ENCE vs Vega Squadron: Esports Betting Analysis @ Starseries &; I-League Season 6 Grand Finals.

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Starseries & I-League will see several really good teams in attendance. These teams have shown us their skill ceiling during the previous few tournaments. It will be interesting to see them match up against each other, especially in the absence of Top tier teams like Faze Clan, Astralis and Na’Vi.

This tournament features a prize pool of $300,000 and had sixteen teams in attendance. The initial Group stage of the tournament was a BO1 Swiss format style with even the Round 5 matches being Best of One matches. We already have the top eight teams qualified to the Playoffs. The Playoff bracket matches will be Best of Three matches and single elimination format.

StarSeries & I-League Season 6 will be held at the Kiev Cybersport Arena. The 1500 Sq metres venue has been a staple in Esports events and has a lot of experience when it comes to hosting esports events. The remaining teams at the event present a mixture of several new rosters as well as well-established teams. 

The Grand finals is a matchup between ENCE and Vega Squadron. These are not two teams that many expected to reach the Grand finals. As such it will be interesting to see this unique matchup between the two teams. ENCE is a very young roster with several highly skilled players on their team. Vega Squadron, on the other hand, represents a team that is experienced, calm and composed. They have the knowledge of being exceptionally strong in their playstyle and this is what makes them a very strong force.



Group Stage: October 7th – 11th, 2018

    • 16 Team Swiss System Format
    • All matches are Bo1
    • Top 8 Teams proceed to the Playoffs
    • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
    • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format

Playoffs: October 12th – 14th, 2018

  • Single-Elimination Bracket
  • All matches (excl. the final) are Bo3
  • The Grand Final is Bo5

The Prize Distribution at the event is as follows:

  • 1st Place : $125,000
  • 2nd Place : $50,000
  • 3rd-4th Place: $25,000

The remaining teams get lower amounts of money as well. You can find more information of the format, prize pool and schedule at Liquipedia.

ENCE vs Vega Squadron.

The Starseries I-league Season 6 is down to its last two contestants. Neither of these two contestants was favourites to win the event especially in the presence of other teams such a BIG Clan and North Gaming. However, after a tedious group stage process and a dominant performance in the playoffs, we have Vega Squadron and ENCE in the Grand finals.

The Grand finals is a Best of Five series and the winner takes home $125,000 in cash prize. However, for either of these teams, a win is crucial as it would cement their playstyle and position in the Tier 2 scene.

We take a look at the two teams, their individual players and playstyle in this article.


ENCE Roster:

  • Allu
  • AleksiB
  • Sergej
  • Aerial
  • xSeven

The Finnish roster has already made an impact at this tournament. Following some stellar performances, ENCE has been able to put forth strong performances against some quality opposition. The ENCE team has developed its own style of play and they are not afraid to try new things. Leading from the front is AleksiB who has been able to make the plays necessary for the team.

The team is comprised of a mixture of experienced players such as Allu as well as several young players but with a high skill ceiling. The likes of Sergej and AleksiB bring something new to the team’s playstyle. AleksiB has been able to change ENCE’s map pool. Their map pool in this tournament has seen a wide array of maps ranging from Cache to CT heavy maps like Train and Nuke. For now, it is not sure what they prefer since they seem to ban a map as well as pick it depending on the opposition. AleksiB has been really strong on a personal level, often taking the lead in making plays for the team. During their match against BIG Gaming, AleksiB was solely responsible for obliterating the CT defence on two separate occasions. While the direct impact of his playstyle was on the immediate round win, it also crippled the CT economy and defence. Ultimately ENCE won the map & the series with comfortable ease.

The ENCE team is filled with talented inexperienced young individuals.

For an In-Game leader to provide such daredevil plays and performance is really rare. To see aleksiB constantly near the top of the scoreboard is very impressive. He has many players who have risen along with him and are very new to the scene. As such, he has a good understanding of their thought process. He is able to convey his thoughts and ideas to the rest of the team clearly.

Allu, despite being the veteran on this roster is also the player who is constantly leading from the front. Allu is especially important for the team’s performance as he is able to provide the same level of consistency on LAN as well as in Online matches. At Starseries, his confidence seems to be at an all-time high. He is making aggressive peeks with the AWP pushing down squeaky doors in Cache. He even pushed down mid in an eco round all the way to T spawn to gain valuable information of Optic Gaming’s positioning. Ofcourse that was a mistake by Optic Gaming as well who completely ignored him and allowed him the space to move around the map freely. However, for Allu to drop 25 frags in just 15 rounds of the map, it is really a testament to his current form.

