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NRG vs Team Envy: Esports Betting Analysis @ IEM Katowice 2019 Americas Minor

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Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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IEM Katowice 2019 is the first Major of 2019 and it promises to be one of the best Majors in Counter-Strike till date. The IEM Katowice 2019 will start in February, but the Minors are all set to start on the 16th of January. The Europe and CIS Minors start on the 16th, while the NA and Asian Minors will start on the 22nd of January 2019.

The Americas Minor will see several well-known players in contention. As we head into the Minors, every match assumes significance. Each minor has only eight teams in attendance. The top two teams from the Minor will advance to the Katowice Major. One team from each minor [ the third-place team] will move to the 3rd Place Play-in stage.

The 3rd Place Play-in Stage will feature four teams in participation. Only two teams will move forth to the Major. This will take place on the 27th of January at the ESL Arena in Katowice. It is an opportunity for the teams who just missed out in the Minor to find themselves in the major.

The event is already underway and is down to its last four teams. They are NRG Esports, Team Envy, Furia and INTZ esports. Two out of these teams will get a spot at the upcoming Major. This match is critically important for either team. While it is not an elimination match, it will decide the course of future for many of these teams.


Group Stage:

  • Two double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups
    • Each group has four teams
    • Opening matches are Bo1
    • All following matches are Bo3
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs


  • Double-Elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3
  • No Grand Final is played

Prize Pool:

  1. 1st Place: $30,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]
  2. 2nd Place: $15,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]
  3. 3rd Place: $5,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]

Broadcast Talent


NRG Roster:

  • Jacob “FugLy” Medina
  • Damian “daps” Steele
  • Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte
  • Vetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov
  • Ethan “nahtE” Arnold

The NRG roster made waves during IEM Sydney 2018. They looked extremely strong and did actually make a big impact during that tournament. However, NRG has since fallen off their peak and they do not look anywhere close to their former selves. The team can potentially become a contender in the North American region. However, the NA scene is filled with irregular teams. These teams do not have the consistency required of a top tier roster.

NRG’s roster, despite having a superstar player like Cerq actually sees Fugle and Brehze put up most of the work. Vincent and Ethan have been able to bring about tremendous changes to their gameplay and are taking the assertive role quite well on the roster. However, there are times when Cerq performs exceptionally well and these are instances when NRG looks like a top-tier team. However, the young player is not used to the LAN environment on a regular basis.

Daps is yet another player who has proven himself capable of standing up to the very best in the North American region. The player has been able to lead the team to success in the past. As we see NRG putting up a defence against NRG, there will be a battle between NRG and Envy in this match. Both the In-Game Leaders are veterans and have a lot of experience behind them.

However, despite their best efforts, NRG does seem to be the slightly better team in this match. They have the synergy and have been together for a long time.


Envy roster:

  • Tayler “Drone” Johnson
  • Stephen “reltuC” Cutler
  • Noah “Nifty” Francis
  • Josh “jdm64” Marzano
  • Finn “karrigan” Andersen [ Loan ].

Team Envy’s roster has made a recent change when they brought in Karrigan from Faze Clan [ technically he was already on the bench]. The organisation has a rich history in CS: GO and was even the winner of the Dreamhack Winter 2014 Major. However, their current roster wears a very different look and will see the North American players attempting to secure a place at the upcoming Major.

The Envy roster has several talented players from the North American scene. Players like reltuC and JDM have proven track records of being in the best teams in North America. Cutler has been in CLG for a long time and together with his teammates, he was one of the most influential players in the North American region. The player has great synergy with the rest of the teammates and works towards ensuring that the team puts forth the best results. However, it does mean that his individual performance at times, suffers from this attitude. But he is a great influence on the overall team chemistry and coordination.

They also have JDM on the roster, who was known as the best AWP player in North America for a long time. JDM has the ability to constantly hold down certain areas of the map. However, we have also seen him take an aggressive course of action when required by the rest of the team. JDM has since lost his peak performance and is not as impactful as he was before. However, he remains a very skilled player and his experience will come in handy for the team going forward in the tournament.

