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Mousesports vs Optic Gaming: Esports Betting Analysis @ IEM Katowice 2019 European Minor.

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IEM Katowice 2019 is the first Major of 2019 and it promises to be one of the best Majors in Counter-Strike till date. The IEM Katowice 2019 will start in February, but the Minors are all set to start on the 16th of January. The Europe and CIS Minors start on the 16th, while the NA and Asian Minors will start on the 22nd of January 2019.

The CIS Minor will have a lot of competition between the top teams. It includes teams such as Gambit Gaming, Team Spirit, Winstrike, Avangar, Pro100 and Nemiga. The teams are all very evenly matched and every match in the CIS Minor is of extreme importance. The teams are all extremely strong and the outcome of the matches depends heavily on the map vetoes and the match-ups on any particular day. The opening matches are all Best of One matches and the subsequent matches will be Best of Three.

The 3rd Place Play-in Stage will feature four teams in participation. Only two teams will move forth to the Major. This will take place on the 27th of January at the ESL Arena in Katowice. It is an opportunity for the teams who just missed out in the Minor to find themselves in the major.


Group Stage:

  • Two double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups
    • Each group has four teams
    • Opening matches are Bo1
    • All following matches are Bo3
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs


  • Double-Elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3
  • No Grand Final is played

Prize Pool:

  1. 1st Place: $30,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]
  2. 2nd Place: $15,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]
  3. 3rd Place: $5,000 [IEM Katowice Major 2019 New Challenger Status]

Broadcast Talent


Mousepsorts Roster:

  • Chris “chrisJ” de Jong.
  • Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný.
  • Robin “ropz” Kool.
  • Miikka “suNny” Kemppi.
  • Martin “STYKO” Styk.

Mousesports is a team that has not found its groove after they brought back Styko to their roster. The mistakes of the organisation cost the roster deeply in 2018 as not only did they lose their groove, but they can’t seem to find it anymore. The mousesports organisation thought that adding Snax to their team would easily mean more tournaments, more victories and silverware. The reality was a harsh check for the team they are definitely not putting up big numbers anymore.

The Mousesports roster lost to Valiance 14-16. While the scoreline might suggest that it was a close match, the fact that they lost Mirage presents a worrisome indicator for most of the team. Mirage is always considered to be a favourable map for Mousesports and they have traditionally defeated some of the best team in the world on this map. You can never count out Mousepsorts on Mirage and so their loss to a lowly team such as valiance definitely raises some eyebrows.

The map was extremely close with 7-8 scorelines on both sides of the half.Unfortunately for Mousepsorts they only managed 7 rounds on either side of the map ensuring that they reached only 14 rounds. Surprisingly, it was ChrisJ who was leading the scoreboard for the Mousesports organisation. The stars on the team definitely failed to have a huge impact in this match. In fact, the youngsters in Sunny and Ropz highlighted the bottom two spots on the table. They were unable to win several of their aim duels and more often than not were the entry frags when it comes to Valiance. The mousesports roster lost several easy and economy rounds which should have been easy wins for the team. Their inability to be prepared for the surprise tactics and gameplay by Valiance cot them dearly. Some would even argue that the team was giving too much respect to their opponents, something that is great against stronger teams.

However, when you are up against a team like valiance which has little to no International LAN experience, you need to prepare yourself for their style of play. ChrisJ is carrying the team’s weight on his shoulders; however, for the team to succeed, it is necessary that he can comfortably sink back into his role as the In-Game Leader. The other players on eth team namely Oksar, Sunny and Styko need to start getting more rags and their names up on the scoreboard. Ropz has mostly been a support player who performs well, so his individual performance is not something that is under question right now.

However, Sunny’s lack of aim at Katowice is definitely surprising and more so it is perplexing for the team. Maybe Mousesports should start changing his position on the map in order to provide him with favourable matchups. If Optic Gaming identifies the weakness on the Mousepsorts we will have ourselves a strong series here.

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming roster:

  • Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke.
  • René “cajunb” Borg.
  • Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer.
  • Jakob “JUGi” Hansen.
  • Ismail “refrezh” Ali.

