Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty: Esports Betting Analysis @ Overwatch League Season 1

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The Overwatch league is a push into establishing a structured esports league for Overwatch. Blizzard first announced the Overwatch League at Blizzcon 2016 and followed it up with almost a year of planning. The gap left in Overwatch esports during this time left a lot of dismayed fans. But the community’s response to the Opening day of Overwatch League has been nothing short of impressive. With over 400,000 fans tuning into Twitch for the first day, one can definitely call the League a success.

The Overwatch League consists of twelve teams in its first season. Slated for expansion in subsequent seasons, the League bears a strong tilt towards North American teams. There are nine teams from North America, One from Europe, One from South Korea and finally a Chinese team from Shanghai to finish the lineup. Each team is allowed a maximum of twelve players, with teams being allowed to substitute players after each map. The Overwatch League has seen investments from several non-endemic to esports investors such as the Kroenke family, Robert Kraft, Hersh Interactive amongst others. At the same time, we have some well-known esports organizations involved in the regular handling of the teams. EnVyUs, Misfits, Immortals, and Cloud9 are some of the most well-known esports organizations with rosters in multiple titles.

The Overwatch League started on January 10th, 2018 and will continue through August 2018. The league comprises four stages, each stage having five weeks of matches. The top three of each stage will receive prize money, along with show matches on the last Saturday of each stage. These so-called ‘title matches’ will be held on the last Saturday of each stage and feature the best players fighting for a prize money.

New York Excelsior won Stage 2 Playoffs and are comfortably leading the overall leaderboards for the League. They have put forth a really strong showing so far with London Spitfire definitely being their arch nemesis. But the western teams are definitely catching up as we saw Philadelphia Fusion reach the finals of Stage 2. The gap between the western and Korean teams is diminishing with each successive weak. This is what makes the Overwatch League extremely competitive and fun to watch. Shanghai Dragons, on the other hand, will be playing their first match against Los Angeles Valiant.

The Overwatch League Player Transfer window has closed and there will be no more player transfers until the end of the Season. With the new players joining the team, some teams are still looking for their first win of the Season ( Shanghai Dragons). But most of the teams which are in the middle of the pack will be looking towards ensuring a strong showing and appeasing their fans.

You can check out more information on the official website at Overwatchleague.com.


Credit to Liquipedia

Regular Season – January 10th – June 16th, 2018

  • Matches in the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions will play out live from the Blizzard Arena each Wednesday through Saturday. Though the season is divided into four stages, wins and losses will count towards teams’ full-season records and all-important seeding for the postseason. On the last Saturday of each stage, the top teams will compete for hefty bonuses and the title of stage winner.
    • Stage 1 – January 10th – February 10th, 2018 [2]
    • Stage 2 – February 21st – March 24th, 2018
    • Stage 3 – April 4th – May 5th, 2018
    • Stage 4 – May 16th – June 16th, 2018
  • All matches in the Regular Season will consist of four-map sets
  • Each Stage of the Regular Season will have its own 8 map pool.
  • The top team in each Division, and the next top 4 finishers from the entire league, advance to the Championship Playoffs in July.

Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty

This is the third match for both the teams. Each team has won one match each in Stage 3, but their opponents definitely put their performance in context.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel Roster:

  • Taimou
  • Effect
  • Seagull
  • Mickie
  • Cocco
  • Chipshajen
  • HarryHook
  • Akm
  • Rascal

The Dallas Fuel is owned by EnVyus and is one of the few teams with an esports background. The core roster of the team was one of the most successful Overwatch team. They won the inaugural APEX Season 1 and generated a number of fans even in the Korean region.

However, as we look into the first season of the Overwatch League, Dallas Fuel have slowly disintegrated into a very weak team. They are currently standing near the bottom of the leaderboards and are hardly making an impact in their matches. Still fielding a strong number of fans for the team, their poor results have only resulted in dismay for the team. The numerous and sometimes illogical roster changes to the naked eye. Their most recent roster change transferring Custa to LA Valiant definitely surprised the players on the team. Mickie came out in public clearly questioning the thought process behind the decision.

