ENCE vs BIG Gaming: Esports Betting Analysis @ Starseries & I-League Season 6

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Starseries & I-League will see several really good teams in attendance. These teams have shown us their skill ceiling during the previous few tournaments. It will be interesting to see them match up against each other, especially in the absence of Top tier teams like Faze Clan, Astralis and Na'Vi.

This tournament features a prize pool of $300,000 and had sixteen teams in attendance. The initial Group stage of the tournament was a BO1 Swiss format style with even the Round 5 matches being Best of One matches. We already have the top eight teams qualified to the Playoffs. The Playoff bracket matches will be Best of Three matches and single elimination format.

StarSeries & I-League Season 6 will be held at the Kiev Cybersport Arena. The 1500 Sq metres venue has been a staple in Esports events and has a lot of experience when it comes to hosting esports events. The remaining teams at the event present a mixture of several new rosters as well as well-established teams. The playoff brackets are already out and we have a couple of amazing matchups coming up in the next few days.



Group Stage:

October 7th - 11th, 2018

    • 16 Team Swiss System Format

    • All matches are Bo1

    • Top 8 Teams proceed to the


    • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated

    • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format


October 12th - 14th, 2018

  • Single-Elimination Bracket

  • All matches

    (excl. the final)

    are Bo3

  • The Grand Final is Bo5

The Prize Distribution at the event is as follows:

  • 1st Place : $125,000

  • 2nd Place : $50,000

  • 3rd-4th Place: $25,000

The remaining teams get lower amounts of money as well. You can find more information of the format, prize pool and schedule at



ENCE Esports

ENCE Roster:

  • Allu
  • Sergej
  • Alexsib
  • Aerial
  • xSeven

ENCE is a Finnish team and is yet another attempt by Allu to create a strong Finnish roster. The ENCE organisation has been at the top of the Finnish Counter-Strike scene for quite some time. This current roster is comprised of several young players who definitely have a very bright future. The likes of Aleksib and Sergej have shown a lot of promise in their individual performance.

ENCE esports has had mixed results in their latest matches. While they have wins over teams like Tyloo and Mousesports, they also have losses to Optic, Complexity and Fragsters. Sergej has been exceptional with the rifle and has been responsible for many of the ENCE success in recent times.

The map pool for this team is quite good and they prefer playing on CT heavy maps like Train. Their CT defence on Train is really good and it stems from strongholds on certain sections of the map. Unlike other teams, ENCE does not always go for an aggressive push in certain regions of the map. The team's performance is definitely making waves in the Finnish scene, but they have been stuck in the same category for quite some time. The team needs to show consistent improvement if they are to start winning important matches once again.

BIG Gaming. 

BIG roster:

  • Gob B
  • Tabsen
  • Nex
  • Smooya
  • Tizian

BIG Gaming is definitely one of the most consistent teams when it comes to making it out of the Groups. However, their path in the Groups has never been truly astonishing or dominant. The X-factor on this team remains Gob B with his motivational speeches and his ability to rouse his players. He has some of the best strategies in the game, but sometimes we see him rely extra on strategies and tactics.

Counter-Strike is a very diverse game and IGLs need to mix up their strategies. Sometimes a plain B rush can work wonders for the roster, but then it might also result in a shutdown. It is up to the In-Game Leader to determine whether it is worth to take this risk or not.  One of the few In-Game leaders who has done a perfect study of opponents and in understanding the opposite In Game Leader is Glaive. Ofcourse it always helps to have some of the best players and the best coach at their disposal.

BIG Gaming will need Smooya to perform at his peak if they are to be able to put forth strong performances. The individual has seen wide variations in his performances. Sometimes he will be the best player on the server, but against other teams, he might be the person with the lowest number of frags on the server.

There are several other talented players on this team. They include Tizian and Tabsen two players who have seen a resurgence in their individual performance. Tabsen, in particular, has been exceptional with both the AWP and the rifle. His ability to bring home clutch situations with each ensures crucial round victories for BG Gaming.

Overall, BIG Gaming is not the best team when it comes to their performance on the server. They present a steady mixture of tactics and firepower. They also have a higher skill ceiling that they exhibit at most times. The team has the potential to reach greater heights, but they need to find their potential and be consistent with it.



Both ENCE and BIG Gaming have different approaches to the game. ENCE is not strategically oriented as BIG gaming. They have a better map pool and they rely on their individual firepower. This comes on the basis of strong individual performances by the likes of Sergej and AleksiB.

BIG Gaming, on the other hand, has had a lot more experience especially in the playoffs of big tournaments. They have been in several big tournaments of late and they consistently make it to the Playoffs. This is where their experience of playing on the LAN stage will come in handy.

For now, we recommend a bet on BIG Gaming for this match.

11,Oct 2018

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