Global StarCraft II League Season 3 – Maru vs Rogue Odds

The Global StarCraft II League is nearing its conclusion with this weekend’s games being played on Saturday at Midday (UK time); four players will be playing with only two spots in the semi-finals and a guaranteed top four finish on offer for the victors. (Scroll down for odds) The Korean StarCraft league this season boasts a prize pool of $85,000 split across the top four so any player who wins today will be leaving with some cash with their eyes on the final. The two remaining quarter-final games sees Maru vs Rouge and Zest versus INnoVation with the winners squaring off in the semi-final next weekend.

 maru Maru. Copyright WCS

willesportsThe first game of the day will be Maru vs Rouge at approximately 11.40, UK time. Cho "Maru" Seong Ju is a name StarCraft fans will know well, he hasn’t been on the scene too long compared to others and only signing with his first team, Prime, in late 2013. Since then he has risen to be one of the best Terran players in the world and is currently ranked overall as the third best player in the world on WCS points and the highest ranked player left in the tournament. A formidable opponent however he is not one who is unstoppable he’s lost several high profile and pressure games, losing the decisive seventh game in the ProLeague which meant elimination for his team. He’s known to drop games here and there however pull through in the longer series. A best of five series which he will be playing in is where Maru excels where he can showcase his skills and strategies across multiple games and not be frustrated if one doesn’t pay off, his mentality means he’s easily able to brush it off and move onto the next game. Facing this monstrous player will be Lee "Rogue" Byung Ryul he is appearing in his first Code S knockout stage, which is a tall order especially playing against a player with the calibre of Maru. Rogue is a Zerg player from Jin Air Green Wings, the same team as his opponent which is a common occurrence in StarCraft so these players will know each other inside out through their time on the team together which is coming up to two years. They would have sat together going through strategy for other games and tournaments discussing the best way to beat their races to give their team mates advantages in the past however today all that knowledge will be used against each other. Rouge is still a highly ranked player and Maru has said in the past his TvZ isn’t his most favoured and statistically strongest match. The 14th ranked Rogue will need to be on top form and show some new or unpredictable strategies to advance into the money positions.

With the two stable mates of Jin Air Green Wings facing off against each other the favourite has to be the better ranked and on form player, Maru. He should have too much for Rogue in this important match up nerves can get the better of players so it should be something which has to be watched as the series develops. Rogue may come out with something new to try and put Maru on the back foot but over five games Maru should take this.

Score Prediction: Maru 3 – 1 Rogue bet here!

17,Sep 2015

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