SK Telecom T1 vs Flash Wolves Preview, Odds & Prediction

The Mid-Season Invitational is Riot Games’ event which sits right between the Spring and Summer Splits of the LCS and the international leagues. This bring together the best team from each region from the Spring Split to compete against each other with World Championships seeding pool on the line. This means is a NA team wins, the top NA seed will be the first seed overall in the World Championships and in theory have an easier run towards the Summoners Cup. A lot of prize money to play for, but as everything with Riot that’s just a side piece. As the tournament has progressed we are now down to the final four teams of the tournament who’ll compete to lift the MSI trophy, take the prize money home and bag that first seed going into Worlds 2017 towards the end of the year. SK Telecom T1 vs Flash Wolves – 19th May 7pm BST The name SK Telecom T1 is synonymous with League of Legends and winning, they are a organisation out of Korea with a single goal, to win. The ruthless pursuit of glory encompasses the team with the management and coach kkOma who are happy to swap and change players where they see fit and if anyone isn’t performing they won’t get game time. This applies to all players, except Faker, in the mid lane he’s been a permanent fixture for the past few years both as the best player in the world as well as the talisman and mid-laner for the team. The international stage is where he shines and although he’s had big offers to join other regions he likes to beat them. SK Telecom had a fairly familiar run through the MSI tournament so far as they haven’t lost this far using the double round-robin format however picking up a couple of draws.

msi MSI 2017, Photo: Riot Games

  Flash Wolves scraped through the group stages with an overall map record of 4-6 which matched them with TSM for final spot to make it through the bracket, knockout stage of the tournament where the winner will be found. Flash Wolves battled through a tie-breaker matchup in a best of one shootout for the last place. Flash Wolves came through that match clinically taking TSM down to secure their place in the bracket stage. Their reward was a match against SK Telecom which juding by their most recent match against them might be a good thing. They took down SKT with Faker, Peanut and Huni all not registering a kill or an assist which is pretty embarrassing for them, especially after Peanuts domination with 14 kills from the jungle. Flash Wolves play a fast style which snowballs from a small win or kill in the jungle, generally, into a lead for the laners to push and exert their dominance. They’ll need to start quickly and end quickly to not allow SKT back into the game as they’ve shown in the past they are happy to slow the game down and wait for an opportunity to get back into the game. Current match odds: SK Telecom T1 1.05 vs 8.05 Flash Wolves Flash Wolves should be given more credit with the odds but it’s the state of the game at the moment. Flash Wolves might be able to bag a quick win but SKT over the series they can take the wins needed. The map loss to Flash Wolves was a fast quick game but SKT are masters at adaptation and they’ll do it to pull out the win.

18,May 2017

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