Team Envy has a mixture of talent as well as firepower. With Drone, Nifty they have the necessary firepower. They are counting on JDM to show up in a big way. The team’s fortunes are directly related to the AWPers capability to get some frags done. The team has an overall good vibe around it, and they need to bring up their individual performances to match their potential.

With Karrigan’s addition to the team, we have a great in-game leader. There is little to no doubt that the Envy organisation will be working with karrigan in order to help develop the current roster. If that is not possible, then we might see changes for the team in the time post the major [ or minor itself]. If Karrigan can outmanoeuvre his opponents, then we will see Envy come out on top of the entire concept with a very strong performance overall.

The team has a good mixture of young North American talent and several other players. The team definitely can prove to be a contender in the the North American scene. However, we will have to wait and see their impact on the scene with this match. After all the North American minors are usually a good representation of their performance and the team rankings in the scene.


Team Envy does have the advantage of having big names on the team. However, Karrigan’s recent addition to the team suggests that the team might not be as well coordinated as many believe. His style of leadership is much different from that of others. He can herd his team and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. The team has potential, but they have also lost to their opponents multiple times in the past.

The skill ceiling of the NRG team is much higher than that of Team Envy. Even when they are not at their peak, NRG is a much better roster than that of Envy. They should be able to defeat Team Envy and proceed to the semifinals of the Minor. We recommend a bet on Team NRG for this match.

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NRG vs Team Liquid: Esports Betting Analysis @ SuperNova Malta 2018

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

Use code 100ARCANE on your first deposit to get an extra 100 EUR/120 USD on your bet

The Dreamhack open Winter is one of the most prestigious and staple events in the CS: GO Calendar year. Over the years, we have seen the Dreamhack Winter be a CS: GO major for more one time. There are very few tournaments who can claim to such fame and opportunities as Dreamhack Winter.

The current edition of Dreamhack Winter will enable many Tier, two teams, to come together in an attempt to win the trophy. Winning a Dreamhack Winter tournament is not only about the prize pool but also the dignity and the prestige that comes along with it. There are a total of eight teams attending the tournament and we will see them clashing head-on at the Elmia Convention Center in Jönköping, Sweden. Coming to the roots of Dreamhack, they have always helped the growth and development of local talent in CS: GO.

The prize pool for this event is $100,000. The teams will compete in a GSL styled format and the winner takes home a prize money of $50,000.


Group Stage:

  • Two double-elimination (GSL) format groups (4 teams each)
  • Opening & Winners’ matches are Bo1
  • Elimination & Decider matches are Bo3
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs


  • Single-Elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3

Prize Pool

  • 1st Place: $50,000
  • 2nd Place: $20,000
  • 3rd – 4th Place: $10,000
  • 5th-6th Place: $3000
  • 7th-8th Place: $2000


NRG Roster:

  • Fugly
  • NahTe
  • Brehze
  • Cerq
  • daps

The NRG team is a very mysterious team in North America. On their good days, this team can be one of the best teams in the region. The NRG roster is made up of several high performing individuals. From Cerq to Brehze to NahtE, this team does not lack individuals who can turn the outcome of the game around. However, they do lack consistency which has become a sore point for the roster. As they head deeper into tournaments, it is essential for them to show some semblance of a normal playstyle, one that can earn them the consistent tag. Right now, this team is a huge risk since they can perform exceptionally well in one match and then have a really poor performance in the next.

So far at SuperNova Malta 2018, Cerq has looked really good. Although he is not at the top of the scoreboard normally, he is still a consistent performer. He regularly contributes to the team’s success with many impactful frags. The player relies on confidence and requires a bit of momentum going into the match. With the Grand Finals and the trophy in their sight, NRG requires Cerq to be on his best performance against Team Liquid. They will definitely need it because they lack the experience and the map pool of Tem liquid.

However, Brehze and NahtE are the players to watch out in this team. The players have been on a great streak since the last few months. The two players are exceptionally good and they are not afraid to make strong and aggressive plays into the enemy backlines. With their superior aim, they win most of their duels which puts NRG in a hugely advantageous position.

