Astralis vs Made in Brazil: Esports Betting Analysis @ FaceIT London Major

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The FaceIT Major is currently underway with 16 of the top teams in attendance at the New legends stage. Eight of these teams are from the previous major, having secured their Legends status at that Major. The remaining eight fought their way through the New Challengers stage and ensured their place in the top 16. But in order to be truly immortalised in Counter-Strike, the teams need to ensure a place in the New Champions stage. They need to have a good performance in this Major in order to secure the Legends status for themselves.

The FaceIT Major Legends Stage will be held at the Twickenham stadium, the same venue as The New Challengers stage. This stage uses the Swiss format with each team having to win 3 matches in order to proceed to the next stage. At the same time, each team with 3 losses is out of the tournament.

We hope FaceIT has fixed the various PC issues that have plagued the CS:GO teams during the Challengers stage. Valve recently released a hotfix for the ‘footsteps audio’ issue where players would not be able to hear footsteps close to them.


The New Legends Stage: September 12th – 16th, 2018

  • 16 Team Swiss System Format
  • Round 1 to 4 matches are Bo1
  • Round 5 matches are Bo3
  • The Buchholz system is used to seed matches from Rounds 3 to 5
  • Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage
  • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format

Broadcast Talent

  • Desk Host:
  • Stage Host:
  • Interviewer:
    • Pala (Pala Gilroy Sen)



Astralis Roster:

  • Dev1ce
  • Dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • Gla1ve
  • Magisk
  • Zonic

Astralis is the best Counter-Strike Global Offensive team in the world. They have a very dominant performance which results from months of great performances. For many months post the Boston Major, Astralis had only one competitor, Faze Clan. But Faze ran afoul with several players not being in any kind of form right now.

Astralis’ performance as a team is what other teams want to emulate. They have great synergy and coordination which comes from months of practice, some great linguistic synergy as well as amazing individual skill. The Astralis team also benefited when Valve decided to take out Cobblestone from the active duty map pool. The performance of the team has definitely improved dramatically over time. Astralis’ strength comes from having some of the most versatile and yet strong players on their roster.

The Astralis roster is looking stronger with each passing tournament

Device has remained consistent with the best player tag for several years now. He is as good with the rifle as he is with the AWP. His CZ kills can also lead to several outcome-altering rounds in the future. As we see Device in his current form is still a terror for enemies. He remains a very strong candidate for what we see as the MVP of the tournament. But Device isn’t alone in the team and the rest of the squad enables his strong performances. They understand their strengths and are ready to capitalize on it in order to achieve success.

Glaive is the In-Game Leader of the team. One of his unique aspects is his ability to make the right calls mid-round. He is able to suddenly change the course of the round via insane mid-round calls. We haIn-Gameve seen Astralis suddenly all swarm down to the B Bomb site in order to be effective in their attack. The quick decision making, as well as being a very high performing IGL [ difficult to find in these times] makes Glaive a crucial aspect of the Astralis roster.

Glaive is the reason for Astralis’ increasingly good tactics and strategy

When Kjaerbye left the team, there was a huge void on the roster. This was filled by Magisk, although not exactly in the same way as Kjaerbye. He came on for his firepower and he remained on the team, albeit not as a leader but as firepower. Magisk has been the silent lurker who does not draw too much attention to himself on the team. He has been consistent through the months, which is exactly why no one bothers with him. His consistency is taken for granted by allies and enemies alike. He is not as flashy as the Dupreehs and Device on the roster, but his consistency enables his teammates to be able to get multiple kills in a round.

The Astralis roster is a perfect example of a team that has worked with what it has and created a world class team. They dominated the CS: GO scene for well over 4 months in the recent history. They had a slow start to the Major with a few hiccups en route to the Legends stage.

Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil Roster:

  • Tarik
  • Stewie2k
  • Fer
  • Coldzera
  • Fallen

The Made In Brazil team is a mixture of former Cloud9 members and several players from the former SK Gaming. The team is a Championship team with each player already a winner of a CS: GO, Major. But their form in the recent months has been very uninspiring.

Can Coldzera regain his former form?

Made In Brazil is an iconic brand, one which can truly put forth strong memories of the game’s dominance and reach. The team has been making waves with their performance of late which is partly due to the resurgence on the roster thanks to YNK.

Stewie2k and Tarik’s joining from Cloud9 is the biggest news for the MiBR roster. The two bring with them a lot of firepowers, something that the team previously seemed to lack. With Tarik showing an upswing in his individual performance, we can be sure that the team will look forth to him playing extremely well. Stewie2k is having a slight fall in performance, but if the other son the team pick up the slack, it won’t be noticeable at all. The NA players are very good in their coordination and playing off each other. There is always the extra effort put in to make sure that they end up on the better side of a team fight. The team’s performance has improved dramatically over the past few months, but they are still a long way from their peak.

Tarik is seeing a resurgence in his individual performance

Fallen makes or breaks this team. His ability to play a myriad of roles on the roster is what makes the team as strong as it is. He has recently shown the ability to push through smokes and make really aggressive plays. Usually, when a team smokes off an area, they forget about it. Pushing through smokes is a very risky affair and once teams get a whiff of his playstyle, it can easily be punished pushing MiBr down into a spiralling hole.

The team had one big problem and that was the differences between the players. Coldzera and Fallen were on two sides of the coin when it comes to the team’s direction in strategy and tactics. In order to fix this problem, MiBr added YNK to their coach list. His addition presents the best opportunity for Mibr to be extremely effective in their gameplay. The players can focus on ensuring that their individual performance remains at top of the game. With YNK, MiBr is already looking very good. They have amazing performances in the tournament at the Major and are still looking good for more.


This match is a 2-1 match and the winner will qualify for The Champions stage. It ensures them the prestige of being a Top eight team. Both Astralis and Mibr look extremely strong right now. Astralis as a team definitely has shown us some signs of weaknesses over the past few days. Their inability to crush their opponents definitely raises some questions about their playstyle. They have had a few very close matches which could have gone either way. But they remain the team with the much better map pool. This gives them a big advantage when it comes to their map veto against almost any team.

The Mibr roster will depend heavily on ensuring that they have the tactical advantage over the Danish roster. In terms of firepower, I would rate both the teams equally right now. Especially with Astralis not looking as hot as a few months ago, their performance definitely is something that other teams can overcome. MiBr is seeing an upward tick in their performance. They have had very dominating performances in the recent few days and that raises hopes for a great finish at the Major.

For now, we recommend a low bet on Mibr. They are looking good so far and the odds for Mibr definitely are favourable for a bet on the Brazilian team.

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