EU LCS: G2 Esports vs Unicorns of Love Preview, Odds and Prediction

The Playoffs of the Spring Season of the LCS are in full flow and we now have a final set in both Europe and North America. We’ll quickly preview each game across the day and make a prediction for how we think it’ll go. The teams here are playing for all the marbles in the LCS, a season victory in the Playoffs gives you automatic qualification to the World Championships, regardless of position in Summer. A huge game then for each time, not to mention there’s a bonus of prize money on the line. In Europe, we’ve got G2 Esports taking on Unicorns of Love at 4PM BST. A game which comes as no surprise with both teams finishing in the first place in their group, respectively. A playoff dream for Riot games envisioning the new format with the two group leaders clashing in a much-anticipated matchup. G2 Esports are a team who are seemingly reborn this season with a change of personnel bringing Zven and Mithy in during the off-season they’ve preformed so far to justify the swap. They’ve been the best duo bot lane in Europe which is reflected in the four Player of the Series (MVP) awards he’s received, Mithy doesn’t get the nod being a support but make no mistake he’s enabling Zven to carry the game. It’ll be key for G2 to get these two the comfort and safety in the early game which they prefer. G2 tends to struggle when repeated ganks are sent to the bottom lane and there’s a bit of chaos Zven certainly looks for a slower farm early game until they’ve picked up their first full item. Look for the Unicorns to try and create confusion and uncertainty to put Zven out of his comfort zone.

Zven and Mithy, Photo Credit: Riot Games

The Unicorns of Love will want to do, as a team, flip game from their perspective and get Vizicsacsi the space to work in a one versus one lane where he feels that he’s best. He’s an aggressive player who likes to make an impact; he’s not one of those top laners content on playing a super tank who will stand in the front line and soak up damage. Look towards the Rumble, Camille and Renekton who all have the ability to carry for the top lane. Shen is a champ he’s played the most but not his favourite, and not the best for UOL, they want him on a carry but giving Shen over to G2 who can use his ultimate to swing the bottom lane in their favour may mean that UOL have to take it away from them. This series points to a huge pick and ban phase with gameplans open and easily readable for both.

Match Odds: G2 Esports 1.42 vs 2.78 Unicorns of Love

The game seems like it’s relatively sown up, but a 3-1 score line for G2 is my prediction. Unicorns have the ability and game plans to snowball a game from a small early lead. A tower dive early which goes right for Unicorns likely means a game win but in the long haul G2 have the players, power and support staff to produce a game plan to stop Unicorns early and drag them into the mid-game where G2 will prosper.  

23,Apr 2017

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