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Overpower #2 - Team Empire vs. Gambit Esports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The Dota 2 OverPower Cup is an all about battle between eight teams that have been directly invited from the European and CIS region. Overpower #2 is the second event organised by ProDota, a UK based esports...
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SAE Dota League Germany Season 2 - Team Saphira.TV vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The SAE Dota League Germany is a local Dota 2 league, featuring a €10,000 prize pool each season, with three seasons taking place in 2017. Format The tournament features a double-elimination bracket...
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Wellplay Invitational #8 - Cyber Anji vs. PENTA Sports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing WellPlay Invitational returns for its 8th season! As always, 7 invited teams and one qualified team will compete for the first place and $3.000 prize pool. Format The tournament features a double-elimination...
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Galaxy Battles - Qualifiers: Team Empire vs. Mousesports odds&predictions
Tournament briefing In a galaxy not so far away... the National Electronic Sports Open and NEOTV have joined forces to host a new tournament. Galaxy Battles is an 8-team tournament set take place at the Shenzhen...
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The Manila Masters 2017: OG vs. Team NP odds&predictions
Tournament briefing The Manila Masters is the first of a new series of premier tournaments hosted by ESL and the Mineski-Events Team. The Manila Masters features a $250,000 USD...
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Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports is a bookkeeper that is dedicated to bringing you a great transaction service without over-facing you. It’s a simplistic design that relies purely on its service to win your trust and loyalty and it works. The fact that it’s so popular proves that it works and has continued to build itself a steady fan base of people that keep coming back for a secure place to set their bids.

You won’t find fancy adverts or bribes to get you to sign up with them, but they’ve still managed to go on strong for over sixteen years. It was first founded in 1998 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. Unlike other bet sites that offer you discounts or free bets, Pinnacle Sports doesn’t have to vie for your attention and custom, you’ll just find yourself drawn to it regardless.

One thing that they definitely do have that keeps pulling people back to them is great odds; you’ll find it difficult to find consistently good odds on any other esports website. Pinnacle Sports offers continuous good odds, making sure that you get the best deals out of your bets. One of the reasons that they can do this is because of the amount of people that bet with them and the sheer number of customers that they have.

What Games Does it Support?

Pinnacle Sports is great for keeping itself up to date in what’s happening in the esports world, so you’ll find a lot of relevant games. Not only do they let you see the odds and place your bets but they also make it their mission to keep you current with tournaments and information on what’s been happening, letting you find all the information that you need in one easy place.

The games that are currently available with brilliant odds are:

• Starcraft 2

• Dota 2

• League of Legends

• Counter Strike: Global Offense

The list is every changing depending on what matches and tournaments are currently running and it’s always trying to keep itself in the forefront of big updates and news. You’re able to see the schedule of matches and you can place your bets safely through the site after gathering all the information that you need about it.

Bringing People Back

A company doesn’t survive sixteen years online, doing something that so many other people offer too if it isn’t good. Pinnacle has survived for as long as it has purely because of how dedicated and informative it is. There’s no hidden surprises, you get what you see and they’re up front.

Within a few easy clicks you can find the odds, know what matches are on, and know where you want to place your bets without having to scour through adverts and biased opinions. It’s a quick and easy option to help you get in and get out when it comes to placing your bets.

Pinnacle Sports is Welcoming

They make it easy for you, meaning that you don’t have to struggle and get frustrated. Their website is optimised for both browser and mobile browser, meaning there are no problems no matter which device you use.

Their support is fantastic, being reachable 24/7 to help answer any questions that you might have and allowing them to reassure you if there’s anything that you’re unsure about. They don’t hide their contact details, either, and are specifically there to help you, allowing you to feel safe and secure, and most of all: welcomed. On top of this, they have support available in a range of languages to ensure that even if you can’t communicate in the website’s mother-tongue (English), you can still get the help you need in your own language without risk of something being lost in translation.

As well as they, they also accept and welcome high profile bidders. There’s no limit on what you can bid. Some bookkeepers will reject accounts if they’re pulling in high amounts from their bets, but Pinnacle definitely accepts that with no problem at all. You can find everything you need with them and know that they’ve got to where they currently are because they’re doing something right.

Other Services

It isn’t just esports. Pinnacle Sports can be used for all your other regular sports betting needs too, furthering the fact that everything is easily accessible in one, nice to navigate location.

They’ve also made it simple for you to withdraw and deposit your money. You can choose to deposit and place your bets online, which requires a minimum of $1, or you can place a bet through a phone line but this requires a much higher minimum bet of $100. They also accept multiple currencies, so it’s very likely that yours is one that you can play with.

For pay-outs if you score a win, you can choose how you receive it – through Skrill, NETELLER, your bank – whatever is easy for you and they have been praised in the past for their quick pay times. They don’t leave you waiting for your money and you get it as and when you should. As a customer, you’re allowed a maximum of one free withdrawal each month (calendar, not lunar), and any other that you do in the month is paid for and incurs a small fee. The fee depends on which method you decide to go with when you withdraw.


Pinnacle Sports have always received good feedback and you’ll be hard pressed to find a negative comment about them online from a legitimate contributor and this is no different. They’re reliable, easy to use and they keep it simple for you. They’re not there to dazzle you, they’re there to provide a service and make it easy for you to partake in something that you enjoy.