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Faze Clan vs Cloud9: Esports Betting Analysis @ Eleague CSGO Invitational.

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The Eleague CS: GO Invitational is the last Premier LAN event before the commencement of the CS: GO Major. However, it is not as stacked as some of the other Eleague tournaments. In fact, it has only four teams in attendance, and not all of them are Tier one teams.  

The tournament features four teams namely BIG Gaming, Team Liquid, Complexity Gaming and Faze Clan. These four teams are not representative of the best teams in the world. However, there is a sort of delicacy in the balance of the teams’ rankings. Faze Clan has recently introduced a new player and coach. This definitely makes them one of the unknown performers at this event. On the other hand, BIG Gaming is a team that is rarely seen at multiple LAN events. However, they always have a great grenade usage in the games that they are involved in. The team always receives praise from the casters and analysts for their strategies and their playstyle.

Complexity might not be one of the strongest teams, but it has a loyal fanbase. They have Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert as a stand-in for this event. It is a four-team event and there is technically a 25% chance for this team. The last and final team in this event is Team Liquid. Coming hot off their win at the IBuyPower Masters; Team liquid are the hot favourites to win Eleague CS: GO Invitational.

The Eleague CS: GO Invitational will take place from the 25th to 27th of January, 2019. It takes place at the Eleague Arena in Atlanta. All the matches will be streamed live on Twitch.

Broadcast Talent

  • Commentators & Analysts:
  • Observer:
    • TBA


  • Playoffs: January 25th – 27th, 2018
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Roster:

  • Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev
  • åvard “rain” Nygaard
  • Nikola “NiKo” Kovač
  • Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács
  • Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson

Faze Clan remains one of the strongest teams in the CS: GO scene on paper. However, in reality; the team has not been able to put forth strong results. The team has been riddled with poor results and they seemed to place the blame with their In-Game Leader ‘Karrigan’. With the new changes on the team; they have added Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev as their fifth player to replace Karrigan. He is well-known for being a part of the Gambit roster that won the PGL Krakow 2017 Major. He is well-known as a team player and not for putting up flashy performances. However, despite the fact that he was on a relatively weaker team, AdreN has years of experience playing CS: GO along the best players in the world. He was a part of the CIS Virtus Pro roster which gained critical acclaim during their time. He is a thinking player and that makes him a very good fit for Faze Clan. Ofcourse there is the added synergy with Guardian and Faze Clan hopes to take advantage of the same.

The team has the likes of Niko on their roster. His position as the World’s best player is obviously gone, thanks to the team’s miserable performance. But he remains one of the most skilled players in CS: GO. His individual level of performance is at a high and he can ensure that the team gets out of sticky situations. However, he had taken on the role of the In-Game Leader for several months now, and that was obviously affecting him on an individual level.

Apart from Niko; however, Faze Clan has players such as Guardian and Olofmeister. These are well-known players who have been at the top of the CS: GO scene in their best days. Ofcourse, their current form is a glimmer of their former selves. However, it is still very capable of ensuring some amazing plays. Guardian’s playstyle relies on him being able to provide aggressive peaks He makes these aggressive peeks which usually rely upon a frag. Ultimately, it provides a big advantage to the team as they are able to ensure amazing plays.

GuardiaN has performed when FaZe needed it most (StarLadder)

The Faze Clan is one of the most talented teams in the CS: GO scene, however lack of results definitely hurts them a lot. Faze Clan’s new roster is definitely capable of being one of the best teams in the world. They can ensure that they will choose to improve their statistics and become a better team with more depth than just their firepower.


Cloud9 Logo

Cloud9 Roster:

  • Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro
  • Timothy “autimatic” Ta
  • Will “RUSH” Wierzba
  • Robin “flusha” Rönnquist
  • Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey

The Cloud9 roster has made several changes to their team. They have brought on Zellsis as a stand-in. However, things don’t seem to be going too well for the team as they already have announced that they will try out a new player for their team. They will try out Ronald “Rambo” Kim for their team as reported by HLTV.

Autimatic is one of the most exciting In-Game Leaders in North America. The In-Game Leader has proven himself capable of leading the players to success. He has a way with the team and it definitely shows in the way the team seems to present itself in the way the team plays. Cloud9’s playstyle is reminiscent of the entire Cloud9’s playstyle and his effect is clearly seen.

