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Made in Brazil vs Tyloo: Esports Betting Analysis @ FaceIT London Major

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The FaceIT Major is currently underway with 16 of the top teams in attendance at the New legends stage. Eight of these teams are from the previous major, having secured their Legends status at that Major. The remaining eight fought their way through the New Challengers stage and ensured their place in the top 16. But in order to be truly immortalised in Counter-Strike, the teams need to ensure a place in the New Champions stage. They need to have a good performance in this Major in order to secure the Legends status for themselves.

The FaceIT Major Legends Stage will be held at the Twickenham stadium, the same venue as The New Challengers stage. This stage uses the Swiss format with each team having to win 3 matches in order to proceed to the next stage. At the same time, each team with 3 losses is out of the tournament.

We hope FaceIT has fixed the various PC issues that have plagued the CS:GO teams during the Challengers stage. Valve recently released a hotfix for the ‘footsteps audio’ issue where players would not be able to hear footsteps close to them.


The New Legends Stage: September 12th – 16th, 2018

  • 16 Team Swiss System Format
  • Round 1 to 4 matches are Bo1
  • Round 5 matches are Bo3
  • The Buchholz system is used to seed matches from Rounds 3 to 5
  • Top 8 Teams proceed to The New Champions Stage
  • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • Click here for a detailed explanation of the Swiss System format

Broadcast Talent

  • Desk Host:
  • Stage Host:
  • Interviewer:
    • Pala (Pala Gilroy Sen)



Made in Brazil roster:

  • Fallen
  • Fer
  • Coldzera
  • Tarik
  • Stewie2k

The Made in Brazil team is one of the best teams on paper. Made up of the members of two Major winning teams in Cloud9 and SK gaming, Mibr’s results are shocking. They have not had any success with this team. Even the matches that they win were supposed to be walkovers for the potential for this team.

MiBr’s Fallen is the Joker on the team. He has changed his roles and the team’s playstyle multiple times in his search for success. Adapting to the meta and the team’s potential make him such a great leader. He is like an elder brother to most of the players on this roster. However, that does not mean that the team is without its disagreements. Coldzera for one has been rumoured to have disagreed with Fallen on several occasions. Most of these disagreements are with regards to their tactics and gameplay.

Can Coldzera get back into form with his new team?

In order to fulfil the gap in their tactics, compared to other teams, MIBR added YNK in August 2018. YNK is a former Counter Strike Global Offensive player, who moved on to the analyst position on the desk. His transition into the analyst position was fairly successful from the weatherman segment early his career to his staple analysis on the desk. He provides deep insight into a team’s performance and is especially useful when dissecting certain plays and why they work. As an outsider, he has a neutral perspective on why certain teams work and some don’t. MiBr’s failures are one such example of a team that surprised everyone with their below par performance. Bringing in YNK is a great way to establish an advantage when it comes to their strategy and tactics.

Tarik has seen an upswing in his performance of late

But he has had very less time with the current roster. Only 1 month into his job, he is expected to deliver results for the team. MiBr needs to be able to advance at least to the Champions stage in order to make themselves ‘successful’. The team did look strong at their last outing, the Dreamhack masters Stockholm, but is it enough to make them an elite level team? Not yet.

YNK will be instrumental in order to help MIbr form good strategies for the major

Tarik has shown an upswing in his personal performance as a player. He has had times of lows and highs, but the current graph definitely shows him moving towards a high. This bodes good news for the team as they look towards success. MiBr will have to face off against the Asian team, Tyloo in their first match of the New Legends stage.


Tyloo Roster:

  • Mo
  • DD
  • Somebody
  • BnTeT
  • Xccurate

Tyloo is easily the best team from Asia in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Most of their success in the Asian local championships, however, came due to their superior aim and firepower. The same cannot be used against the top teams in the world. Their decision to add BnTeT and xccurate represents an acknowledgement of their problems when it comes to their tactical approach to the game.

The current Tyloo roster looks more balanced and much better than the previous iteration. This is mainly due to their focus on having a better team play and better tactics for the team. Xccurate presents a very aggressive and often borderline stubborn approach to the game. However, this is exactly what throws off the enemy and they often run into a wall on the Tyloo defence. The Tyloo team has played Inferno quite a lot during the FaceIT London Major and we have seen how averse they are to last-minute rotations. Rather than make two bomb sites weak via rotations in the last few seconds, Tyloo believe in reinforcing one bomb site. Then depending on how good or bad the opponent’s entry on the other bomb site is, they can take a decision to either go for the retake or save their weapons.

BnTet along with Xccurate provide the tactical advantage that the Chinese teams need in CSGO

Somebody has to receive a special mention, because of his aggressive playstyle. At the top level in Counter-Strike Globa Offensive, you do not often expect players to push through smoke in order to gain the peek advantage. But that is exactly what Somebody does and to a very high effectiveness. The players’ ability to hit these shots despite taking a very big risk is what makes him a terror for the opponent. He is responsible for any playstyle changes in the enemy because they always have to watch out for his aggressive playstyle. However what makes his playstyle most effective is the fact that the rest of the team is in a very defensive position.

This ensures a good contrast between aggressive and defensive positions for Tyloo. It is almost impossible for their opponents to gain a huge advantage just by eliminating Somebody. Xccurate is their primary AWPer on the team. However, we have seen Somebody pick up the secondary AWP with regularity and be extremely effective on it.

The daredevil: Somebody keep pushing through smokes, making aggressive plays and they often work

For all the praise on Tyloo regarding their CT Sides, their T sides on Inferno seemed woefully underprepared. The team did not have any strategy on how to crack the opponents CT defence and that can be a big problem on other maps. It is obvious that Tyloo has had good preparation on Inferno. However, if they cannot play a good Terrorist side on a map that they favour, it calls into question their performance on other maps. But for now, Tyloo only have to play Best of Ones and that gives them control over the map pool to a large extent.

Tyloo does look strong so far in the tournament and there is a decent chance that they can make it to the Champions stage. However, they need to win 3 matches in order do so and the first match will be against MiBR.


This match will be extremely close as both the teams are on a fairly equal pedestal. MiBr is the better team on paper, but they are playing far below their potential right now. The Made in Brazil roster, however, has seen significant improvements with Ynk coaching them into a world-class roster. They need Tarik and stewie2k to step up with their individual performances if they are to have a chance at making it into the New Champions stage.Currently Mibr is not that far ahead of Tyloo and that is indeed a worrisome sign for Made in Brazil fans.

Tyloo has had amazing individual and team plays, but they are no longer the new kid on the block. The 2-day break between the Challenger stage and the Champions stage is sure to have provided teams with adequate time to review their opponents. By now, MiBr has a fair understanding of Tyloo’s playstyle and how they refuse to budge at the last second. This can be used by Mibr to their advantage. They could set up elaborate fakes which would work simply because they trust in Tyloo’s judgement and have studied their playstyle.

For now, we recommend a very low bet on MiBr. This match is very risky since we have seen MiBr be as dominant as their potential allows.

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