Optic Gaming had a very poor start to their EU Minor after they ran into Team Vitality. The French team does not have much experience in big LAN events, but they are definitely showing whey they can be one of the best teams in the world. With Zywoo on their team, they are putting up huge numbers in their matches [ match ] so far. Despite having only 22 kills, it was the nature of these kills which brought Zywoo to the forefront in everyone’s attention.

However, this match involves Optic Gaming and the Danish roster is not really as bad as their previous match suggests. The team displayed excellent synergy on most occasions, but they would lose their individual aim-duels to the French team. For example, a classic take on Dust 2 A-Long meant that they needed the Tunnels control. However, as soon as they lost the Tunnel control, they were stuck on the Long side of the map. They had some questionable usage of grenades such as deciding not to smoke the cross-over from A-long to the site. But their knowledge that Vitality was on the eco [ and they just needed to clear out the close range angles] meant that this was a wise decision. It worked out splendidly in their favour, something that cannot be said for the rest of the map.

Individually, we did not see K0nfig step up in a big way. He is one of the heavy hitters on this roster and it is imperative that the player puts up big numbers for Optic Gaming. Surprisingly, Refrezh was also absent from the scoreboard and was giving company to Snappi at the bottom. His inability to put up big numbers meant that the team could never get the head-start that they required in order to take down Zywoo and co.

The Optic Gaming roster has had just a fortnight with Refrezh [ possibly less time of practice]. As such their performance needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The lack of practice clearly shows as they must have prepared only on a handful of maps. Their decision to go forth with Dust 2 against Team Vitality is a decision that was taken after Dust 2 I considered to be a relatively neutral map. However, the French have always been strong on Dust 2, back from 2013 days. They were always favoured to win on Dust 2, even against some of the best teams in the world at the time. As we head into this match, it is necessary for the Optic Gaming roster to bring forth their best game forward.

CajunB has played alongside some of the best Danish players in the region. He has been a part of most of the strongest teams in the Danish region, including several of the current Astralis roster. The player is a decent aim with the rifle and he maintains his consistency on the team. His ability to hold down certain areas of the map on his own and the consistent trade frags mean that he is crucial to the team’s performance. While we don’t expect him to start leading the board anytime soon for Optic Gaming, the level-headed player needs to maintain his performance to ensure that Optic do not suffer a loss once more.

Overall Optic Gaming is a well-rounded team. They have the necessary elements to make it past the Group stage, however, they also have several faulty pieces right now. A lot is expected off Refrezh; but if he fails to deliver once more, it is up to the rest of the squad to pick up their individual performance and give him the space necessary to find his own groove.


On paper, it does seem like Mousesport should win this match. They have better talent, better pas results and are a more consistent lineup. Their experience of playing with each other in the past when they were a much stronger roster will definitely come in handy as they prepare for this elimination match. However, the fact remains that the Moseports roster is not having the best results of late. They are a team that can achieve much more, statistically, they are easily favoured to win the EU Minor. However, their individual players are not in form right now; which is why we are witnessing ChrisJ at the helm of the scoreboard.

Despite having players such as Sunny, Styko and Oskar, it is surprising to see ChrisJ at the top. He needs to concentrate on his In-Game Leadership more as much as allowing the others to find more favourable trades and boost their confidence. If the team starts performing, there is little that others [ except for Zywoo and co. ] can do to stop the Mousesports roster.

Optic Gaming is a team that is still very fresh and raw. They have added Refrezh to their team on December 31st. While that was the day the announcement was made, the team has been playing with him for a few more weeks. That hardly gives them 1 month with the new roster. It is not enough time for them to prepare themselves on multiple maps. So this match will come down to how the team has prepared on certain maps and whether they are able to take on Mousesports on these maps. The Optic Gaming roster is strong on certain CT sided maps. SoMousepsorts will need to veto to their strengths and not try to counter draft the Optic Gaming side.