Can Kioshima help the team move to greater heights?

However, Cloud9 is not entirely North American roster. They have Flusha and Kioshima; two players who are exceptionally talented. Flusha is not playing at the same level as before, but his experience in positioning and granting a huge advantage to the team is what makes him essential for the team. However, he does end up losing several key fights and that might be the bane for the team.

Kioshima is not the player who has consistently found himself on a roster for a long time. The player has talent and we have repeatedly seen himself out of some of the best teams in the world. The player has a good awareness of the team’s situation and can take sensible decisions. What is truly wonderful of this player is that since he has not been on an active roster for so long, his focus is on being stable right now. He is a reliable player, a player whom Cloud9 can count to be the rock behind their flashy roster.

Flusha is now on Cloud9’s roster and is a signficant part of their firepower

Ofcourse the star on this team remains Rush who has made a name for himself in the North American scene. He has a high skill ceiling and this remains his USP to the team. He can definitely make a bigger impact on the team provided the rest of the team provide him the space to make his moves.

Cloud9 is a decent team, but they have not been together in many LAN events to provide decent performance. The Cloud9 roster can possibly reach deep in this tournament, especially because of its format and the lack of top tier teams.


The two teams are very new when it comes to their current roster. Faze Clan recently made some changes when they brought in AdreN and YNK as a player and coach respectively. These changes definitely add a perspective to their new roster and we hope to see some structure around their gameplay. The Faze Clan roster is still mostly the same and they have some amazing individual players on their team.

On the other hand, we have Cloud9 a team that had to make changes out of necessity. The absence of Golden definitely skews the balance of the team and the new roster definitely is capable of reaching great heights. However, as a team, Cloud9 has not proven anything and it is a long shot to just say that they will suddenly defeat Faze Clan in this match.

We recommend a bet on Faze Clan for this match. They have the proven track record and their matches and results have definitely secured a bet on this International team for this match.

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Team Gigantti vs British Hurricane: Esports Betting Analysis @ Overwatch Contenders 2018 EU Season 3

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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The Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: Europe is down to its final few matches. The quarterfinals will see eight teams compete against each other. There is a lot at stake here and it is not limited to just the prize money. This is an opportunity for players to put forth their best performance in the game. There will surely be Overwatch League scouts in the game

The Contenders Season 3 will have a total of ten maps in rotation. The Map rotation will see the teams choose the map of their choice. With no map bans, the number of possible maps is actually quite large.

Broadcast Talent

English Broadcast


  • South Africa TechGirl (Sam Wright)


  • Dezachu (Derry Holt)
  • Tridd (Thomas Underwood)
  • Jaws (Jack Wright)
  • LEGDAY (Harry Pollitt)

British Hurricane


  • Hafficool
  • Bock1
  • Nesh
  • Numlocked
  • Jofi
  • Dannedd

The British Hurrican team is owned by London Spitfire [ and Cloud9 as the parent organistion]. The team did not really have a great time in Contenders Season 2. They finished a lowly 9-10th in the Season 2 essentially ruling them as one of the worst teams in the season. As we head into the new year, however, British Hurricane will be looking to turn their fortunes around. Their performance in the Group stage has been average. They placed  3d in their Group losing to Orgless and Hungry and OnePoint. The team did not have a dominating performance in their wins either essentially calling into question their chances in the Playoffs.

They have some well-known players such a Numlocked and Hafficool. These have been Tier one players in the past. Numlocked was a part of the Los Angeles Valiant for Season 1 and helped them reach the semifinals of the Season. However, as fate would have it, he finds himself on the Contenders team for now. He is a great tank and is extremely crucial in providing the cover for the backlines. With the current meta revolving around the GOATS composition, it is essential for Numlcoked to provide the right timing for the season. We will hope that he has excellent synergy with his other teammate and tank Hafficool. Between these two players, British Hurricane presents a lot of experience and coordination. We hope that they can put forth strong individual performances to boost the results of the team. The GOATS composition might not favour British Hurricane all that much and this will essentially pose a problem for the team.