Fugly is yet another veteran player who has been performing really well on NRG. The player has a lot of experience playing for some of the best teams in the North American region. His belief in this current roster stems from the sheer talent on this team. With adequate training and oversight, NRG can become a strong and possibly the best team in North America. However, for now, they do have their insane firepower and skill to fall back on. They can definitely win matches based on their skill and firepower alone. The team’s performance as we head into the Grand Finals will need to be on their best and peak performance in order to win. They are up against Team Liquid, which at one point in time was considered the only team to rival Astralis.

Team Liquid

Team liquid roster:

  • Twistzz
  • Elige
  • NAF
  • TACO
  • Nitro

Team Liquid is one of the best North American teams right now. The level of talent on this team coupled with their playoff experience gives them a huge advantage coming into this match. Their skill ceiling might not be as high as that of NRG, but they are a much more consistent and well-performing team. The team’s current form, however, does not inspire much confidence. But is it enough to defeat NRG in the Grand finals of the SuperNova Malta Cup?

Twistzz is the key factor for Team Liquid. Widely considered to be the best player in North America, Twistzz is great with the rifle. The initial shot accuracy of the player means that he can deal a lot of damage without taking much himself. His aim is almost always at the head and this comes from thousands of hours of practice. The muscle memory on the player is clearly evident in his playstyle. Along with his aim, Twistzz is also a fast learner. We have seen the player mould himself into a very valuable asset for Team Liquid.

At the same time, TACO is a player who can make this team to be one of the biggest team when it comes to firepower. However, he realises that his role on this team is not to be the superstar but a silent supportive player. And he has executed his role to perfection. The former SK Gaming player is one of the best in the business when it comes to firepower. However, when we witness how the team is looking extremely strong despite TaCO not being on the top of the scoreboard, you have to marvel at the depth in the team’s talent pool.

Overall, Team Liquid is a well-rounded team, one that can truly become the best team in the world. However, they need to be more consistent especially against equally ranked teams such as NRG. they might have great results against the best teams in the world, but if they cannot defeat the likes of NRG, there will be doubts about their performance and standing.


We recommend a bet on Team liquid for this match. They might not be in the best of form, but even their out of form performance is much better than the average NRG performance. Team liquid has more experience and synergy when it comes COunter Strike. They have many veterans and also the best North American rifler in their roster. For NRG, they do have two players carrying the weight of the team on their shoulders. This is not meant as a spite to the rest of the team, as they enable these two players to play as aggressively as they can.

But this also means that it is much easier to counter Team NRG once you have knowledge of their positioning and movement across the map. We recommend a bet on Team liquid for this match.

XL2 vs NRG: Esports Betting Analysis @ Overwatch Contenders Season 2

The Overwatch Contenders is the competition of all teams not in Overwatch league. Since most of the OWL teams have a roster in Contenders, it is also seen as a stepping stone towards OWL. The Overwatch Contenders has two seasons per year and the second season for 2018 just got underway.

The Prize pool of $185,000 is distributed amongst the teams based on their performance, but the real treasure is for players. Players get an opportunity to display their individual skill as well as their ability to get together with the rest of the team. With Overwatch League scouts constantly keeping an eye on Contenders for new talent, this is the stepping stone for young and upcoming players.

Overwatch Contenders features four maps in every match. The maps in order of their type are as follows:

1st Map: Control (Lijiang Tower, Oasis)

2nd Map: Hybrid ( Eichenwald, King’s Row)

3rd Map: Assault (Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries)

4th Map: Escort ( Route 66, Watch Point Gibraltar, Rialto

Rialto is the latest map to be added to Competitive Overwatch. It has a very unique design allowing all types of characters to flourish on different parts of the map. With lots of flanking positions and long-range sightlines as well, Rialto has proven to be quite competitive so far.

In case of a Tie, there will be a tie-breaker BO3 Match on Ilios.

