Global StarCraft II League Season 3 – Zest vs INoVation

The Global StarCraft II League is nearing its conclusion with this weekend’s games being played on Saturday at Midday (UK time); four players will be playing with only two spots in the semi-finals and a guaranteed top four finish on offer for the victors. (Scroll down for odds) The Korean StarCraft league this season boasts a prize pool of $85,000 split across the top four so any player who wins today will be leaving with some cash with their eyes on the final. The two remaining quarter-final games sees Maru vs Rouge and Zest versus INnoVation with the winners squaring off in the semi-final next weekend.

 innovation INoVation. Copyright WCS.

willesportsFollowing Maru vs Rouge will be a blockbuster match of Zest vs INnoVation and a rematch of quarter final from the IEM World Championship quarter finals which was a thrilling 3 – 2 win for Zest. Joo "Zest" Sung Wook went on from the win against INnoVation to take the World Championships and claim $70,000 of prize money which is his biggest win to date. 2014 was Zests year, there would be no doubt about that in Korea as he took GSL and KeSPA Cup titles. Towards the back end of 2014 and until his World title win he was criticised for being in a slump of his play and is again. He’s looking to take the title and regain his old form in dominant fashion to brush off the critics. He’s so far not been so convincing taking the second place spot in both group stages which has forced him into this situation with a tough match up. A win would have seen him against lower ranked ‘GuMiho’ but he has found himself against an old foe. The Protoss player will go into the game as a slight outsider but this is a very close game which games will be traded, as they have in the past. SK Telecom T1 player and StarCraft legend Lee "INnoVation" Shin Hyung last year’s GSL S3 winner will be looking to take his title back as well as pick up a cheque along the way. He is no stranger to winning big tournaments and playing in the big games, since 2013 he has featured in almost all major tournaments and been a force to be reckoned with during them. His style of so much practice and play time in tournaments around the world has given him the experience factor over many players in Korea. History tells us that Zest has the upper hand in this game as he has done in the past but with INnoVation on top form and Zest seemingly in his slump this is a very close game, one which form of the player walks onto the stage could settle the result. This game is one of those ones which are too close to call at times, a very close back and forward game is predicted and this game could go all the way to the full five games and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it did. The players will trade games and only one can move into the semi-final, with the form on INnoVation’s side it’s the easier choice of the two on the day. Score Prediction: INoVation 3 – 2 Zest - bet here!

17,Sep 2015

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