The other members on the team are relatively inexperienced. However, they do have the raw talent in the roster in order to overcome any possible surprises thrown at them. The team has added Daniel “Dannedd” Rosdahl in December in the DPS role. The 22-year-old British player represents the local investment for the team. They hope to develop and nurture local talent in the long run for the success of the franchise. He is a former member of Orgless and Hungry team who is also in the playoffs. He was responsible for many of the strong individual plays by the organisation. He usually plays the Doomfist, Genji or Widowmaker / Hanzo. He is apt at playing such fast-paced heroes and he thrives on any mistakes by the enemy. We don’t know whether he can adapt to the surroundings very well int he current scenario. But if he has the liberty to play his own style and finds some sort of coordination with the rest of the roster, British Hurrican might just have solved their biggest problem.

Team Gigantti.


  • Davin
  • Vizility
  • Zappis
  • Mikyman
  • Lilbow
  • Zuppeh

Team Gigantti is a Finnish esports organisation sponsored by Finnish consumer Electronic retailer chain Gigantti. The Overwatch roster for the organisation is completely a new one as was announced by the organisation in November. They have had ample time to practice for Season 3 and we can expect the team to perform well. However, let’s take a look at the individual players and the potential chemistry [ or lack of it] on the team.


A good part of this team was part of the Overwatch League. The likes of Zuppeh and Zappis are very well known for their stint in the Florida Mayhem. They have some synergy between them and it will be interesting to see how their synergy rubs off on the rest of the team. Zappis is an excellent and individually skilled player in the off-tank role. He will be responsible to ensure that the team can put forth its best performance. Since he takes on a leadership role in the team, we can expect many youngsters to look up to him for advice. Along with in-game advice, he will influence them in a positive way outside fo the server as well.

The Dutch player Jeffrey “Vizility” de Vries has been a part of both the Dutch Overwatch World Cup squads. He has also been a member of several strong rosters such as Orgless and Hungry, Toronto esports. He has a wide variety of DPS heroes that he can play and they include characters such as Genji, Pharah, Soldier76, Widowmaker and Zarya. The player mostly works on his own with the help of health packs. So his performance will be important to judge the final progress of the team in the Playoffs.


Overall, Team Gigantti seems to be the better team in this match. They secured the 3-4th place at the Overwatch Contenders EU 2018 Season 2. The team has provided excellent results. They tend to perform above their level when they are playing on an important level. They have already reached the quarterfinals of the Contenders Season 3 and as such we expect them to put up amazing performances once more. This roster has the coordination which is important for the success of any Overwatch team.

On the other hand we have the British Hurricane, a team which has not really inspired a lot of confidence in the team. They did have a few roster changes of late, which include the addition of Numlocked, Jofi and DaneDD. The new players will definitely provide a lot more insight into the team’s performance as they need to ensure good performances. Being the core of the roster, it is important that the team is able to learn from their scrims and put up decent results. Overall, Team Gigantti seem to be the better team in this match simply cause of their past results and the stability on the roster. We recommend a bet on Team Gigantti for this match.

Cloud9 vs Faze Clan: Esports Betting Analysis @ Blast Pro Series Lisbon

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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The Blast Pro Series is the first of the four new esports events announced by RFRSH Entertainment. It is also the last Blast Pro Series for 2018. The tournament will take place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon. It will feature a prize pool of $250,000 and have six of the world’s best teams in attendance. The tournament Group stage will see Best of One matches. The maps for these matches are already pre-decided and we will see the teams preparing for days in advance for the event.

Each of the six teams received an invitation to the tournament. They will compete in a round-robin stage but with the maps chosen, there can be a little bit of bias in the Group stage results. With the Blast Pro series all set to become a regular feature in the Counter-Strike calendar year, we can only wait and watch as the initial events unfold.

The attendees at this event are :

  1. Astralis
  2. Natus Vincere
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  4. MiBr
  5. Cloud9
  6. Faze Clan

The tournament commences on the 14th of December and will take place over a two day period till the 15th. After the initial Group stage, two teams will compete in the Grand Finals of the event.