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BIG Gaming vs Optic Gaming: Esports Betting Analysis @ CS_Summit 3

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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The CS_Summit 3 is the third event for Beyond the Summit in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The tournament is well known for its chilled atmosphere where the talent and sometimes the players on the cast are on a couch. The background is filled with players and production crew moving around constantly in the house. It is a very casual approach to esports tournaments and it has seen massive success in Dota 2 and now Counter-Strike.

Beyond the Summit is made up of several avid gamers and they understand the production viewpoint of an average fan. This particular event will see a prize pool of $150,000. It was initially supposed to be held in the second week of October. However, due to unspecified reasons, the organisers decided to push it further. We assume it is to accommodate the teams’ schedules. Ofcourse owning the venue has its advantages as all the matches are played at the Summit Arena.

Broadcast Talent


  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination Bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3 series
    • The Grand Final is a Bo5 series; the upper bracket team has a 1 map advantage

The CS_Summit 3 format is definitely an interesting one. The tournament will see double elimination bracket where the teams have to prove themselves multiple times to advance to the next stage. The Grand finals is a Best of Five series, and if recent tournaments are any standards, we should be in for an exciting finish. However, the team coming into the Grand finals from the upper bracket receives a One map advantage. This is a big advantage and it could essentially lead to a lopsided Grand finals.

BIG Gaming vs Optic Gaming.

BIG Clan

BIG Clan Roster:

  • Nex
  • Smooya
  • Tabsen
  • Tizian
  • Gob B

BIG Clan is one of the few teams that does not play almost every tournament. And yet they impress us in whatever tournaments they do decide to play. The team led by legendary In-Game leader Gob B has seen great progress over the past few months. Gob B’s effect on the team’s performance transcends just in-game. He is a guide to several of the young talent and is constantly helping them to advance in their career.

On the team, we have several well-known players who have made a name for themselves due to their superior firepower and performance. Players like Tabsen, Tizian and Smooya are all capable of turning the tide of the match on its head. Their performance is crucial to the final outcome of their matches. Tabsen is a very experienced player who has been alongside Gob B for a long time. Not only is he a player who can turn up great performances repeatedly, but his experience also provides valuable insight into the team’s functioning. In a way, you can say that Tabsen is the glue that cements the firepower and the leadership. His influence as the deputy to Gob B of sorts is important as we head into this match.

Smooya ofcourse remains the X-factor on this team. His ability with the AWP is well-known, but we do not get to see the same level of performance across multiple tournaments. On the occasion where Smooya is performing well, we see him being hyped up on stage, shouting and often doing as much damage verbally as he does with the AWP. However, when he is not feeling it, we see the player being extremely calm and often absent on the server’s scoreboard. Smooya is crucial to the team’s performance because his AWP playstyle suits the rest of the team. He does have a healthy mixture of aggressive as well as defensive positions. It keeps the opponent guessing as to BIG’s plan on the next round.

Another supporting player for the team, Nex has been very quiet, yet consistent in his performances. The player’s ability to constantly support the big heavyweights on the team such as Tizian and Smooya is what makes him such a silent performance. If we actually look at the statistics, we see that Nex is not really doing bad, but he is not your flashy kind of player.

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming roster:

  • K0nfig
  • CajunB
  • Snappi
  • Jugi
  • Niko

Optic Gaming recently got back Niko from their Danish counterparts. For the organisation, this has proven to be a bright light. In an otherwise bad period for the parent organisation, their CS: GO division is probably the best news.

Optic gaming has had good performance in recent weeks. While most of their matches are online matches, the victories and the margins of these victories is what inspires confidence in the team. They are a very skill-focussed lineup who rely on individual performances to gain the early advantage. This is in contrast to that of BIG gaming, so timing is extremely important in this matchup. Their performance amongst North American teams has been nothing short of exciting and exemplary.

For K0nfig, this match is extremely important. The player has the ability to constantly lift up individual matches on his shoulders. He has a very high skill-ceiling and is almost a consistent performer for the team. He is not afraid to make exceptionally aggressive plays, ensuring a great advantage for Optic Gaming. K0nfig is a person who has won innumerable Man of the Match awards. His experience and timing are crucial in most of his duels. He is responsible for the team’s performance especially on open maps such as Cache and Dust 2.