Broadcast Talent

  • Host:
    • Mica Burton
  • Commentators:
    • ZP (Andrew Rush)
    • Jamerson (James Lee)

Credit to Liquipedia for the format and broadcast talent.

XL2 vs NRG

XL2 Academy team

XL2 Academy Roster:

  • FL0wer
  • Nenne
  • Mangachu
  • Cloneman16
  • Adam
  • Woohyal
  • Tizi
  • Goliath

XL2 is the Academy team for New York Excelsior. The New York based Overwatch League team has been dominant in the first season of Overwatch League. But XL2 did not manage to win any of the Contenders till now. The team has some really well-known faces as well as new and upcoming talent from the NA region. The biggest star on the team is obviously Fl0wer. The young player, who was not old enough to play for NYXL during Season 1 joined XL2. The talentson the player have a very high peak and at his best, he can overshadow the entirety of the NYXL roster. However, it is also important to note that while his peak is exceptional, the average gameplay is not. The player previously played for Luxury Watch Red. During his time on LW Red and even now on XL2, Fl0wer’s main USP has been his variety of heroes. No matter the meta, Fl0wer can play a hero adapting it and his own personal gameplay to suit that of the team. This is definitely an invaluable asset for any team. However, on an individual level, it does become difficult for him to maintain his performance throughout the season.

XL2 does have many other players on their roster and one name that we all recognize is Mangachu. The Top 100 player has been the co-DPS along with Fl0wer and has a great synergy developed with his Korean counterpart. Mangachu’s personal performance has remained consistent. While he might not have the peak performance levels of Fl0wer his consistency brings him as one of the best DPS players in Contenders.

Two of the latest signings for XL2 Academy team is Woohyal and Tizi. The two South Korean players were a part of London Spitifre’s roster. Although they were on the bench for most of the time, their individual skill level is up there with the very best This also means greater synergy with Fl0wer and possibly a much better performance by the team in Season 2.


Team NRG Roster:

  • Poise
  • Stratus
  • Swon
  • Smex
  • Robdab
  • Fahzix
  • Rascal

The NRG Squad for the Overwatch Contenders Season 2 is based off Washington D.C. in collaboration with Events.DC. The organization already owns an Overwatch League team in the form of San Francisco Shock. Their Academy squad announcement came this year, and we already have some high profile players in the mix. Rascal, formerly playing for London Spitfire is obviously the name that stands out. The DPS player was released from London Spitfire and subsequently Dallas Fuel. While internal communication problems might have been the reason for his removal from Dallas Fuel, there is little doubt about his personal skill. Rascal plays the DPS role on this team, we have not seen him in action with the rest of the team yet. However, during his time on Dallas fuel, when the team was basically an incoherent roster, we saw Rascal’s effectiveness take a fall.

NRG does have some talented players such as Smex, Stratus and the supporting duo of Fahzix and robdab. The team recently won the Overwatch Pit Championship with a 3-0 victory over GOATS in the finals. The support lineup for the team has a lot of synergy with each other and they cover for each other. The team peels for its supports a lot which is one of the trademarks of a strong team. NRG’s squad does have great potential but the team is relatively new. They still probably have issues with their coordination and synergy, which is why placing a bet on NRG right now might be a risky business.


Both the teams are very strong on paper, but there are significant differences between the two. XL2 has Fl0wer , Mangachu and the dup from London Spitfire. Tizi and Woohyal have synergy practicing together on the ‘B Squad’ of London Spitfire. They will take time to acknowledge their roles in the team, but their bilateral synergy will be one of the better ones in the Contenders Season. XL2 has a steady team composition with a Korean part and an English speaking part. The inclusion of the Korean members is more to keep Fl0wer more comfortable on the roster than to boost their firepower.

NRG of course also have Rascal on their team. But his performance in OWL so far has been erratic. This has partly been due to his teams not playing him as much. During his time on London Spitfire, he was relegated to the bench while Profit and Birdring took home all the glory. He joined Dallas Fuel hoping to improve the overall team’s performance, but the language and cultural barrier stopped him dead in his tracks. There might also be attitude problems with the player, something that we won’t see on his new team, not yet.

