MSI 2017: GIGABYTE Marines vs Supermassive Preview, Odds & Prediction

The Mid-Season Invitational is Riot Games’ event which sits right between the Spring and Summer Splits of the LCS and the international leagues. This bring together the best team from each region from the Spring Split to compete against each other with World Championships seeding pool on the line. This means is a NA team wins, the top NA seed will be the first seed overall in the World Championships and in theory have an easier run towards the Summoners Cup. A lot of prize money to play for, but as everything with Riot that’s just a side piece. The MSI of 2017 kicked off with a Wildcard group stage whereby teams from across the world from regions which don’t sit in a conventional league such as Brazil, Turkey, Russia and many more. These teams battled it out in a best of one group stage across two groups of four to be the two best wildcard teams. The match we’re previewing is the best of fiver, winner takes all, game against the two teams who topped the respective groups. The winner advances to the group stages of the MSI 2017 and the loser goes home, this game is to decide who gets to play with the big boys of international League of Legends. GIGABYTE Marines vs BAU Supermassive The two teams who have made it this far might be new names to those who don’t follow LoL closely but they have emerged from the dangerous Wildcard pre-MSI stage with equal but impressive records without loss. They both dropped one map on their journey into the bracket stage, which is impressive when facing opponents from entirely different regions playing variations of the current meta which is open to surprise. Both teams have shown the ability to adapt as well as impose their will and play their own game. The bracket stage however was a different story as they faced the lower ranked divisions from the World Championships last year with GIGABYTE Marines paired against Team SoloMid from North America, a predictable win for TSM followed but it was far from predictable how they just about managed that. The GIGABYTE Marines took the first two games in commanding fashion and played fast chaotic LoL pulling TSM across the rift. Levi in the jungle for the Marines was touted before the tournament as one to watch and he outclassed Svenskeren for the first two games. Ultimately TSM wrestled control of the game back and slowed the pace down to reverse sweep the Marines.

gigabytemarines GIGABYTE Marines. Photo: Riot Games

Supermassive however did not have almost any success as they played against Flash Wolves from Taiwan, a team well known for their fast play that sets the standard usually at international events. The Flash Wolves were able to crush Supermassive in the early game limiting their potential for a comeback later and demonstrating this by only giving away 11 deaths to Supermassive across three games (to compare Flash Wolves got 25 kills in game three alone). This might say more about the Flash Wolves and how good they are that how poor Supermassive played but they need to be able to better control the jungle as Stomaged for Supermassive in this position gave away the most deaths in every game. Supermassive need to follow the blueprint that’s set by TSM and give up early gold and not to take risky plays to then grind out the win later. Current Odds: GIGABYTE Marines 1.45 vs 2.65 BAU Supermassive [emaillocker>If Supermassive are to win they need to control the jungle and so far they’ve shown that this is their worst position. Levi will take over in the early game and his hyper aggressive play, while it’s open to counter, usually pays off and snowballs them further. The Marines would have learned a lot from playing TSM and will have grown as a result to take this game. GIGABYTE Marines – 3-0[/emaillocker>  

05,May 2017

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