  • Group Stage:
    • Single Round-Robin format group
    • All matches are Bo1
    • Top two teams advance to the Grand Final
  • Grand Final:
    • The match is a Bo3 series
  • BLAST Pro Standoff:
    • The BLAST Pro Standoff is a prize bonus showmatch, with five 1v1 aim duels.
    • The team finishing in 3rd place chooses their opponent from the remaining teams who finish below them.
    • The winner of the BLAST Pro Standoffs takes home a $20,000 USD bonus prize.

The English Broadcast Talent

Show Host:

  • Adam Savage (Adam Savage)

Desk Host:

  • Machine (Alex Richardson)


  • SPUNJ (Chad Burchill)
  • Maniac (Mathieu Quiquerez)
  • potter (Christine Chi)
  • Semmler (Auguste Massonnat)


  • Anders (Anders Blume)
  • Moses (Jason O’Toole)
  • HenryG (Henry Greer)
  • Sadokist (Matthew Trivett)
  • Scrawny (Conner Girvan)
  • Launders (Mohan Govindasamy)

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Roster:

  • Karrigan
  • Niko
  • Olofmeister
  • Rain
  • Guardian

Faze Clan’s performance will require a good performance from multiple members of the team. The international team has had its hands full in trying to form the correct combination of players and their roles on the team. With the FaceIT London Major, we saw Karrigan give up the In-Game Leader position. Replacing his role on the team was Niko, the best player on the roster. However, taking up the role of the In-Game Leader definitely affects your individual performance. This is exactly what we saw with Niko and his individual performance struggled immensely.

Karrigan’s role on this team comes into question with their current performance. If he is not the In-Game Leader, what is his requirement on the team? He is, after all, one of the best In Game Leaders. But if the team feels like they don’t need him or can do better with him not being on the leadership position, it puts him on the notice. Karrigan is instrumental on certain maps like Inferno and Mirage. We might see him taking on the mantle of the In-Game Leader on these maps. His calls and positioning with whatever elements he has at his disposal are just too good to negate.

GuardiaN has performed when FaZe needed it most (StarLadder)

The roster has the likes of Guardian and Olofmeister. These two players have proven to be the best in the business and have led their respective former teams to victory. Over the course of the next few months, however, both of them need to start putting up big numbers in order for the team to materialize into the strong roster that it can be. Guardian needs to get a few good performances in order to feel confident once again. If he is confident, he can ensure aggressive plays and still get frags off them. This is what makes him one of the most dangerous AWP players in the world. He can ensure that he puts up big numbers with differing styles of play.

On the other hand, we have Olofmeister. The player did look the only decent player in any shape on the team. However, it has been several months since we saw them in action at the FaceIT London Major. Their recent outings do not inspire confidence as the team has been unable to make it to the Playoffs of the big LAN events that they participate in.


Cloud9 Roster:

  • Autimatic
  • Rush
  • Golden
  • Flusha
  • Kioshima

Cloud9’s CS: GO roster is in peril right now. A recent report suggests that Cloud9 is possibly going to be undergoing a roster change. This would be a huge change for the team going forward. After all, the current roster did show signs of improvement. But Golden’s unavailability force Cloud9 management to make changes. They added Kioshima and if the reports are to be believed then they will be adding Stewie2k very soon. Stewie2k’s return to the team might signal a dramatic shift in the overall team’s performance. After all, he is one of the best players in North America, even though he is currently undergoing a massive slump with MiBr.

The Cloud9 roster for the most part of the past few months has seen one roster change after another. What initially started as a way to develop the team and making it much better than its current performance. For the most part, the team did look as if it was making a sizeable improvement for the most part. But then Golden has his personal problems and would not be able to attend two tournaments alongside Cloud9. The current reports suggest that there might be roster changes and it does not surprise us. Cloud9 is a premier esports organisation and it is unacceptable that they have such a sub-par team. After all, this team won the Boston Eleague Major and then faded into oblivion. It is time for this team to start making a name for themselves and there is no better way than to make changes to their current roster.

autimatic has auto-tuned himself into mid 2016 autimatic (DBLTap)

Kioshima is a player who has been around top-tier teams for a long time now, There is little doubt of his skill level and the cooperation he has with the rest of the team. Unfortunately for him, he was an outcast from the French and later the Faze Clan scene causing him to stay out in the free agency for a very long time. With his inclusion into Cloud9, there are hopes that the Cloud9 roster can make a huge improvement in their current form. Ofcourse we don’t know how Cloud9 will perform when it comes to his particular match against Faze Clan. After all, they are on the verge of a transition and it will definitely affect the confidence and the will-power of the players to give their best for this particular match.