For now we recommend a bet on XL2 for this match. They have experience playing together for along time and the two new factions within the team might just provide the boost that the roster requires.

NA LCS: Friday 6th Feb Accumulator Odds and Predictions

In this segment we’ll try to predict the outcomes of the day’s games so you can stake an accumulator bet across the day if you’re feeling lucky or combine a few bets into doubles or triples. We’ll list the odds at the time of posting, but be aware these can and will change. The games kick off tomorrow at 8PM GMT, with each game approximately each hour.

Current Odds:
Team Liquid 1.50 vs 2.50 Team Dignitas
Cloud9 1.30 vs 3.40 Renegades
Counter Logic Gaming 2.75 vs 1.40 Immortals
Team Solo Mid 1.28 vs 3.50 Echo Fox
NRG 1.40 vs 2.75 Team Impulsebet365esports

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The current odds on these outcomes are 4.91 which means a £10 stake returns £49 return.

NA LCS 2016: Season Preview Odds and Predictions

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is beginning again this weekend, with the Europe starting up on Thursday and North America having to wait until Saturday we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting or best games to place a bet on! Fresh off the back of season 5 in 2015 where SK Telecom T1 were crowned champions the off-season over the Winter has been as interesting as ever as fans get a real first look at the line-ups which will be vying for the Summoners Cup this year. The LCS season split is the first step towards qualification and a good seeding in the world championships. Teams who win the first split are almost guaranteed a spot in the World Championships so these squads have no time to get accustomed to playing again.
We’ll firstly be previewing the league as a whole, before breaking down individual games, so if you’re not interested in a long bet which will be settled in a couple of months then look out for the content for individual games coming each week!nalcs2016

In the North American LCS league there has been changes galore as you can imagine, NA statistically was right at the bottom of the regions represented (excluding Wildcard regions) which for one of the most developed regions in terms of scene stability isn’t good enough. You’ve seen in the off-season how teams, players and professionals are trying to change this with huge investments in talent and simply getting into the scene. This was demonstrated by former NBA player Rick Fox investing in a LCS spot for the price of roughly $1,000,000 (final price has not been disclosed publicly). He’s invested in a scene possibly for financial gain as it’s only growing but in the mean time he’s had to invest in a pool of top talent which is relatively small picking up players from various regions to bolster the talent in the NA LCS. The big addition to this roster is fan favourite Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen, he’s famous worldwide for his time on the CLG.EU team of old which pushed for the season 2 World Championships, he’s alongside some Korean talent in Park ‘kfo’ Jeong-hun and under-rated number 1 challenger player Yuri ‘Keith’ Jew. This is a remarkable team the NBA pro has pulled together but it hinges on Froggen to deliver. His time as the leader of Elements in EU was less than successful and he’s got to show he’s not only come to the US for an increased pay check but also to challenge for titles again. Up against him will be fan favourites and long time challengers Team Solo Mid (TSM) who’ve certainly grabbed the majority of headlines worldwide for their dealings in the off-season. They’ve made the most high profile and controversial signing of the winter with Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng formerly of CLG signing to an old rival, many Youtube clips were dug out of archive with Doublelift having some choice words about the TSM brand but that is all behind them now after forming one of the first NA super teams. Flying under the radar has been the signing of Bora ‘YellowStaR Kim from European side Fnatic, he’s been a leader there for years and one of the most influential players in the European scene. A move to NA was widely dismissed as rumour and click bait reporting until it was confirmed by TSM, a real shock and a huge addition for the roster. How will they fare over the long LCS season?

Bet365 Current Odds on ‘Outright Winner’ of league:
Team Solo Mid 3.50
NRG eSports 4.50
Counter Logic Gaming 5.00
Liquid 5.50
Cloud9 8.00
Immortals 10.00
Echo Fox 15.00
Team Impulse 21.00
Team Dignitas 26.00
Renegades 34.00


Read below to check out our prediction for how the NA LCS will finish.

What are you betting on? Let us know below!