Wellplay Invitational #8 – Cyber Anji vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions

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Tournament briefing

WellPlay Invitational returns for its 8th season! As always, 7 invited teams and one qualified team will compete for the first place and $3.000 prize pool.


The tournament features a double-elimination bracket with Best-of-Three matches and a Best-of-Five Grand Final!

Seven teams were directly invited and the final team emerged after a successful run through the Close Qualifiers. The Close Qualifiers were a single-elimination bracket, with Best-of-Three matches, that hosted the battle of another set of 8 invited teams.

Today’s match predictions – Grand Finals: Cyber Anji vs. PENTA Sports

The final countdown has started! The Wellplay Invitational #8 Grand Finals draw near as Cyber Anji and PENTA Sports pull out their biggest guns and best strategies in an attempt to secure the grand prize and the title of ultimate victors! Who will win? Let’s find out in today’s predictions!

Cyber Anji

If the name Anji rings a bell it might because Cyber Anji is the esports division of the Russian football team FC Anji. The Russian squad entered the Dota 2 scene back in February and since then they have had a rather shy presence within the esports scene.
Although shy, it was successful within its tier as Cyber Anji managed to win 19 games and only lose 8 through these past months. Only las month Cyber Anji closed the monthly record with 11 victories only 2 defeats.
The team suffered a series of roster changes, changes that still affect the stability of the roles within the team. For example, we’ve seen Chuvash hover around the support role, but also going Kunkka core, with yoky also swapping roles.
Their drafts are also very volatile at the moment, with only some clear preferences, but most of the drafts tend to be on the fly QoP, a Terrorblade and a Lone Druid, every now and then.
While the squad is highly unpredictable, we can be certain of their line-up, as Cyber Anji will be playing with the complete squad.

PENTA Sports

PENTA Sports is also something of a newcomer in the Dota 2 scene, as the team officially came into being, back in January 2017. After a series of roster shake-ups, PENTA Sports started making the rounds within the Tier 2 teams winning matches on a roll.
As of today, PENTA Sports are on a win streak after defeating ProDota, Danish Bears, Effect and Double Dimension. Looking further back, PENTA has a positive track record with 23 victories and 11 defeats, meaning that PENTA has all the chances of further climbing the ranks and even clashing with more well-known teams. In drafting, we’ve seen Blazemon strong plays as Lina and as a mid player, while also not shying away from position one. Another player to keep an eye on is Bugi, who acts as a pivot in teamfights due to his preference for AoE crowd control heroes suchas Tidehunter or Earthshaker.


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