, after a series of lost matches, PENTA managed to snatch a victory from Danish Bears at the ProDota Cup #19 tournament.
Additionally,  we must consider that the European team came 6th in The International 7 Regional Qualifiers being one place away from qualifying.
Even so, we believe that PENTA has all the chances of becoming a strong presence in Dota 2.
In drafting, we’ve seen Blazemons strong plays as Lina and as a mid player, while also not shying away from position one. Another player that is worth keeping an eye on is Bugi, who acts as a pivot in teamfights due to his preference for AoE crowd control heroes such as Tidehunter and Earthshaker.
While they still have much to learn, we believe that PENTA Sports has many of the qualities needed to become a top-tier team.

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