On any other map, we see how strong the Danish CT side is. They are not one to stick to the ‘traditional Danish maps’. We see them constantly play different maps with a wider map pool. However, their map pool being wide does not guarantee a win for the team. More often than not, we would have liked to see them being extremely proficient on certain maps. For now, Snappi has his task cut out as he leads the team against BIG Gaming, one of the more tactics focussed roster out there.


The two teams present a very diverse approach to the game. While BIG gaming has a focus on strategy and grenade usage, Optic Gaming is not on a similar level when it comes to the tactical focus within the game. Gob B’s influence on BIG gaming’s performance is painfully evident and it is one of the reasons for their success in recent months.

Optic Gaming’s performance in this tournament as well as in the upcoming months depends on how quickly Niko integrates with the team. So far, in online matches, the results have been satisfactory. It will be interesting to see whether the greater firepower on Optic Gaming prevails over BIG Clan’s strategical approach to the game.

For now, we recommend a bet on BIG gaming because they always have a chance of Smooya going off on the AWP. His performance is crucial to the outcome of this match.


ENCE vs Optic Gaming: Esports Betting Analysis @ Starseries & I-League Season 6

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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Starseries & I-League will see several really good teams in attendance. These teams have shown us their skill ceiling during the previous few tournaments. It will be interesting to see them match up against each other, especially in the absence of Top tier teams like Faze Clan, Astralis and Na’Vi.

This tournament features a prize pool of $300,000 and had sixteen teams in attendance. The initial Group stage of the tournament was a BO1 Swiss format style with even the Round 5 matches being Best of One matches. We already have the top eight teams qualified to the Playoffs. The Playoff bracket matches will be Best of Three matches and single elimination format.

StarSeries & I-League Season 6 will be held at the Kiev Cybersport Arena. The 1500 Sq metres venue has been a staple in Esports events and has a lot of experience when it comes to hosting esports events. The remaining teams at the event present a mixture of several new rosters as well as well-established teams. The playoff brackets are already out and we have a couple of amazing matchups coming up in the next few days.



Group Stage: October 7th – 11th, 2018

    • 16 Team Swiss System Format
    • All matches are Bo1
    • Top 8 Teams proceed to the Playoffs
    • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
    • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format

Playoffs: October 12th – 14th, 2018

  • Single-Elimination Bracket
  • All matches (excl. the final) are Bo3
  • The Grand Final is Bo5

The Prize Distribution at the event is as follows:

  • 1st Place : $125,000
  • 2nd Place : $50,000
  • 3rd-4th Place: $25,000

The remaining teams get lower amounts of money as well. You can find more information of the format, prize pool and schedule at Liquipedia.

ENCE esports vs Optic Gaming


ENCE roster:

  • Allu
  • AleksiB
  • Aerial
  • Sergej
  • xSeven

The Finnish roster has shown us a dominance in their quarterfinal match against BIG Gaming. Despite being so young, ENCE has remained capable of putting out big tactics and being the superior team when it comes to their positioning and firepower.

Allu and Sergej are usually the top fraggers on this team throughout the tournament. The veteran and the youngster combination has provided ENCE with several winning rounds. Allu has been very consistent with the AWP throughout the tournament often even hitting shots through the smoke. Allu’s performance does take some time to go through which is evident in the way his score reflects in the game. Even in the quarterfinals, Allu was underperforming in the first map but later picked up steam to start steamrolling his opponents. Along with his individual skill, Allu also provides insight into the team’s composure often ensuring that the entire roster is on one page. As a type of mentor, it takes a lot of pressure off AleksiB who can focus on ensuring decent strategies and his individual performance.

Sergej also has been quite underwhelming on the big stage till now. His group and online performance are one of the best in the industry, however, it does seem that pressure gets to him especially on LAN. If ENCE are to continue their current form and have a good performance at Starseries & I-League Season 6, they need Sergej to start performing better. He remains a player with exceptional aim and positioning.