The Cloud9 team might be a good-looking team on paper. They have talented players who have had their fair share of glory on their individual teams. However, on Cloud9, they have not been able to put together their skill and their synergy together. The current Cloud9 roster does not seem like it can compete with the likes of Faze Clan.

Faze Clan might not be in their best form right now, but they are a team that should easily be able to defeat Cloud9 even on their worst day. The Faze Clan team has brought us some quality Counter-Strike in the past and this tournament should not be any worse. After all, despite all their In-Game Leadership and synergy problems, the team still has a lot of firepower and aim. Since we have not seen the team for quite some time, it might just well be a great opportunity for them to have used their practice to develop the team synergy and coordination. The map is Mirage, which is actually quite a good map for both the teams. We expect Karrigan to have more of a say on this team with the map being Mirage. It is one of the best maps for Faze Clan and that is why they are at a huge advantage coming into this match.

We recommend a medium sized bet on Faze Clan for this match.

Made in Brazil vs Tyloo: Esports Betting Analysis @ FaceIT London Major

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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The FaceIT Major is currently underway with 16 of the top teams in attendance at the New legends stage. Eight of these teams are from the previous major, having secured their Legends status at that Major. The remaining eight fought their way through the New Challengers stage and ensured their place in the top 16. But in order to be truly immortalised in Counter-Strike, the teams need to ensure a place in the New Champions stage. They need to have a good performance in this Major in order to secure the Legends status for themselves.

The FaceIT Major Legends Stage will be held at the Twickenham stadium, the same venue as The New Challengers stage. This stage uses the Swiss format with each team having to win 3 matches in order to proceed to the next stage. At the same time, each team with 3 losses is out of the tournament.

We hope FaceIT has fixed the various PC issues that have plagued the CS:GO teams during the Challengers stage. Valve recently released a hotfix for the ‘footsteps audio’ issue where players would not be able to hear footsteps close to them.


The New Legends Stage: September 12th – 16th, 2018

  • 16 Team Swiss System Format
  • Round 1 to 4 matches are Bo1
  • Round 5 matches are Bo3
  • The Buchholz system is used to seed matches from Rounds 3 to 5
  • Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage
  • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format

Broadcast Talent

  • Desk Host:
  • Stage Host:
  • Interviewer:
    • Pala (Pala Gilroy Sen)



Made in Brazil roster:

  • Fallen
  • Fer
  • Coldzera
  • Tarik
  • Stewie2k

The Made in Brazil team is one of the best teams on paper. Made up of the members of two Major winning teams in Cloud9 and SK gaming, Mibr’s results are shocking. They have not had any success with this team. Even the matches that they win were supposed to be walkovers for the potential for this team.

MiBr’s Fallen is the Joker on the team. He has changed his roles and the team’s playstyle multiple times in his search for success. Adapting to the meta and the team’s potential make him such a great leader. He is like an elder brother to most of the players on this roster. However, that does not mean that the team is without its disagreements. Coldzera for one has been rumoured to have disagreed with Fallen on several occasions. Most of these disagreements are with regards to their tactics and gameplay.

Can Coldzera get back into form with his new team?

In order to fulfil the gap in their tactics, compared to other teams, MIBR added YNK in August 2018. YNK is a former Counter Strike Global Offensive player, who moved on to the analyst position on the desk. His transition into the analyst position was fairly successful from the weatherman segment early his career to his staple analysis on the desk. He provides deep insight into a team’s performance and is especially useful when dissecting certain plays and why they work. As an outsider, he has a neutral perspective on why certain teams work and some don’t. MiBr’s failures are one such example of a team that surprised everyone with their below par performance. Bringing in YNK is a great way to establish an advantage when it comes to their strategy and tactics.

Tarik has seen an upswing in his performance of late

But he has had very less time with the current roster. Only 1 month into his job, he is expected to deliver results for the team. MiBr needs to be able to advance at least to the Champions stage in order to make themselves ‘successful’. The team did look strong at their last outing, the Dreamhack masters Stockholm, but is it enough to make them an elite level team? Not yet.

