StarCraft 2 Pro League Round 4 Playoff Finals - KT Rolster v SK Telecom T1

The StarCraft 2 Pro League is a team based StarCraft 2 where a team of players compete in 1 vs 1 matches in a best of seven series. (Scroll down for score prediction) It is a similar format to the Ryder Cup in golf, where players compete in single matches to win as a group. Teams have played a round-robin match against all seven other teams to determine seeds for the playoff stage with teams battling it out for a share of a near $150,000 at the end of the season.

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willesportsThe matchup sees KT Rolster versus SK Telecom T1, in a best of seven series to determine the winner of round 4, who will receive points for winning the round which equate to an overall ranking over the season. SK Telecom T1 is currently leading in points across the season and has won the round-robin section of Round 4 with a record of 6-1. They lost in the final matchup of the round when their position at the top of the leaderboard was all but secured when they were facing SBENU who had to win to secure a place in the playoffs. Many commentators and analysts put this down to the team knowing they were out in front and weren’t going to be caught, the coaches and managers tried to play different players and a different style. As they were swept 3 – 0 they didn’t get to play their star players or typical tie breaker players such as 10th WCS ranked player Lee "INnoVation" Shin Hyung. They’ll play a similar strategy with keeping their best players until the later, tense situations, however in the Round 3 playoff finals they played their trump card of ‘INnoVation’ in the first two games to race out to an early lead. The strategy and picking of players will be key in this game as the coaches try to predict what the opposing team will be doing and how best to counter. KT Rolster has played a very interesting route to this final in the earlier two fixtures in the bracket, relying on a small pool of players to pull out the victory. In the first round they leaned on Kim "Stats" Dae Yeob, Lee "Flash" Young Ho and Lee "Life" Seung Hyun who each play a different race respectively and in the semi-finals they only used the Terran player Jun "TY" Tae Yang who won four consecutive games to take the game 4 – 0 leaving the rest of his team to look on from the bench. This strength in a few players who are among the worlds best is something which can’t be ignored, if ‘TY’ is on form again they could choose him to show up and guide them through an early game one or two. In team based games the importance of getting a win on the board early and setting a marker for the opponent as well as holding the mental advantage can’t be underestimated. Team morale and momentum all come into play across a best of seven series, no player wants to go back to the team after losing a crushing defeat and while they may want to get straight back in to prove their worth the coaches may not trust them to do so. KT Rolster I predict will have to give the first game to ‘TY’ to try and take an early win and snowball from there. SK Telecom T1 are a better team overall  with more strength in depth across their line up and have the quality of players to win nearly every match-up, with Lee "Life" Seung Hyun from KT Rolster ,the 4th best player in the world, possibly their most feared match on paper. Team based games are tough to call as they’ve got so much strategy and pressure on individuals but I predict that SK Telecom T1 will take the game, after losing an early game or possibly two. At this stage the coach will put onto the stage the big names and close out the series. KT Rolser will falter the later this game goes in the series as their opponents get used to playing against them and SK Telecom T1 overcome the final hurdle of last round of the season. Score Prediction: SK Telecom T1 4 – 1 KT Rolster - Bet here!

10,Sep 2015

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