XL2 vs NRG: Esports Betting Analysis @ Overwatch Contenders Season 2

The Overwatch Contenders is the competition of all teams not in Overwatch league. Since most of the OWL teams have a roster in Contenders, it is also seen as a stepping stone towards OWL. The Overwatch Contenders has two seasons per year and the second season for 2018 just got underway.

The Prize pool of $185,000 is distributed amongst the teams based on their performance, but the real treasure is for players. Players get an opportunity to display their individual skill as well as their ability to get together with the rest of the team. With Overwatch League scouts constantly keeping an eye on Contenders for new talent, this is the stepping stone for young and upcoming players.

Overwatch Contenders features four maps in every match. The maps in order of their type are as follows:

1st Map: Control (Lijiang Tower, Oasis)

2nd Map: Hybrid ( Eichenwald, King's Row)

3rd Map: Assault (Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries)

4th Map: Escort ( Route 66, Watch Point Gibraltar, Rialto

Rialto is the latest map to be added to Competitive Overwatch. It has a very unique design allowing all types of characters to flourish on different parts of the map. With lots of flanking positions and long-range sightlines as well, Rialto has proven to be quite competitive so far.

In case of a Tie, there will be a tie-breaker BO3 Match on Ilios.

Broadcast Talent

  • Host:
    • Mica Burton

  • Commentators:
    • ZP (Andrew Rush)

    • Jamerson (James Lee)

Credit to


for the format and broadcast talent.

XL2 vs NRG

XL2 Academy team

XL2 Academy Roster:

  • FL0wer

  • Nenne

  • Mangachu

  • Cloneman16

  • Adam

  • Woohyal

  • Tizi

  • Goliath

XL2 is the Academy team for New York Excelsior. The New York based Overwatch League team has been dominant in the first season of Overwatch League. But XL2 did not manage to win any of the Contenders till now. The team has some really well-known faces as well as new and upcoming talent from the NA region. The biggest star on the team is obviously Fl0wer. The young player, who was not old enough to play for NYXL during Season 1 joined XL2. The talentson the player have a very high peak and at his best, he can overshadow the entirety of the NYXL roster. However, it is also important to note that while his peak is exceptional, the average gameplay is not. The player previously played for Luxury Watch Red. During his time on LW Red and even now on XL2, Fl0wer's main USP has been his variety of heroes. No matter the meta, Fl0wer can play a hero adapting it and his own personal gameplay to suit that of the team. This is definitely an invaluable asset for any team. However, on an individual level, it does become difficult for him to maintain his performance throughout the season.

XL2 does have many other players on their roster and one name that we all recognize is Mangachu. The Top 100 player has been the co-DPS along with Fl0wer and has a great synergy developed with his Korean counterpart. Mangachu's personal performance has remained consistent. While he might not have the peak performance levels of Fl0wer his consistency brings him as one of the best DPS players in Contenders.

Two of the latest signings for XL2 Academy team is Woohyal and Tizi. The two South Korean players were a part of London Spitifre's roster. Although they were on the bench for most of the time, their individual skill level is up there with the very best This also means greater synergy with Fl0wer and possibly a much better performance by the team in Season 2.


Team NRG Roster:

  • Poise

  • Stratus

  • Swon

  • Smex

  • Robdab

  • Fahzix

  • Rascal

The NRG Squad for the Overwatch Contenders Season 2 is based off Washington D.C. in collaboration with


. The organization already owns an Overwatch League team in the form of San Francisco Shock. Their Academy squad announcement came this year, and we already have some high profile players in the mix. Rascal, formerly playing for London Spitfire is obviously the name that stands out. The DPS player was released from London Spitfire and subsequently Dallas Fuel. While internal communication problems might have been the reason for his removal from Dallas Fuel, there is little doubt about his personal skill. Rascal plays the DPS role on this team, we have not seen him in action with the rest of the team yet. However, during his time on Dallas fuel, when the team was basically an incoherent roster, we saw Rascal's effectiveness take a fall.

NRG does have some talented players such as Smex, Stratus and the supporting duo of Fahzix and robdab. The team recently won the Overwatch Pit Championship with a 3-0 victory over GOATS in the finals. The support lineup for the team has a lot of synergy with each other and they cover for each other. The team peels for its supports a lot which is one of the trademarks of a strong team. NRG's squad does have great potential but the team is relatively new. They still probably have issues with their coordination and synergy, which is why placing a bet on NRG right now might be a risky business.


Both the teams are very strong on paper, but there are significant differences between the two. XL2 has Fl0wer , Mangachu and the dup from London Spitfire. Tizi and Woohyal have synergy practicing together on the 'B Squad' of London Spitfire. They will take time to acknowledge their roles in the team, but their bilateral synergy will be one of the better ones in the Contenders Season. XL2 has a steady team composition with a Korean part and an English speaking part. The inclusion of the Korean members is more to keep Fl0wer more comfortable on the roster than to boost their firepower.

NRG of course also have Rascal on their team. But his performance in OWL so far has been erratic. This has partly been due to his teams not playing him as much. During his time on London Spitfire, he was relegated to the bench while Profit and Birdring took home all the glory. He joined Dallas Fuel hoping to improve the overall team's performance, but the language and cultural barrier stopped him dead in his tracks. There might also be attitude problems with the player, something that we won't see on his new team, not yet.

For now we recommend a bet on XL2 for this match. They have experience playing together for along time and the two new factions within the team might just provide the boost that the roster requires.

05,Jul 2018

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