OpTic Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses: Esports Betting Prediction @ DOTA Summit 9

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Tournament Introduction:

The ninth instalment of The Summit is taking place in Los Angeles, where six teams will be testing their strategies and tactics before The International 8 arrives.


  • Group Stage
    • Bo2 Round Robin;
    • Top two teams advance to the Upper Bracket of Playoffs;
    • Bottom four teams advance to the Lower Bracket of Playoffs.
  • Playoffs
    • Double Elimination;
    • All games except Grand Finals are Bo3;
    • Grand Finals is Bo5.
source: liquidpedia.net

OpTic Gaming

  • Sweden Per "Pajkatt" Olsson Lille
  • USA Quinn "CC&C" Callahan
  • Israel Neta "33" Shapira
  • Sweden Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg
  • USA Peter "ppd" Dager
OpTic Gaming's recent ability to adapt to certain line-ups could prove to a path worth investing in. Also, the team's coordination in fights is looking better and better after each game, which could lead to OpTic Gaming becoming a favourable contender in the upcoming TI. 33 and zai prove to quite a fearsome combination in the laning phase, as 33's recent early-game aggression with Necrophos (aided by zai's Skywrath Mage) really put the heat onto EE and pieliedie for the first ten minutes. 33's creeping pestilence is what we would've like to see going into the mid-game, but with a crippled top and mid lane, the game quickly turned in favour of Fnatic. OpTic Gaming's aforementioned adaptability to the opponents draft came into play the second game:  game 1 had Meepo, played by Abed, come in to sweep a fairly unprepared OpTiC, but the second game started with a strong „anti-meepo” and resilient draft coming for the black and green squad. And it worked, although with some failing here and there, OpTic Gaming managed to withstand most of the early game onslaught (even bringing some fights in the top lane)  and the „crashing tide” that was Meepo in game 1, turned more into a breeze-blown wave by minute 20. The dramatic shift of pace from one game to another should encourage OpTic to further experiment with counter-draftings that can execute to shut down the star player of a team, although only focusing on these kinds of strats could end up handicapping them. We hope they find the right balance and see even more aces up their sleeves.

Evil Geniuses

  • Artour "Arteezy" Babaev
  • Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan
  • Gustav "s4" Magnusson
  • Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen
  • Tal "Fly"Aizik
EG's returning plays are promising as Sumail's mid-presence recalls the days of glory that made EG, alongside other factors, a TI champion. Although we have yet to see EG face-off against a more demanding opponent, what we've seen so far in the first day of the DOTA Summit 9 Group Stage has us wanting for more. EG is checking a lot of boxes when it comes to making good play-by-play decisions, rotating naturally between farming, applying pressure and securing objective around the map, although this view might be slightly inflated by the slightly lower tier in which they are playing in, at the moment. Sumail's positioning has been fairly spot on, so far, although we saw some moments of overconfidence and risky dives for some kills that were neither needed, nor really worth the consequence of dying. We have high hopes for this team. It seems that these past few moments were put into enhancing the new team synergy and creating proper conditions for its players to fully execute some highly entertaining and impressive plays. [emaillocker>


A clash between the „new” and the „old” EG is something we are always are interested in viewing, due to the fact that both teams know a little about each other's preference when it comes to playstyle and executions. But, looking at the numbers and the teams' performance, this will have to go EG, although it might also end up in a tie. EG is a stronger team, do it's individual players' skills, as well how it uses them in the match. Still, OpTic can put a decent fight and might even steal a game of EG, if the players try to overreach. OpTic Gaming vs paiN Gaming 1-1. [/emaillocker>

26,Jul 2018

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