Astralis vs Team Liquid: Esports Betting Analysis @ ESL Pro League Season 8 LAN Finals

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The ESL Pro league Season 8 LAN Finals will see the top teams in Counter-Strike in attendance. The teams will compete for a prize pool of $750,000 one of the largest amounts in Counter-Strike outside of the Majors. Every year the ESL Pro League LAN Finals is a way of ending the current season. They are usually held twice in a year and they provide a good understanding of the professional scene at the top level. This tournament will see the top teams such as Astralis, MiBr, Na’Vi, Team Liquid in participation. Their performance at this tournament will be a good prelude to the upcoming months. With the ESL One Katowice Major only a few months away, this tournament will be great preparation for many of the current teams.

The tournament is still in its Group stage and the teams will play their Best of One Opening matches on Day 1. This will be followed by Best of Three series of matches until three teams from each group are selected for the playoffs.

This match will be between Team Astralis and Team Liquid. The two teams have a history of playing against each other in LAN PLayoffs. This particular match might not be the knockout match and hence it does not carry the same significance. The winner of the match goes directly to the semifinals, while the loser goes to the quarterfinals. It essentially means that the loser will have to play one extra match in order to reach the Grand finals. Considering the quality of teams in participation at the event, this could mean a disaster for either team.

Primary Broadcast

Stage Host:

OJ Borg (Oliver James Borg D’Anastasi)

Desk Host.

Stunna (Tres Saranthus).


  • Australia SPUNJ (Chad Burchill)
  • Finland natu (Joona Leppänen)
  • Denmark Pimp (Jacob Winneche)

  • HenryG (Henry Greer)
  • Sadokist (Matthew Trivett)
  • Hugo Byron (Hugo Byron)
  • JustHarry (Harry Russell)

James Banks (James Banks)


Rushly (Alex Rush)

Secondary BroadcastCommentators:

Rushly (Alex Rush)


Group Stage: December 4th – 6th, 2018

  • Two double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups
  • Each group has 8 teams
  • The group stage is seeded based on Online League Placements

The initial matches are Bo1. All following matches are Bo3

  • The top three teams from each group advance to the playoffs:
  • Group stage winners advance to the Semifinals
  • Group stage runners-up advance to the Quarterfinals as the High Seeds
  • Group stage 3rd place teams advance to the Quarterfinals as the Low Seeds

Playoffs: December 7th – 9th, 2018
Single-Elimination bracket
The Quarterfinals and Semifinals are Bo3
The Grand Final is Bo5

Astralis vs Team Liquid


Astralis Roster:

  • Xyp9x
  • Device
  • Dupreeh
  • MagisK
  • Glaive

The Danish roster will once again need to fend off this North American attack. Astralis and Team Liquid have faced off against each other so many times in the past. By now, Astralis is well-aware of Team Liquid’s performance, their tendencies and how they like to play certain maps.

The Danish roster has a knack of studying their own gameplay and learning from their mistakes. This allows them to eliminate mistakes and hence make their roster stronger and better. It is done on an individual level as well as on the team level. With Zonic at the helm, he has a clear direction for the team to follow in their practice. And it has worked wonders for the roster, so we don’t expect Astralis to change much in their practice.

Glaive has been the key part that Astralis was missing. When Kjaerbye left the team, it fell on Glaive’s shoulders to ensure that the team stays alive and performs well. And it has worked wonders for the roster as they are easily the best team of 2018. This comes after some crucial in-game leadership by Glaive. His ability to make the right call mid-round and at lightning pace is what makes Astralis such a force to reckon with. On maps like Nuke, they are simply unbeatable mostly due to how Glaive likes to call the T side on this map.

Over time, we expect Durpeeh and Device to continue with their current form. The duo is one of the best duos in Counter-Strike and has repeatedly ensured strong performances from themselves. Device’s ability to constantly lock down certain areas of the map and yet remain extremely volatile and operational when it comes to his performance is what makes him deadly. He rarely misses a shot too, so that makes his aggressive stance on certain maps even scarier.

Astralis is a team that relies on each other and their synergy to succeed. We expect this team to make huge inroads at this tournament, despite not having the best performance in their last two matches. The Astralis roster definitely has the talent to make it to the Grand finals of this tournament. Whether they can continue with their playstyle and still succeed after being on the top for so long will be an interesting question for other teams.

Team Liquid

Liquid have turned solid under the flagship of NAF (StarLadder)

Team Liquid Roster:

  • Elige
  • Twistzz
  • TACO
  • NAF
  • Nitr0

Team Liquid book themselves another showdown with the Danish powerhouse. Despite their presence against Astralis, Team Liquid has already booked their berth in the playoffs. This match is more to assert the seeding for the two teams in the playoffs. The winner of the match will get a slot directly in the semifinals and as such, it is an important match for both the teams.

Team Liquid’s journey so far at the ESL Pro league Season 8 LAN Finals has been through G2 and BIG Gaming. Both the teams are not at their best form right now and we expect Team Liquid to have had easy games in these matches. However, Team liquid is not a team that one can take lightly. The North American roster has ensured that they have some of the better placements and positioning of players. They do have Twistzz on their team which makes their job of getting key frags much easier. After all, the player is one of the best players in the world and definitely the best player in North America. His ability to get key frags with a single tap of the Ak makes him deadly no matter the quality of their opponent. However, he also has a great sense of positioning which makes him all the more lethal.

It is also the tactical acumen provided by Nitr0 which has helped the team develop this synergy at the highest level. The very fact that they are eliminated so many times by Astralis speaks volumes of their performance at LAN events. Team Liquid is slowly emerging as one of the best hopes for North America. Nitr0 understands that he is not the fragger on the team. His positioning on maps enables him to take crucial decisions at the nick of time. This ensures that the player is always aware of his surroundings and can also provide for great synergy with the rest of the team.

TACO has slowly developed into a support player on this roster. This is more due to the demands of the team rather than an individual choice. As a support player, TACO has put up decent numbers and has enabled the rest of the team to put up big numbers. His role in enabling ELIGE on the roster is critical. Elige and Twistzz make up the forefront of the team’s attack. Their CT side performance usually relies on trading and providing cross-fires for the opponents.

Team Liquid is one of the stronger teams and they definitely have a chance of defeating Astralis. The fact that these two teams have played each other so many times only ensures that we have a small metagame developing between the games.

Prediction :

The two teams have their own meta-game in development. So it will be interesting to see the map vetoes and the way the teams approach each other in these maps. Team Liquid and Astralis have faced each other multiple times in the recent months, so they are well aware of how the other team plays.

Astralis is the best team in the world, but in the past few LAN events, we have seen their performance take a dip. The Danish roster is not as dominant as it was during the FaceIT London Major days. They are losing maps and even matches [ like they just lost to Made in Brazil].

Team liquid, on the other hand, needs to ensure that it can possibly go past Astralis in LAN finals of tournaments. If not, ti will only serve as a major disappointment tot he team which been making huge strides in their performance of late.

We recommend a small bet on Astralis for this match. Team Liquid got to this point after a close set of matches against teams not in form. As such their performance cannot be judged in Odense based on their initial groups stage matches. With Astralis being in the form that they are, we hope that they can pull together huge numbers for the team.


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