YNK will be instrumental in order to help MIbr form good strategies for the major

Tarik has shown an upswing in his personal performance as a player. He has had times of lows and highs, but the current graph definitely shows him moving towards a high. This bodes good news for the team as they look towards success. MiBr will have to face off against the Asian team, Tyloo in their first match of the New Legends stage.


Tyloo Roster:

  • Mo
  • DD
  • Somebody
  • BnTeT
  • Xccurate

Tyloo is easily the best team from Asia in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Most of their success in the Asian local championships, however, came due to their superior aim and firepower. The same cannot be used against the top teams in the world. Their decision to add BnTeT and xccurate represents an acknowledgement of their problems when it comes to their tactical approach to the game.

The current Tyloo roster looks more balanced and much better than the previous iteration. This is mainly due to their focus on having a better team play and better tactics for the team. Xccurate presents a very aggressive and often borderline stubborn approach to the game. However, this is exactly what throws off the enemy and they often run into a wall on the Tyloo defence. The Tyloo team has played Inferno quite a lot during the FaceIT London Major and we have seen how averse they are to last-minute rotations. Rather than make two bomb sites weak via rotations in the last few seconds, Tyloo believe in reinforcing one bomb site. Then depending on how good or bad the opponent’s entry on the other bomb site is, they can take a decision to either go for the retake or save their weapons.

BnTet along with Xccurate provide the tactical advantage that the Chinese teams need in CSGO

Somebody has to receive a special mention, because of his aggressive playstyle. At the top level in Counter-Strike Globa Offensive, you do not often expect players to push through smoke in order to gain the peek advantage. But that is exactly what Somebody does and to a very high effectiveness. The players’ ability to hit these shots despite taking a very big risk is what makes him a terror for the opponent. He is responsible for any playstyle changes in the enemy because they always have to watch out for his aggressive playstyle. However what makes his playstyle most effective is the fact that the rest of the team is in a very defensive position.

This ensures a good contrast between aggressive and defensive positions for Tyloo. It is almost impossible for their opponents to gain a huge advantage just by eliminating Somebody. Xccurate is their primary AWPer on the team. However, we have seen Somebody pick up the secondary AWP with regularity and be extremely effective on it.

The daredevil: Somebody keep pushing through smokes, making aggressive plays and they often work

For all the praise on Tyloo regarding their CT Sides, their T sides on Inferno seemed woefully underprepared. The team did not have any strategy on how to crack the opponents CT defence and that can be a big problem on other maps. It is obvious that Tyloo has had good preparation on Inferno. However, if they cannot play a good Terrorist side on a map that they favour, it calls into question their performance on other maps. But for now, Tyloo only have to play Best of Ones and that gives them control over the map pool to a large extent.

Tyloo does look strong so far in the tournament and there is a decent chance that they can make it to the Champions stage. However, they need to win 3 matches in order do so and the first match will be against MiBR.


This match will be extremely close as both the teams are on a fairly equal pedestal. MiBr is the better team on paper, but they are playing far below their potential right now. The Made in Brazil roster, however, has seen significant improvements with Ynk coaching them into a world-class roster. They need Tarik and stewie2k to step up with their individual performances if they are to have a chance at making it into the New Champions stage.Currently Mibr is not that far ahead of Tyloo and that is indeed a worrisome sign for Made in Brazil fans.

Tyloo has had amazing individual and team plays, but they are no longer the new kid on the block. The 2-day break between the Challenger stage and the Champions stage is sure to have provided teams with adequate time to review their opponents. By now, MiBr has a fair understanding of Tyloo’s playstyle and how they refuse to budge at the last second. This can be used by Mibr to their advantage. They could set up elaborate fakes which would work simply because they trust in Tyloo’s judgement and have studied their playstyle.

For now, we recommend a very low bet on MiBr. This match is very risky since we have seen MiBr be as dominant as their potential allows.

London Spitfire vs Philadelphia Fusion: Esports Betting Analysis @ Overwatch League Season 1

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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The Overwatch league is a push into establishing a structured esports league for Overwatch. Blizzard first announced the Overwatch League at Blizzcon 2016 and followed it up with almost a year of planning. The gap left in Overwatch esports during this time left a lot of dismayed fans. But the community’s response to the Opening day of Overwatch League has been nothing short of impressive. With over 400,000 fans tuning into Twitch for the first day, one can definitely call the League a success.