Dallas Fuel as they are comprised of some of the best DPS players in the world. Between Rascal, Effect, and AKM, the team has a perfect combination of front-line which can cover almost all the DPS heroes in the game. They can do it at the highest level. AKM is undoubtedly the best Soldier player in the League. His aim and positioning helped carry Dallas fuel through weeks of poor performance.

Rascal has been used intermittently on the roster, but he has mostly been playing as the other DPS on the team. His Genji is a projectile DPS but he requires greater coordination from the

Rascal is the X factor on London Spitfire team

rest of the team in order to perform optimally. Rascal has also been involved in a controversy with the team when he was accused of unprofessionalism on the roster. The Dallas Fuel team has been facing problems in their internal communication and synergy on the roster.

Removing Custa definitely was extremely surprising as he was one of the few players on the roster who brought the team together. However, we also have several other vocal players on the roster such as Taimou, Seagull etc.

The tank lineup for the Dallas fuel presents the biggest difficulty for the roster. More specifically, it is the coordination between the tanks and the other sections on the team. They seem to be dying alone and at times out of sync with the rest of the team. Ofcourse it is not an individual’s fault but the problem of the entire team en masse. Establishing good synergy and coordination between the three parts of the roster is what makes Overwatch an extremely competitive game. If a team is able to establish perfect synergy, they can potentially defeat other, ‘more skilled’ rosters. A case in point being Boston Uprising, who have regularly displayed their mastery over the Dive composition.

Dallas Fuel will need to step up their coordination in order to have an impact in Stage 3. They don’t have a chance to make it to the Season Playoffs. But their core objective right now has to be to get out of their current form.

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty Roster:

  • Zunba
  • Miro
  • Ryujehong
  • Tobi
  • Gido
  • Fleta
  • Munchkin
  • Xepher
  • Wekeed
  • Kuki
  • Gambler

Seoul Dynasty is owned by Kevin Chou, Chairman, and CEO of KSV esports. The organization is primarily based in Americas, but they bought the Seoul Dynasty franchise. The Seoul Dynasty franchise brings with it the plethora of Korean esports fans who have constantly shown their support towards esports. Korea is the capital of esports around the world, this presents them with a wonderful opportunity to improve their brand awareness.

Seoul Dynasty has a great chance at qualifying for the Stage Title Playoffs now. With the recent changes to the title stage matches, we will now have four teams qualifying instead of three. While this definitely puts the whole tiebreaker rules into a new perspective, we have repeatedly seen how the team has constantly been just missing out on the playoffs.

Seoul Dynasty might not be the best team in the League right now, but they are definitely amongst the top half of the league. With NYXL and London dominating the position of the top two teams in the League on a frequent basis, this stage will be the true showing for Seoul Dynasty to reclaim their honor.

The strongest part of the Seoul Dynasty is undeniably their support lineup. With Ryujehong, Gido, Gambler on the roster; we have some world famous players playing the support heroes on the roster. Ryujehong has always impressed us with his gameplay, but one of the most overlooked parts of his performance is his presence to uplift the team’s spirits. Ryujehong is like an elder brother to most on the team and he is constantly working with the coaches and the players to help improve the spirits.

Fleta is one of the best DPS players in the league, but the Seoul Dynasty just lack the presence of a great Tracer player on the roster. The meta right now involved the usage of Tracer on a regular basis and Traer is a must pick on almost all hero compositions right now. Seoul Dynasty has a great widowmaker, Mccree as well as Genji. The Seoul Dynasty lack of a Tracer player is one of the few components missing from the otherwise well-rounded roster.

Fleta’s aim and belief in his teammates are what makes him such a strong player. We constantly see him pull off amazing plays and have great headshots on Widowmaker. He opens up the fight for the rest of the team to follow up on. After that, it is simply establishing your lead and winning the particular round in question. Seoul Dynasty’s coordination is one of the best in the league. Months of staying together, practicing with each other definitely help in their chemistry. They are able to assess the situation and the enemy lineup as they decide on the course of action.

Miro is one of the best Main tank players in the Overwatch League. While Gesture is one of the other candidates for the best tank in the league position, his performance is mainly at the level because of his synergy with Birdring and Profit. On an individual level, Miro is definitely one of the better tanks in the Overwatch league. His understanding of the limits of his hero is what makes him a standout player for the team.