The one man who brings the entire roster together is AleksiB with his In Game leadership. He has a very deep strat book yet is always able to pull out the best and most effective strategies against their opponents. Apart from his tactics, AleksiB is one of the most explosive In GAme Leaders in recent times. It is not uncommon to see him take the reins of the round in his own hands via a quick Vent rush on Nuke. BIG Gaming was caught out unawares on two occasions where AleksiB was down in the B Bomb site and BIG had no idea about it. In both the rounds,   initial frag was crucial to secure ENCE the round win and ultimately the map.

The Finnish organisation has supported local players for a long time. Despite being a region with exceptional talent, Finland has not really produced any legendary Counter-Strike teams. This is their opportunity to create a Finnish team which can truly develop the scene and provide a boost to the grassroots scene as well. ENCE will face off against Optic Gaming in the semifinals at Starseries & I-League Season 6.

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming roster:

  • K0nfig
  • CajunB
  • Snappi
  • Jugi
  • Niko

Optic Gaming has made its presence felt in Tier 2 European scene after putting forth some great results. Most of these results have been possible because of the influx of skill and talent on this roster. Niko\s return from North Gaming provided the adequate boost that the Optic Gaming squad requires. Niko, for his part on North gaming, has come back with considerable experience and expertise of playing against top teams. He does not rush out and put his own team at risk with his positioning, but we see a very calculated response from the player. He is very efficient with his movement and grenade usage which makes him all the more effective in clutch situations.

Optic Gaming has a plethora of talented individuals on this roster. Each player on this team has been on Tier 1 Danish squad [ read current Astralis] in some form or the other. K0nfig is a very brazen player often not afraid to make risky plays to secure an advantage for the team. His ability to push through smokes and lock down the opponents’ set strategies is what makes him a real threat to any team. He has great synergy and coordination with the rest of the team and even if he goes down, it is often because the rest of the team is backing him up.

Optic Gaming has not appeared in many LAN tournaments after Nko\s return. This will be the perfect opportunity for them to start building their legacy. For now, optic does seem to somewhat lack coordination especially with the new member on their roster. They need to start building their map pool and ensure a good start to the series in the map veto itself. However, the team is built around fragging and they include some of the best Tier 2 talents in the scene.


While Optic does look strong on paper, the lack of proper coordination and synergy is plainly evident, especially on CT heavy maps. They are often caught unawares due to either lack of communication or lack of preparation. We have seen amazing individual performances from almost every player of the Danish squad and that is the saving grace for the roster.

ENCE esports, on the other hand, has shown us a very talented and skilled roster. Their match yesterday should have ended in 2-0 victory, especially since they were up 15-11 at one point. But BIG was able to  make a comeback and take the map to Overtime and win. This did not deter the ENCE roster as they made an even stronger comeback on the second map. ENCE looked very dominant and had great control over their economy. One of the biggest flaws of even the top teams in the scene is their inability to correctly estimate their economy and how a force buy could cripple them in the rounds to come.

For now, we recommend a medium bet on ENCE as they have looked very dominant at Starseries & I-League Season 6.


Faze Clan vs Optic Gaming: Esports Betting Analysis @ Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favourite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

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Dreamhack Masters Stockholm is Dreamhack’s first flagship tournament in Sweden. The event has been a regular in the CSGO calendar year for several years now. The 2018 version is also a part of the Intel Grand Slam Season 1.  Dreamhack Stockholm 2018’s venue is the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. It has a seating capacity of 16,000 attendees and is primarily an Ice Hockey Venue.

This tournament is the first big event featuring the best teams in Counter-Strike since the player break. It is one of the first steps that the teams need to take en route to the London FaceIT Major. Big names such as Natus Vincere, Astralis, Faze Clan and Mousesports will compete to establish their rankings once more in the global scene.

Dreamhack Masters Stockholm will be a five-day event starting from the 29th of August 2018. It will continue until the 2nd of September 2018. It has a prize pool of $250,000 and will be streamed live on Twitch.