Allu had 25 kills in 15 rounds during the semifinal match against NRG.

Sergej has been very quiet at Starseries so far. His online presence is usually quite good and he is the one leading the scoreboard with relative ease. However, in this tournament, Sergej seems to be suffering from on-stage problems. While he is still putting forth decent results, his individual performance is just not as good as his average performance is.

Sergej has been visibly absent from the Starseries scoreboard.

Overall, ENCE is a well-rounded team that has repeatedly put forth strong performances. They seem to be in great form right now and they should continue in their current form. The Grand finals is a Best of Five and this is where ENCE might have a decent advantage when it comes to their match against Vega Squadron.

Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron Roster:

  • Jr
  • HutJi
  • TonyBlack
  • Chopper
  • Crush

The CIS roster has looked extremely dominant in this tournament and this comes from their ability to play to their strengths. The team has been able tp put forth some really strong individual performances throughout the tournament. This team is not always present in various LAN tournaments and that is evident from their online qualifier results.

jR is a very calm and composed In game Leader. He does not disappoint with the AWP either.

The team’s performance on LAN has always been a challenging prediction, as they are able to defeat the best teams int he world on their day. However, long-term consistency has been a problem for the team, especially in the wake of new recruits to the roster.

One of their most recent additions is TonyBlack who joined the team in May 2018 from Forze. He is an exceptional rifler and has been able to make several aggressive plays for the team. His timing with his peeks is what makes him one of the better players to hold down particular bombsites. TonyBlack is extremely effective with his rifle providing entries to the team on the Terrorist side.

Chopper is the star on the team when it comes to positioning on the scoreboard. Leonid ‘Chopper’ Vishnyakov shines in disadvantageous situations and enables the Vega Squadron team to have positional as well as a manual advantage. He has been able to win multiple clutch rounds and provide entry frags on others. He might not have the flashiest playstyle, however, he has been a consistent high-fragger for the team Throughout this tournament, Chopper has been one of the best players for Vega Squadron. Their success as they reach the Grand finals is partly due to Chopper and his rifle.

One of the most important players for the team is JR. Not only is he the In-Game leader in the roster but he is also the AWPer. He is not afraid to take duels at short range and is able to win several 1v1 situations. Jr is a very calm and composed player who keeps the team on its toes. The Vega Squadron roster is rarely seen to be shouting on the stage. The team is always composed and has a cool demeanour on-stage. The performance of the team reflects this as they are rarely rattled by losses and it only makes them more determined to win the next map.

Vega Squadron will face-off against ENCE in the Grand Finals at the Kiev Cybersport Arena.

Prediction :

The biggest factor in the Grand finals of Starseries I-League Season 6 has to be the Best of Five series. There are only a handful of maps in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Even the best teams often have a few maps that they generally avoid in order to increase the output on the other maps.

Vega Squadron has the experience of playing together for several years. All the players on this roster might not be on the same team, however, they have moved between teams. They have a good understanding of each others’ playstyle as well as excellent communication. From what we saw yesterday, the map pool for Vega is a big mystery. NRG picked Overpass assuming Vega would not be able to compete on the map. After all, Vega does not have any official matches on the map for the last four months. But Vega Squadron surprised NRG with some excellent movement throughout the map. Jr was not afraid to take single aggressive shots, he would often connect with the opponent. Even if he did not connect with the opponent, it was a low-risk move. Ultimately NRG were forced to clear out aggressive AWP spots, which essentially resulted in the usage of grenades and utility much before the actual bomb site.

Even in wins, Vega Squadron is collected and calm.

ENCE has already shown us their superior map pool. We have not been able to see their dominance on most of the maps, but their readiness to play on any map in the pool makes the map veto an extremely tough task for Vega Squadron. ENCE also seem to have trouble in closing out maps especially from a sizeable lead. However, the team has the talent required to easily win the grand finals. Their star player on the roster, Sergej, however, has been underperforming so far in the tournament. Allu has picked up his slack of sorts, but we cannot expect the same superpower performance from the former NIP player. He was able to make extremely aggressive plays and was unpunished for the same. Against Vega Squadron, this playstyle will cripple the ENCE roster.

For now, we recommend a low to medium sized bet on Vega Squadron. They are the more experienced roster along with the local crowd support. This is bound to give them an advantage especially as many of the ENCE players are inexperienced on the big stage.

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