The Manila Masters 2017: OG vs. Team NP odds&predictions

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Tournament briefing

The Manila Masters is the first of a new series of premier tournaments hosted by ESL and the Mineski-Events Team. The Manila Masters features a $250,000 USD prize pool and takes place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, which was previously home to ESL One Manila 2016 and The Manila Major.


Five out of a total of 8 competitors are directly invited to the event, while the remaining three will fight for a spot, through three distinct qualifiers stage – China, SEA and the Philippines.

The Chinese and the Philippine qualifiers are pit 8 teams organised in double-elimination Bo3 matches, with a Bo5 grand final while the SEA qualifiers boast a higher number of teams – twelve- and feature only Bo3 matches.

The LAN finals will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena and, it’s format imitating the Chinese and Philippine qualifiers.

  • Invited teams: Evil Geniuses, OG, Newbee, Team Secret and Team NP.
  • China Qualifier: Invictus Gaming.
  • SEA Qualifier: Team Faceless.
  • Philippines Qualifier: Clutch Gamers.

Today’s match predictions – LAN Quarterfinals: OG vs. Team NP

Both teams have been invited directly into the Manila Master LAN finals, so we still haven’t seen any of these teams compete in this tournament, yet. The double-elimination bracket also allows both teams to keep their “aces” for better match-ups as the lower bracket can provide an invaluable opportunity to gather information about their opponents, for the defeated team.

Yet, at first glance, one thing is certain: Team NP couldn’t find a more difficult match-up than the Major conquerors themselves, but once again, the double-bracket is a merciful God.


 While not invincible, OG is still a juggernaut in the Dota 2 scene. Boasting one of the most impressive tracks records in Dota 2 history. The European team continues to be the favourite in all its match-ups. OG show finesse, paired in an almost symbiotic manner with deep game knowledge and powerful and rich hero pool.
OG’s style is as top notch as it can be and only countered by a combination of luck and momentary excellence.
We have seen OG lose, but their most recent defeat as almost a month ago at the Kiev Major. A failed experimental draft here, leading to a crack in morale there and their boulder of poor decisions and fatal slips in execution came tumbling down, with no way of stopping it.
OG are not without flaw, sometimes showing arrogance and overconfident, experimental drafts that may lead to an unexpected loss, but any team facing this squad has to give their 100% if they are to succeed in defeating them.

Team NP

We haven’t seen much of Team NP outside the NA scene. Competing simultaneously in The Summit 7 and EPICENTER 2017, NA Qualifiers, EternalEnvy’s team is a strong contender in their region. This month alone, within this two tournaments NP won 8 out of 10 matches.
This month’s matches culminated with The Summit 7 NA Qualifiers grand final that saw NP victorious in a 3-2 match-up against Digital Chaos.
Team NP opts for more aggressive line-ups that pressure the opponent while still being capable of aiding their cores. With a lot of stuns and disables at their fingertips, Team NP will always give their opponents a sore throat after 40 minutes of continuous calling for aid.

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