The Overwatch League consists of twelve teams in its first season. Slated for expansion in subsequent seasons, the League bears a strong tilt towards North American teams. There are nine teams from North America, One from Europe, One from South Korea and finally a Chinese team from Shanghai to finish the lineup. Each team is allowed a maximum of twelve players, with teams being allowed to substitute players after each map. The Overwatch League has seen investments from several non-endemic to esports investors such as the Kroenke family, Robert Kraft, Hersh Interactive amongst others. At the same time, we have some well-known esports organizations involved in the regular handling of the teams. EnVyUs, Misfits, Immortals, and Cloud9 are some of the most well-known esports organizations with rosters in multiple titles.

The final match between London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion will see the two best teams at the time compete against each other. London Spitfire might not have been the strongest team in Stage 3&4. However, they have found renewed vigor and confidence as we head into the finals. The Philadelphia Fusion, on the other hand, are the kings of the current meta. In a way, London might just be the underdogs in the finals, a rare but true thought.

You can check out more information on the official website at Overwatchleague.com.


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Regular Season – January 10th – June 16th, 2018

  • Matches in the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions will play out live from the Blizzard Arena each Wednesday through Saturday. Though the season is divided into four stages, wins and losses will count towards teams’ full-season records and all-important seeding for the postseason. On the last Saturday of each stage, the top teams will compete for hefty bonuses and the title of stage winner.
    • Stage 1 – January 10th – February 10th, 2018 [2]
    • Stage 2 – February 21st – March 24th, 2018
    • Stage 3 – April 4th – May 5th, 2018
    • Stage 4 – May 16th – June 16th, 2018
  • All matches in the Regular Season will consist of four-map sets
  • Each Stage of the Regular Season will have its own 8 map pool.
  • The top team in each Division, and the next top 4 finishers from the entire league, advance to the Championship Playoffs in July.

Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire

Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion roster:

  • Carpe
  • EQO
  • Snillo
  • Shadowburn
  • Poko
  • Fragi
  • Sado
  • Boombox
  • dayfly
  • Joemeister
  • Neptuno

Philadelphia Fuson is owned by Comcast Spectacor, a sports and media company which managed hundreds of stadiums across North America. The team missed out on the Preseason of OWL season 1, which was attended by the remaining 11 teams. The overwatch league probably has no other team with a roster as diverse as Philadelphia Fusion.

Philadelphia Fusion has players from so many nationalities. It failed to secure visas for the players in December 2017 for the pre-season. The Philadelphia’s performance early in Stage 1 was also something that was shaky and extremely lackluster.

But as the season wore on, we saw a more concerted and spirited performance by the team. The team relies heavily on the diversity of it’s DPS Players. While initially, they had only Carpe and Shadowburn, they acquired EQO and Snillo later. The youngsters proved to be a valuable addition to the team which has only served to improve their performance. What we saw during their match against New York Excelsior showed us how strong the coaching and the support staff for the Fusion is.

They played an extremely aggressive and counter-pick style of playstyle. The team was able to understand the way the NYXL plays. They were constantly swapping off heroes and making big changes to the way they approach their enemy. The constant hero swaps made NYXL extremely uncomfortable especially as they could not ensure a stable performance.

Philadelphia Fusion has Carpe as it’s star performer. Back in the Tracer meta, Carpe was able to play the Tracer to a very high efficiency. Right now in the Double sniper meta, he is able to constantly be on top of the enemy Sniper and keep them in check. In addition to Carpe, EQO is usually the other DPS on their active roster. The player usually plays a projectile hero such as Genji and Pharah. Indeed his damage output on Genji ( without the ultimate) is one of the highest in the Overwatch league.

The Philadelphia Fusion of earlier had a tank problem. Fragi is one of the better Reinhardt’s in the Game. He has a very aggressive stance with the hero, one that is not replicated by any other player. His aggressive style is even more effective because no one expects the plays that he makes. However, during the dive meta, he would even be a distraction for his own team. His performance on the team notwithstanding, he was not really being conducive to team play. The addition of Sado to the roster has definitely helped improve the team’s performance by a lot. The Philadelphia Fusion is probably the team that has gained the maximum due to the change in the meta. The change in meta has helped the team to exert its performance and become a strong team.