Seoul Dynasty will definitely be going into this match with an urgency to win 4-0. Playing against Dallas Fuel is going to propel them to play even better.


The two teams represent different form right now. Dallas Fuel is in the process of rebuilding their roster and ensuring a better performance for themselves. Their dreams of potentially making it to the Season playoffs are definitely nearing the impossible. But the team has to reinvent themselves and ensure a decent showing towards the end of the season. There are only 9 weeks left in the first season of the Overwatch League.

Dallas Fuel needs to help build the team communication, which right now is a total mess. You can see how individual players need to shout at the top of their voice in order to be heard at times. The Dallas Fuel team has a lot of individual plays, but the lack of coordination in their dive or attacks is what sets them back. After that, they definitely have an ultimate disadvantage against their opponents which negate many of their fantastic DPS ultimates.

Seoul Dynasty will be looking to secure their form this stage. They started off really bad with a 0-4 loss to Los Angeles Valiant. But it was followed with a 4-0 win over San Francisco Shock.

The Seoul Dynasty – Dallas Fuel match will be held on the following four maps:

  • Volskaya Industries
  • Numbani
  • Nepal
  • Route 66

Dallas Fuel has had some really innovative strategies on Volskaya Industries. They were one of the first teams to use Sombra on Volskaya Industries. The architecture of the map ensures that AKM can secure the high ground, however disengaging from the Seoul Dynasty dive will be difficult due to the insane levels of coordination on the Korean roster. Once Fleta gets his Dragonblade, Dallas Fuel will be hard pressed to ensure a suitable defense on Point A. But the whole point of Point A defense has to be to ensure a valid delay in the attack. With Seagull playing the role of the off-tank, the Dallas Fuel definitely looks much stronger right now. How he integrates himself into protecting the backlines is extremely important in their match against Seoul Dynasty.

Numbani is another map with high ground architecture, basically forcing a dive from Seoul Dynasty. Unless Dallas fuel can figure out how to stop the Seoul Dynasty dive; they will be hard pressed to ensure a good defense. On their offense, however, the Dallas Fuel have another problem. While they do prefer AKM as Soldier on the defense, a Soldier is not always the best option for an offense, especially as he will mostly be singled out by the opposition tanks. As we all know, Akm’s Genji is really underwhelming.

Nepal the KOTH map is going to be an even split between the two teams. Sanctum is going to be interesting as Dallas fuel has shown an affinity to playing out of the box compositions such as Sombra, Orisa + Roadhog etc. Taimou’s Roadhog is definitely one of the best Roadhogs we have seen although he is not famous for his Roadhog play. If he can keep up the same level of performance on Roadhog, we definitely see a great chance for Dallas fuel to potentially take Nepal 2-0.

Route 66 has been a very mixed map for Dallas Fuel. Stage 2 saw the debut for Rascal as he played Sombra. However, this was the old Sombra before the patch update changed the way her ultimate charges. The current Sombra ultimate charge depends a lot on how much damage she can deal with her gun rather than how much healing she does with the hacked health packs. Ofcourse this does put in a lot of predictions for when EMP is available. Let’s just say that the current Sombra is not as strong on Route 66 anymore. This map is going to be difficult especially since Dallas Fuel have shown trouble in getting a decent Point A defense in Stage 1. If they can somehow stop Seoul Dynasty to a decent time, they have a chance. Seoul Dynasty, on the other hand, has put forth several good performances on the map. They have a flexibility with their DPS and tank playstyle which ensures that they can change the way they play depending on the defensive lineup. We have seen them play Pharah, Widowmaker, Genji, Dva, Bastion etc on this particular map with relative success.

By now, it’s obvious that Seoul Dynasty is the better team than Dallas Fuel. The first week of Stage 3 definitely showed us clinks in the Dallas Fuel armor. They lost a map to Shanghai Dragons, by far the worst team in the League. They also lost 3-1 to LA Gladiators and simply did not see any big changes in their gameplay.

We recommend a medium sized bet on Seoul Dynasty for this match. Their performance has been above average and definitely better than that of Dallas Fuel. The Dallas roster, on the other hand, has been involved in just too many controversies surrounding their roster.

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