Broadcast Talent

  • Analysts:
  • Reporter:


  • Group Stage: August 29th – 31st, 2018
    • Four double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups (4 teams each)
    • Opening matches are Bo1
    • Winners’, Elimination & Decider matches are Bo3
    • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs: September 1st – 2nd, 2018
    • Single-elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Roster:

  • Niko
  • Guardian
  • Karrigan
  • Olofmeister
  • Rain

Faze Clan is one of the only successful International CS: GO teams. The team has been built after several failed iterations, but the current roster is one of the best ( at least on paper). They have constantly challenged the best teams in the world ( in this case, Astralis) and have often come out on top. The Faze Clan roster comprises of the best players from several teams. Guardian was the best player on Na’Vi, Olofmeister formerly of Fnatic. Niko remains a prodigy, a player who can easily challenge S1mple for the throne of the best player in the world.

And yet, despite having so many strong players, Faze Clan still cannot hold the coveted title of being the best team in the world. Repeated failures, especially when it comes to their matches against Astralis resulted in Faze Clan being the second best team in the world. With Na’Vi breathing down their necks, Faze Clan needs to step up their performance.

Niko is the most important player on Faze Clan

One of the big factors for Faze clan and something that they have going for them is the fact that Olofmeister is back in the roster. Olofmeister is very crucial to Faze Clan’s performance. The team relies on having a strong lurker, one who can constantly take away the attention of the opponents. Olofmeister was away for a long time and with his return, he has brought back his flamboyant playstyle.

But in this tournament, we also need Guardian and Rain to step up. They are the two factors on this roster which have always remained constant. If they can stay at the same level, we can be assured that Olofmeister, Karrigan and Niko will do their work. But if Rain and Guardian falter, then the whole thing comes crashing down.

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming Roster:

  • K0nfig
  • CajunB
  • Gade
  • Snappi
  • Jugi

Optic Gaming roster consists of the Danish roster comprising of several well known Danish players. Many of these players have been on stronger Danish rosters before such as Astralis. Optic won their match against Fnatic with relative ease. The team had a scoreline of 16-6, which is a very good score even though it was a map heavily favoured for the Danes.

The experience of CajunB and K0nfig come in handy when the team decides to veto and decide strategies. Having a lot of experience against Tier 1 teams and being as good as they are, this duo enables the team to be as strong as they are right now.

However, Optic is also a team which can be extremely dominant on certain maps. The performance of the team is very important when it comes to the veto. They are not a team with a deep map pool such as Faze Clan. Therefore it becomes important that they get a good veto in this matchup.

Regardless of their skill level, the team has always been momentum based. They have been a team which can either go forth on full steam or they can falter badly. Optic Gaming players will obviously be at a disadvantage when it comes to their individual performance against the Faze Clan members. But how far can they take their individual skill and attempt to win this match?

The veto and the individual performances will be the deciding factor for this series.


Faze Clan is the better team in this matchup. They have the players, the results and the deeper map pool. This gives them a very big advantage when it comes to their confidence. The team relies heavily on their individual players going off and providing strong performances. So when we look back at the team and it’s performance throughout the tournament so far, we can see that Faze has had trouble in ensuring a strong win. They barely won their match against Heroic, although it was a BO1 and on a map that is favourable to Heroic.

However, it is also one of the best maps for Faze Clan. However, their constant performance and same playstyle on this map might have given a clue to their opponents on their playstyle. For now, we recommend a low bet on Faze clan, but this is not really a strong bet cause of their ineptitude and their lack of convincing performance.

Heroic vs. North CS:GO Esports Betting Analysis @ cs_summit 2

Sponsored by ArcaneBet

This betting prediction is sponsored by ArcaneBet, an esports bookie with a betting platform where you can bet on your favorite teams across multiple esports titles—including DoTA 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, and more. Want to gamble on the winner of the match? The winner of the first map, or the team to get the first kill/round? ArcaneBet is the way to master your trade as one of the best bettors and predictors worldwide.

Use code 100ARCANE on your first deposit to get an extra 100 EUR/120 USD on your first deposit! 

Use code 100ARCANE on your first deposit to get an extra 100 EUR/120 USD on your first deposit! 


Beyond the Summit returns with its second event of CS:GO’s “cs_summit” tournament. Featuring a relaxing environment and top level competition, the 2nd cs_summit succeeds the major, which saw cs_summit participants Cloud9 win the grand finals after beating the top 4 teams of CS:GO on their way through.