London Spitfire

London Spitfire roster:

  • Bdosin
  • Profit
  • Birdring
  • Nus
  • Gesture
  • Fury

The London Spitfire is owned by Jack Etienne, owner of Cloud9. Coming from an endemic esports organization, the London Spitfire management has a great understanding of players’ mentality and attitude. They are the only European representatives in Overwatch League Season 1. However, that did not stop them from putting together a strong roster. The roster for the London Spitfire is fully Korean.

The London Spitfire won Stage 1 playoffs and quickly established a big fan base. They were seen as the Kryptonites to New York Excelsior who looked unbeatable at the time. London Spitfire’s grit and determination is what got them through the early stages of the tournament. The London Spitfire comprises of a core roster that has been playing in the Overwatch League with alarming consistency.

The two DPS players for London Spitfire are Birdring and Profit. Birdring has seen a big resurgence to form especially in the playoffs. London Spitfire might have been one of the weakest teams in Stage 3 & 4. However, they are also a team which has seen a significant dip in their DPS players’ performance. As a team, the London Spitfire relies heavily on their DPS players. Birdring has been a consistent DPS player in the early stage of the Overwatch League. But as we saw his performance take a nosedive in Stage 3 and 4, so did London’s results. Birdring has a wide variety of characters that he can play at the top level and that is what makes him one of the better DPS players in the League. However, his performance is not due to individual skill or prowess. He is supplemented to a large extent by his partner DPS player, profit as well as Gesture.

Profit has a knack for playing different heroes, heroes that are not always in the meta. This does not mean that he cannot play the regular heroes, but he is the one who changes his role depending on the team’s requirements. As we look at his roles in the stages of Overwatch League, we realize that Profit is the go-to guy for Junkrat, Doomfist, Sombra etc. His performance in the Grand finals will be crucial for the final outcome.

Gesture of London Spitfire

Gesture is also another player mentioned while talking about London Spitfire. Gesture primarily was the lesser of the tanks in the team. But his coordination with the DPS players is definitely something special. His performance in the team alongside profit is what made the famed London Dive so efficient. London Spitfire had one of the highest rates for eliminating the opponent Support players. With the playoffs, his performance looks on a rebound right now.

The Support players on the London Spitfire might not always be the flashiest, but the team has had two of the most consistent players in Nus and Bdosin. However, that does not imply that the team cannot have some really fast and early kills by Bdosin. In their match against Valiant, we saw how Bdosin often got the opening kills against the Valiant. The performance of the team relies on the consistency of the support players, but there is also a big chance that the supports can ensure an opening which the team capitalizes on.

Considering how important the stakes on this match are, a slight mistake can lead to a lost map. It can alter the hero ultimate economy which is so important in Overwatch. London Spitfire, however,ise up against one of the stronger teams in the Overwatch league right now. Their opponents Philadelphia Fusion are called the ‘king of the meta’ and not without reason.


The Overwatch League Playoff Finals is one of the most important matches for both these teams. They started off differently, London Spitfire started strong while Philadelphia Fusion is not as strong. The two teams were the only ones to be able to defeat NYXL in Stage 1.

The battle between the two teams is as much as a battle between individual sections of the teams. The DPS players in Birdring and Carpe are definitely going to be under a microscope as they play in this match. These are the players who have the most impact on a match and usually are the title holders for the most eliminations. However, that being said the two remaining DPS players in EQO and Profit are going to be the X-factor in this game. The two players are the ones who usually switch characters in order to ensure a better performance for their team. Seeing how successful Philadelphia’s hero swaps were in their match against NYXL, this would be crucial to their result against London Spitfire.

This match should go to Map 5, irrespective of who comes out on top. The Philadelphia Fusion might have been the better team in the last two stages, but the London Spitfire has made a resurgence of late. The London Spitfire’s performance of late, however, is reminiscent of their performance in the first two stages.

We recommend a bet on London Spitfire for this match, but it will probably go all the way to Map 5.