Located in Los Angeles with a $150,000 USD prize pool, the event features an interesting mix of rosters in the foray. While featuring returning teams Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9, and SK Gaming, and Team Liquid, some of these teams make their first appearance as a team or with a new roster.

Liquid themselves have since bolstered with the additions of steel and returning member NAF. Vega Squadron come to the cs_summit as a team that made many eyes turn at the first and second stages of the major, defeating many teams. North completely shuffled their roster, losing the majority of the core lineup and retooling with Kjaerbye from Astralis and mertz from the Academy squad. On the minor side of things, Ninjas in Pyjamas replaced THREAT with pita as the coach. One of the oddities of the event is Torqued, who replace OpTic. Featuring ex-iBP players and Pollo and koosta, they are surely a surprise team to look out for.

With new lineups on display, a relaxing environment to chill to, cs_summit looks to bring back to the nostalgic LAN environment of many gamers watching from home!


credit to Liquipedia

  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Playoffs only, bo3 matches only
  • Grand Finals will be played with bo5, where upper bracket finalist has 1 map advantage




  • JUGi
  • Snappi
  • es3tag
  • niko
  • peacemaker (coach)

With RUBINO coming in to presumably pick up in place of es3tag, Heroic are currently in the “fight-or-flight” period of this current roster. This time, it’s all loose with a tint of strategy here and there from Snappi and MODDII, while unleashing the likes of a (possibly) departing es3tag, JUGi, and niko.

JUGi, Denmark’s next rising AWP, is clearly at the top of the cs_summit (Beyond the Summit)

JUGi, time and time again, has proven to be the star of this Heroic squad. Their bo3 upset against Ninjas in Pyjamas and their qualifying run for IEM Katowice is all thanks to his cerebral AWP play. In just the past few weeks, they’ve defeated North, Gambit, BIG, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Even against Cloud9, when Heroic were at their wits’ end, JUGi’s flashy AWP plays and clutches is what kept them in the game. His performance determines how competitive Heroic are coming into every match, and it showed yet again as he led the fragging board against NInjas in Pyjamas. Even in the past two weeks, he’s helped Heroic defeat North, Gambit, BIG, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the other members of the team should be downplayed, as all the others have their plays of brilliance. But, inconsistency and poor performance is the bane of this lineup, primarily for niko and es3tag. Both of them have great potential, but can’t transfer that into the biggest matches of their careers. But, with the experience of Snappi and MODDII, and bringing in a strict and experienced coach of peacemaker, they may be able to flap their wings and shine once again–maybe except for the potentially leaving es3tag.



  • MSL
  • aizy
  • mertz
  • valde
  • Kjaerbye
  • ave (coach)

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While some’s expectations (including mine) were downplaying North, the roar of the North can be heard loud and clear. Exploding straight out of the gates, they have provided one of the most tense and exciting bo3s in this tournament.

valde-mort was a tough villain for SK Gaming to overcome (Beyond the Summit)

Against SK Gaming, you’d expect North to have been completely blown out of the waters. Of course, completely demolishing Vega Squadron is no small feat, but defeating SK Gaming may have been too tall of a tasks for the lions of Denmark. That wasn’t the case, as valde powered SK to the brink of defeat, but the efforts of his teammates couldn’t recuperate a win for North. Even then, the map scorelines (13-16, 20-22) tell that North may be looking a lot better from the shuffle than we truly think.

valde is starting to shine as a star on this team, and mertz’ unaccounted aggression makes it hard for teams to truly shut North down. One can tell that the synergy for North at this LAN is way better than the dead-eyed North at the ELEAGUE Major, and that a new breath of life has touched this new lineup. Kjaerbye entrying and clutching, valde’s lurk working to perfection, and MSL’s leadership have all been gathering the pieces together for North. What remains to be a mystery is aizy, whose consistency has risen, but his true place in the team remains to be one in question. Regardless, his ability to support his teammates and frag when needed is something that MSL sees as very important to the core function of North.